Hussain Sajwani, A Successful Entrepreneur In The UAE

Hussain Sajwani is a respected and one of the most recognized entrepreneurs in the United Arab Emirates. He was the founder of the Global Logistics services which is a catering venture that serves a very large market today and has also been able to support and start a significant number of project. This company was one of the first ventures he started after working for other companies for a long time. He is a graduate of University of Washington with a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and economics. He came from a humble background where his father used to sell watches and pens, and his mother was a local hawker. He worked hard despite his background and after graduating from his high school, he was one of the students who qualified for government scholarship. This is how he went to the University of Washington.

After his education, he worked as a contract manager at GASCO after which he moved the Abu Dhabi National Oil company as one of the staffs in the finance department. It is at this time when he learned how to manage the business and got the idea to start his ventures where his first venture was the Global Logistics services. He also founded the DAMAC Properties Company which is a firm that focuses much on the real estate management.

Under his leadership as the founder, the president and the CEO of DAMAC Properties, the company has gone through rapid growth and development over the years. Hussain had identified a business gap that existed in the building and construction sector, and this is what gave him the idea os staring the DAMAC Properties. The company has managed to build a lot of residential apartments in different countries. The company has been able to operate under effective principles that have made it not to have any depts. On land and has been able to be experiencing positive cash flows.

The DAMAC owner also partnered with Donald Trump Organization where they were able to develop the Trump-branded courses. The Hussain Sajwani’s family has also had a close relationship with Donald Trump where they have managed to support and develop a significant number of projects.

An interesting article about Hussain Sajwani’s heart of gold:

RE/MAX Aiming to Make it Big in the Big Apple

The RE/MAX real estate brokerage has decided to enter the New York City luxury real estate market in a major way, according to a recent article in Real Estate Weekly.

RE/MAX’s founder, Dave Liniger, bought back the company’s Master Franchise for the entire state of New York. He plans to get local brokerage offices started in New York City, then spread through the entire state. Liniger says he visits New York City a lot, and is anxious to add that territory to his company. He predicted it would happen quickly. He has assigned RE/MAX’s Terry Bohannon to head the head the team to bring RE/MAX to New York.

RE/MAX does have an office in Manhattan, but it has struggled. Liniger says it’s like transferring to a new high school. RE/MAX is known as a suburban brokerage firm, and real estate agents in big cities are different from those in the suburbs. Liniger says it’s a matter of finding the right leadership. They need to sell franchises to brokers with the right drive, ambition and style.

Liniger started RE/MAX in Denver back in the 1970s. It now has over 100,000 agents in the United States and 100 other countries.

The same article cites a real estate company that started up in the New York City in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger, and has become successful. That’s TOWN Residential. It’s become New York’s best firm for luxury real estate services. It handles the sales and leasing of luxury apartments. It also works on commercial and retail property development on the upper end. It’s one of the Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York City.

According to Heiberger, a real estate firm must be big, because it needs enough margin to market effectively. He also dislikes the concept of discounting, because that repels the high-end broker and fails to get listings of luxury real estate, the kind he specializes in.

He emphasized his neighborhood-centered approach to the market. He plans to have offices throughout Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn to fully represent the city. Before founding TOWN, Heiberger pushed Citi Habitats to grow into a major brokerage in the city.