Ryan Seacrest: A Prominent Figure in Television and Radio Shows

Ryan Seacrest is a well-known individual in the world for his involvement in hosting the most watched televised competition called American Idol, an annual TV special called the Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rocking Eve, and a radio program for American Top 40. He became a co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan since 2017. Ryan was born in Atlanta, in the year 1974. Ryan’s career began very early in his life. He began his career in 1990 after moving to Los Angeles, California in a radio show. In 2002, the direction of his career became visible and steadily growing when he became a host for American Idol. As soon as this happened, Ryan began covering entertainment events and serving as a news anchor. Moving on, in 2012, Ryan closed a deal with NBC Universal to be appearing on Today show among other programs therein. In 2013, he again started hosting The Million Second Quiz, a game show. The year 2017 had a different opportunity in store for his career as he commenced co-hosting for Live with Kelly & Ryan.

From his birth to his venture in this career, Ryan Seacrest has become a great tool for the success of many producers among others. His insight into shows and all he does began very early in his life. Apart from the many roles that Ryan Seacrest has performed in front of the cameras, there is much more behind the scenes in the professional line. For example, Ryan has made various popular TV programs such as helping to propel the Kim Kardashian and her family to see the reality of TV fame through the TV show, Keeping Up the Kardashians. At the same time, he won the Emmy Award for a show and assisted many other people to venture well into the industry.

Ryan founded a nonprofit organization called RSF that is geared towards encouraging youths through initiatives that focus on education and entertainment. Their core mandate is focused on constructing broadcast media platforms that will be known as Seacrest Studios near pediatric health centers to create a positive impact in the healing process. The first television job he had after relocating to Los Angeles was with American Idol, which was a singing competing for the show in America. He became a sole host of the show after co-hosting with Brian Dunkleman for short season.

Whitney Wolfe Herd and Bumble

This particular article is all about Whitney Wolfe Herd, who is the CEO of a company named Bumble. She has also recently done a press cycle as well. Wolfe Herd is the CEO of the company as well. Her product Bumble is type of dating app. The apps has women do the match rather than men.


While creating this company, Wolfe Herd, had a wonderful support network from friends, business partners, and family. This helped in getting her company going. Her husband who was then her business partner gave a lot of support too.

Bumble came to launch in the year 2014. This app used a technique known as the Sadie Hawkins concept. This is a type of dance where a female would ask a boy to the dance instead of the other way around. This app and motive had really created a great response to the company in Austin, Texas. In the app, there has been twenty-four million total registrations.

There are other Bumble apps available as well. One of them is entitle Bumble BFF. This app is targeted more to making friends instead. That app has been tested out by more than three million users, but there are 500,000 or are active in a usual month. There is another app as well called Bumble Bizz, this is the same app as Bumble but in more of a business approach. These off shoots were made so it would be about more than love. It would also focus on career and friendship. Like mentioned before, these offshoots did pretty well. But, the company Bumble Bizz is an app too modern to evaluate just yet.

Many users of this app showed great commitment. For example, Bumble has a monthly subscription which offers perks. One perk is an allowance of more time to see if a suitor is meriting a message. The cost is $9.99 a month for a subscription.

Now some more general information about Herd. She went to college in Dallas, the school was named “Southern Methodist University”. The state of Texas is also where she married her boyfriend Michael Herd”. They are currently married now. The headquarters of Bumble are found in Austin, Texas.

Learn More: www.fastcompany.com/person/whitney-wolfe

Lime Crime Offers A New And Exciting Product

Those who love following makeup trends were exciting to learn that Lime Crime, one of fashion’s most popular makeup brands, is offering yet another new line of products. Fans can now purchase a group of new products that have been dubbed called Diamond Dew. Diamond Dew, like many other products offered by Lime Crime, is the brainchild of founder Doe Deere. She and her crew are always looking for new ides to help their clients achieve their beauty ideals and stand out. With her assistance, it’s easier than ever to find a product that helps add beauty to your life. Diamond Dew is a new brand of liquid eye shadow. The product brings attention to any user’s beautiful eyes. Like many other products she and her crew offers, the goal is something that is glamorous and elegant and yet totally playful at the same time.

Using It

The new dye makes an excellent addition to any makeup wardrobe plan. The makeup goes on smoothly and helps conceal any blemishes. It also adds an additional layer of color to the eye area. Color is important when it comes to setting the tone for any outfit and makeup plan. Doe Deere and her crew know this well. They know that the use of color has evolved. Many of their clients are happy to experiment with different kinds of fun shades. The new product fits in well with their other lines of makeup.

Many Varied Shades

As is true of her many other products, this one is also full of color. There are ten shades that people can purchase. Those who love the company can pick from shades such as iridescent pink with plenty of elegant flecks in it. There are nine other shades that users can buy from Lime Crime. Teal blue is expected to be especially popular as are several of the other shades that are available. Darker shades like chocolate diamond and vision are ideal for Lime Crime clients who are looking for something that adds lot of dramatic flair to their personal home makeup collection.