Women Executives Are Pushing Gender Equality But Is Corporate America Ready For It?

There are hundreds if not thousands of female executives in Corporate America. That sounds like a lot of women, but when studies are done on the amount of women that have senior level management positions in Corporate America, those studies paint a dismal picture. The fact is, women don’t have the same opportunities as men in Corporate America. Women are being held back by an antiquated belief system that was designed by men and is still enforced by them. 

Men don’t enforce this gender bias consciously. Their beliefs about their management abilities and the lack of management abilities in women are inherent. Business schools don’t teach men about gender equality and corporations certainly don’t advocate promoting women because there is a belief that women want to raise families first and manage companies second. 

That old school way of thinking has to change, and women executives across the country are getting together to effect that change. Hundreds of companies around the country now have women’s groups that are designed to show men that women are as capable, and in many respects, more capable than men when it comes to managing people and business.

One of those executives is Helane Morrison. Morrison is a San Francisco attorney and investment manager that shows men by example what women can do when they are given a chance to function at the senior management level. Morrison is currently the managing director of Hall Capital Partners LLC, but she is also a former regional director of the SEC division in San Fransisco. 

Helane is an avid proponent of gender equality in the workplace and Hall Capital Partners is a good example of how successful companies can be when men and women are treated equally in the workplace. Under Morrison’s leadership, Hall Capital Partners has become one of the largest investment firms in Northern California. 

Morrison knows that changing the corporate mentality when it comes to promoting women is a tough job. But she has help. Thousands of women around the country are banding together, and they have formed a woman’s network that wants to change the way women are treated by Corporate America. Morrison told BizJournals.com that she does her part by speaking at various functions around the country that are designed to promote gender equality. 

Helane Morrison succeeded in the corporate world because she was not afraid or intimidated by men that tried to hold her back. She tells other women her story and she is making a difference. Her hardhitting approach to business you can see in the quote below matches her fervor to promote gender equality.