Financial Institution Raises $54 Million in Private Note Offering

Dallas-based NexBank Capital has been working to raise $238 million in debt and equity since 2016. The company was able to close $54 million in a private note offering to institutional and high net worth investors. This financial services company has plans to use this money for general operational purposes. This private note offering closed in September 2017 and was made possible by the sole placement agent Sandler O’Neill & Partners, L.P.

The notes were subordinate fixed-to-floating rate notes with a maturity date of September 30, 2027. According to banktracker, the fixed interest rate on these notes is 6.375 percent for the first five years, then these notes switch to a floating rate. The Kroll Bond Rating Agency gave these notes an investment grade rating of BBB-, which means these notes have a moderate amount of risk of loss depending on the level of stress during credit-related events.

NexBank Capital is headed by Chairman James Dondero, who is also the co-founder and President of the alternative investment firm Highland Capital Management. NexBank Capital has over $8 billion in assets and focuses on providing commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional services to its clients throughout the U.S. NexBank Capital’s clients are high-net-worth investors such as financial corporations, institutional investors, and wealthy individual investors. The company also works with low-income individuals and families through its charitable outreach. For instance, the company has provided home loans to over 900 low to moderate income families in Texas. The company has also sponsored financial literacy courses to public schools in low to moderate-income neighborhoods.

NexBank Capital strives to meet the needs of its clients and provide them with individualized financial solutions. Some of the services NexBank provides includes commercial real estate lending, treasury management, wholesale and correspondent lending, investment banking, and real estate advisory services. The company also offers personal banking services like savings accounts, checking accounts, mortgages, wealth management, and online banking.



Impacts of The Southridge Capital LLC

The Southridge Capital LLC, located in Connecticut is a dedicated firm that aims at provision of financial solutions. Southridge is constantly dedicated to innovation of financial solutions to deliver products and services to the clients. The company has recently energized their branding, and therefore, the clients have the picture of all the capabilities that they offer.

Since the year 1996, Southridge Capital has a structured financial team that has achieved a direct investment of more than $1.8 billion. In addition to this, the firm has been able to grow to international heights. One of the strengths that this financial firm has is the ability of the come up with customized financial plans. Based on the needs of the client, the team in Southridge has the relevant experience in offering a perspective plan that will be executed without fail.

In the last two decades, the company has had a broad experience in the financing of more than 250 public companies. Many of the companies face complex issues especially when they want to expand. Southridge has, however, manage to come up with strategies that assist many companies with the complex issues that they face.

Southridge’s team can offer a wide range of advice on corporate issues. Besides, they have a unique way of understanding challenges that are pending for any growing company. The firm has been growing consistently because they have provided innovative financial alternatives to many companies. For more details visit LinkedIn.

The public companies that have sought assistance from Southridge have advanced their commercial spectrum in broader and deeper ways. This can be articulated to the investments and affiliations that they have had in the operation of the companies. This has given Southridge a unique insight into the funding of different corporate capital needs.

From equity investments to the financing involving different assets, clients have been able to achieve their financial goals through Southridge’s assistance. Therefore, it is true to say that the exploration of different structured solutions around assets has assisted companies and individuals to grow. Any client that is seeking reliability and security of their holdings in Connecticut should make a point of visiting Southridge LLC. Check out their website

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Jason Hope Helps in the Battle against Aging Diseases

SENS Research Foundation is a non-profit organization aiming to find remedies for aging illnesses by using advanced technology. The foundation’s annual event, Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference, allows attendees to learn and share about aging diseases and its preventive strategies. SENS Research Foundation relies on support from researchers, investors, philanthropists, and scientists. Jason Hope is among the key financiers of the organization’s operations.

In 2010, Jason donated $500, 000 to the foundation. His contribution together with other donations enabled the organization to build the Cambridge SENS Laboratory and launch a new research program, AGE-breaker. AGE-breaker standards require treatments or drugs to have the ability to break-down the end products of advanced glycation. This is because diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis, and Parkinson’s are related to advanced glycation. Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging

Speaking during an interview, Jason expressed his contentment for donating to the organization towards its anti-aging innovative initiatives. He said that the SENS Research Foundation aims at discovering a preventive solution for degenerative illnesses. These illnesses harm the body causing people to age faster than normal. Jason Hope explained that diseases like Alzheimer’s, heart and lung diseases affect the general functions of the body thus causing system failure. He further expressed his belief in the organization’s ability to deliver the set objectives. He lauded them for taking a proactive approach, unlike others who have mostly concentrated on the treatment of such illnesses. Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a renowned philanthropist, futurist, and veteran entrepreneur. He was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona. Jason graduated with a degree in finance from Arizona State University. He later joined W.P. Carey School of Business where he earned his MBA. With extensive knowledge and passion for technology, Jason continues to evaluate the industry and present insightful predictions on future technological advancements. Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging

Hope also supports local learning programs and groups that work towards prevention and cure of diseases. He has worked with several organizations including The Andre Foundation, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain State Chapter, The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, and Family Health International. Jason Hope Helps Push Anti-Aging Efforts Forward

As a successful entrepreneur, Jason advises startup entrepreneurs to focus on a single project at a time and avoid distractions. He believes that what is at hand is more important than what you think is better on the other side. He also urges them to network and maintain useful connections in order to grow their businesses.

Become A Part Of A Large Growing Financial Online Network

There are thousands of customers around the world that contribute to the growing online NexBank institute. They have recruited over 246,000+ online customers over the past year. Their institution is proudly based in Dallas, Texas and serves the community with over 60+ years of expertise in financial management. NexBank focuses on investing, commercialized, and industrialized banking solutions for their customers. Now, is a great time for their customers to invest in their retirement. They back your hard earned money up with over $40 billion dollars in assets and FDIC insurance for added protection with your money.


Are you a student or parent that is suffering from huge student loan debt? NexBank has acquired New Jersey, based College Savings Bank and now offers their customers a college savings program that will give you an average of 35% less financial responsibility with college expenses and tuition. Amazingly, they have over 1,600+ college savings programs features. You can also become a first-time homeowner with their mortgage program that offers lower monthly payments and interest rates. A merger with Dallas based Habitat For Humanity has made owning a home a reality for many low income residents in Texas.


NexBank Features


– Free direct deposit

– Free online bill pay

– Free checks

– Mortgage accounts

– Anytime access

and more…


You can get anytime access to your money from any device including a tablet, pc, or smartphone. They offer an easy to download application that allows your money to be accessed conveniently from your desired location. You don’t have to wait until the next day to get information about your account with the advantage of having access to a 24/7, customer service representative. You’re invited to become a part of NexBank by visiting their exclusive website today for more account details and services.