How the Wen By Chaz Hair Conditioner Really Works

When you have flat and greasy hair that leaves you frustrated with the hair care products you are using, you grow tired of all the celebrity testimonies you see on QVC. One young lady that works as a hair stylist and suffers with flat uninspired hair decided to take the world on a journey with her as she shared her individual experience with a Wen By Chaz hair care product.

Looking at the WEN By Chaz line from the point of view of the creator, we have to see why Chaz Dean decided to go from a Los Angeles salon stylist to a hair care product creator. Although he had minimal success, once Dean developed the Wen By Chaz line, his business exploded with some of the biggest celebrity clients in the industry.

Dean knew that he could not grow his business using inferior hair care products that did more damage than good, so he created a formula of organic ingredients that were designed to repair and restore the years of damage people have done to their hair. No harsh cleaning agents that strip away natural oils, instead, his ingredients protected the hair and gave it body.

To closely follow along with the story originally posted on Bustle, we see on day one how this young lady had extremely flat and greasy looking hair. She told viewers all about how it not only looked greasy, it felt that way too. She began the 7-day journey expecting to see more of the same from all the products at the salon that she had tried in the past with no success.

We can see by the pictures she posted over those days, that her hair certainly began to improve right after she began using the Guthy-Renker hair care conditioner. Her journey has inspired many to try the products to see for themselves.

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Emily McClure’s Bustle Experiment with Wen Conditioner

Wen hair products have been out for quite some time, and a number of celebrities have even endorsed WEN on QVC. The hair care line, created by stylist Chaz Dean, features all natural ingredients and essential oils that make hair healthy and manageable.

If you’ve been looking for new hair products, you may want to give Wen a try. However, before you decide which products are right for you, check out Bustle’s review of Wen conditioner by Emily McClure.

McClure agreed to try WEN Fig conditioner for a full week and says that even though it took a lot of product to condition her entire head, she felt a difference in her hair right away. McClure also liked the scent of the conditioner, and chose the Fig variety because it is formulated to make the hair shinier. She has naturally fine hair, and states that the conditioner made her hair feel fuller and thicker. The conditioner also added more moisture to her hair, so McClure also noticed that her curls fell quickly after styling her hair.

Before the experiment was over, Emily’s friends noticed that her hair was looking better and complimented her. Overall, she says she’d recommend Wen conditioner to women who wash and style their hair each morning, and states that the product does indeed work well for thin hair.

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