The Heavy Music Legend Known As Cassio Audi

Before becoming a successful investor and financial expert, Cassio Audi is known as being the drummer in a popular heavy metal band known as Viper. The other members of Brazil’s iconic band include band members Felipe Machad, Andre Matos, Pit Passarell, and Yves Passarell. The group started in 1985 with their very first album,”Soldiers of Sunrise,” leading Audi to a successful music career that continued until 1989.

Cassio Audi and the other members of Viper were very influenced by current British heavy metal music, after gaining popularity they have made a big impact in how metal music has evolved and are even still well-known today. Some of their popular albums include, “Law of the Sword,” “Signs of the Night,” “Killera,” and “Nightmares.” His passion for music and his band helped make their band to be as successful and victorious as it was. He worked hard and was very engaged with his group before deciding to start a new adventure. To know more about him click here.

After leaving the band, Audi went to University to begin his journey into finance. He is a graduate with honors in MBA and BA from Sao Paulo University and Pontifical Catholic University, and for 23 years he has worked in national and multinational firms. Audi has many skills including financial planning, project management, management of equities, team leadership, strategic forecasting, and investor relations. He also known for having excellent plans, and incredible expertise in strategizing financial business. Audi helps many people as an investment manager who assists and advises people on how to invest their money.