Keith Mann Announces Scholarship

Education is one of the most important aspects of any society. Keith Mann is a business owner from the New York area who is passionate about helping other people succeed. Keith recently announced a 2016 scholarship to help people who are wanting to grow their life through education. There are a lot of people in the New York area who are wanting to increase the quality of local school. Despite a lot of funding from the government, the performance of the school system in the New York area continues to lag other states. There is a stark difference between private and public schools in the state. Keith Mann wants to get all schools to a quality level that will allow students to succeed.

Mann is one of the most successful in the state when it comes to starting and running a business. Over the past couple of years, he has turned his attention away from simply making money to helping other people succeed. This is the natural progression of people who have been wildly successful. Anyone who is looking to make an impact in the world today has the opportunity to do so if they have enough time and money. Keith wants to help children across the state and the country with their education. With the recent scholarship announcement, he is rewarding people who have given back a lot over the past couple of years.

Technology is going to change education greatly in the next couple of years. There are plenty of opportunities for people who are looking to invest in this sector of the economy. Over time, money will help a lot of schools take the next step for their students. No one wants to see students fall behind simply because they are from a certain area of town. Keith is on a mission to help the school system of New York City reach new heights. With all of the influence that he has, there is little doubt that he will succeed over the next few years with his plans.

Avi Weisfogel Launches Go Fund Me To Raise Awareness Of The Need

Operation Smile is a non-profit program that is set up for people that are unable to afford dental care. This program collects money to help fund the dental programs for people that are low income and poverty stricken. Avi Weisfogel helps individuals by collecting money through the go fund me campaign. Avi is a dental professional that understands things and is trying to help. He is the owner of Dental Sleep Masters and also works with people that are having issues with dental appliances. Invisalign is one of the dental appliances that Avi uses on people that have teeth that are out of align.

On every street in every town there are people that are homeless and doing without things that most people take for granted. Good medical care and dental care are two of the things they do without. It is difficult enough for these people to find one meal a day. They struggle to find jobs that will keep them more than a few hours a week. This does not pay the bills. It does not allow them to have a tooth pulled when it needs to come out. People are doing without care. The Go fund me campaign is going to help many individuals receive the dental help they need. Avi is launching this campaign to benefit the Operation Smile organization. Every penny that comes into the fund will go to help others get the dental help they need.

Operation smile helps people all over the world. It helps people in areas where no one else wants to help. Children born with cleft palates are coming to operation smile for help. The parents are happy to learn that the organization helps people get dental surgeries and dental maintenance free of charge. Operation smile puts their money back into the community. The people are volunteering to help others by riding on the dental bus and serving people in the back alleys and poverty stricken areas of the cities.

Weisfogel is teaching people that it is great to help others in need. He is helping other dental professionals understand what it means to give of your time to help others. He is also helping others understand that a few hours donated each week is not a bad thing to give.

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Keith Mann Announces Scholarship for Brooklyn Schools

The 2016 Scholarship for Professional Achievement offers opportunity to the potential business leaders of the future. Keith and Keely Mann announced the award and its partnership with the Brooklyn based Uncommon Schools. One graduating student will be recognized through the scholarship each year, which contributes $5,000 to the cost of their higher education pursuits.

Those applying for consideration for the scholarship must compose an essay that describes how obtaining a degree from college will help them reach their goals. According to Keith Mann, founder of Dynamics Search Partners, the aim is not only to encourage young people to attend college, but to pursue and complete a meaningful education there. The scholarship is available to students who are about to graduate from one of the Uncommon Charter High Schools in Brooklyn.

The Uncommon Schools oversees and founds charter public schools in urban environments to encourage low income students to pursue a complete education. As of the 2015-2016 year, the school’s network included over 40 location across the mid-Atlantic and New England regions. The schools serve over 14,000 students total, including elementary, middle and high school age attendees.

With over 15 years in the executive search industry, Keith Mann is a specialist in the field of hedge fund compensation, as well as employment strategy. He founded Dynamic Search Partners in 2009 as a dedicated executive search firm that focuses on alternative investment firms. Keith Mann is the current CEO of Dynamic Search Partners he manages the firm’s daily operations and seeks opportunities for improvement within the organization.

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Avi Weisfogel supports Operation Smile

Several years ago, a surgeon known as Bill Magee decided to start a charitable organization that would perform free surgeries on children born with facial deformities. Together with his wife who worked as a nurse, the two formed an organization known as Operation Smile. Since the formation of the organization, it has done very well, spreading to several parts of the world.

Over the years, Operation Smile has worked with different countries using their local medical professionals, governments, hospitals and more organization in order to create different surgical care models to help young adults and children who are born with cleft palates or cleft lips.

Every year, the international charitable organization performs medical missions in different locations, and many people benefit a lot from them. However, for these missions to be successful, a lot of money is required. Medical expertise and equipment for use during the medical surgeries is quite expensive, and money is needed to acquire them.

Operation Smile wants to meet the needs of as many children as possible, so it depends on several organization and individuals for funding. Many nations need the surgical help, and this made the organization seek help from people who can.

Avi Weisfogel is a dentist based in New Jersey, and he is one of the people who have decided to start campaigns to help Operation Smile. According to a recent report, the dentist announced that he would be partnering with the charitable organization in order to help the children.

Avi Wesifogel is a respected dentist. He is very experienced in the area, and this is due to the fact that he has worked in the career for several years. He has specialized in sleep conditions, and he has played a significant role in helping other dentists and patients understand the relationship between sleep conditions and dental health. He has started several organization and seminars to train dentists, and his contributions are respected up to date.

Avi Weisfogel chose Operation Smile due to his love for children. He believes that children should be allowed to enjoy their childhood, without worrying about health and any complications. Watch Avi’s educational YouTube video below!

Avi Weisfogel Launches a Campaign to Benefit Operation Smile

Operation Smile is a charity organization that got its start in the early 1980’s. It was founded by Bill and Kathy Magee. Bill is a doctor, and Kathy is a nurse. When they started the organization, they were mainly focused on helping children who lived in the Philippines. However, as the organization has continued to grow, it now benefits children who live in many countries around the world. In fact, volunteers who work with this organization live in more than 80 different nations. The majority of the individuals who volunteer with Operation Smile are trained medical professionals. They offer their time and resources to help children with facial deformities. This organization has now helped more than 200,000 children around the world.

Avi Weisfogel believes in the ideals behind this organization and feels that the work they do is exceptional. He is a New Jersey dentist. He has recently launched a Go Fund Me campaign that will benefit the international organization Operation Smile. Individuals around the world can donate money toward the cause. Once $2,000 has been raised, it will be donated to the organization. The main reason why Avi Weisfogel wants to help this organization is because it gives hope to children who have been through difficult situations in life. He feels that children everywhere, no matter what country they live in or what kind of economic background they come from, deserve to get the best healthcare available.  Check out his educational YouTube video below!

Avi Weisfogel has six children of his own. He and his family live in New Jersey. Avi is the owner of Old Bridge Dental Care. He works with patients on a daily basis in order to help them improve their oral health and their lives. He realizes that when a person has a healthy smile, not only do they have overall better health, but they feel more confident. They have what is needed to have higher self-esteem and take on new life challenges. Not only does Avi Weisfogel provide outstanding dental care to his patients, he is constantly looking for ways that he can provide better care. For this reason, he spends at least 200 hours every single year furthering his own education. If there is a better procedure available, he wants to learn about it. This is true no matter if it is something as simple as treating gum disease or if it is a whole new procedure that is used to place dental implants.