Digging in Deeper with James Dondero

James Dondero is an island of experience and expertise when it comes to credit markets. Having worked in the field for more than thirty years, Dondero knows the dos and don’ts in this important discipline. James is currently renowned as the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management. Dondero also happens to be the Chairman of CCS Medical, NexBank, and Cornerstone Healthcare. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and American Banknote Corporation.



Before Dondero’s arrival at Highland Capital Management, he worked for Protective Life’s GIC Subsidiary, American Express, and JP Morgan. Over the years, Dondero has been able to acquire unique sets of skills that range from investment grade corporate, emerging market debt, high-yield bonds, and mortgage-backed securities to derivatives and preferred stocks. With a BS in Commerce in Accounting and Finance from the University of Virginia, James has become an unrivaled credit market expert.



In October 2016, James Dondero decided to award a $1 million grant in support of The Family Place through his company, Highland Capital Management according to linkedin.com. The Family Place is an organization created to help people affected by family violence. The $1 million challenge grant was expected to close in the gap of a $2.8 million shortfall by mid-2017. The grant got issued through the Highland Dallas Foundation, a philanthropic organization created under the Highland Capital Management banner. Dondero came to the assistance of the Legacy Campaign after the Dallas mayor, and police chief had requested members of the public to initiate financial drives in support of The Family Place so that they can better fight domestic violence in the region. In just a year, The Family Place had raised a significant amount of money from philanthropists and donors.



Proceeds from the Legacy Campaign would go to the construction of a counseling center. Part of the proceeds would also go to offering operational support to the facility. Since 2017 has only begun, the facility is still under construction. It will host 13 emergency shelter bedrooms, a medical and dental clinic, individual and group counseling centers, a job training hub, as well as a customer care facility. The institution is also expected to attend to more than 2,000 family violence victims and 6,000 students that have undergone cases of bullying per year. When complete, the building will get named after Ann Moody. Thanks to people like James Dondero, family violence victims will no longer suffer in silence.


Eric Pulier Has A Longstanding Career In Business And Philanthropy

Eric Pulier is a multi-talented business leader. He has been a mentor and benchmark to a lot of people. Erick went through Teaneck High School, and when he graduated in the year 1984, he got the rare opportunity of advancing his studies at the Ivy League, Havard University. Pulier earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts, English and American Literature.


After college, Eric Pulier was now equipped to leave a mark in business as well as philanthropy. He has focused on helping the economically disadvantaged and children who have chronic diseases and conditions. His ventures have been centered around technology and continue to provide cutting edge solutions to businesses and individuals.


At his Alma Mata, Harvard, Pulier acquired a lot of journalistic experience working with the university’s publication called the Harvard Crimson. The magazine explored various topics such as the misconceptions about a Harvard Graduate. It also provided an in-depth analysis of life at the prestigious college. After Havard, Eric relocated to Los Angeles and started a company he called People Doing Things in the year 1991. The enterprise dealt with technological solutions for the health and education sectors. In the year 1998, Eric experienced his first business acquisition because a Digital Digital Evolution, a company he’d founded in the year 1994 was merged with US Interactive, LLC.


To date, Eric Pulier has continued to push his business success to different levels. He has been the man behind over 15 enterprises. One of his most notable ventures is the SOA software. More often than not, Eric wears the hat of a motivational and public speaker. He makes appearances in technology summits and lectures on various topics such as mentorship, entrepreneurship, and management.


Because of his vast experience in running businesses, Pulier has the role of a member of the board of directors at XPrize Foundation. The foundation initiates contests in which people have to come up with technological solutions to some humanity’s most stubborn problems.


Eric Pulier lives in Los Angeles together with his four children.He is dedicated to raising heirs who will advance his philanthropic and business ventures.


How Adam Milstein Gets His Information Out

Many people help others in many different ways. Among the most common ways that people help out is by making donations. However, some people are more involved than others. Also, some forms of help are more effective than others. This is one of the reasons that some donations are going to help people get back on their feet while other forms of assistance just keep people where they are at. This begs the questions about what type of help is going to be effective for the person that is receiving it. People who are really serious about helping others are going to think it through.


One person who is very effective in the help he gives others is Adam Milstein. Adam is one of the people that are very thorough in the help they give their communities. Adam makes sure that he is very involved in the Jewish community. He has set up foundations and committees in order to make sure that his Jewish people are able to get the assistance they need for anything they have to do. However, there are other ways that Adam Milstein helps his people. This type of method that he uses is even more effective than just giving to others.


One of the ways that Adam Milstein helps others is by giving information. There are many ways that he gives out information. He uses different publications in order to share his secrets to success. He is also someone who speaks out to many different people in order to make sure that they are getting the knowledge they need to move forward. One thing that is very important for the success of anyone is knowledge. If people can take the knowledge they gain and apply it to the different areas of their lives which include their career, then they are going to go very far.


Raven Effect Joins The Jericho Network

Scott “Raven” Levy is a former WWE star. He will be running a weakly podcast on Norman Pattiz’ PodcastOne which is the largest a podcast network in the United States of America that is also supported by advertisers. Scott “Raven” Levy will be bringing his signature move Raven Effect to the podcast. He will host a weekly show. The founder and CEO of PodcastOne Norman Pattiz and the Chris Jericho were incredibly proud to make this announcement.

Scott “Raven” Levy weekly podcast Raven Effect will feature discussion on a large variety of topics such as conspiracies, politics, pop culture, current events, pet peeves and much more. There will often be guests on the Raven Effect podcast. Scott “Raven” Levy’s friends will sometimes come on the show, some not so friendly acquaintances of his, as well as educated and less educated people to make sure there is an eclectic mix of opinions and points of view being discussed on the weekly podcast. The episodes have already been made available on PodcastOne.com as well as the PodcastOne mobile app and on ITunes. They will be coming out every Monday. The weekly podcast will be features on The Jericho Network which was launched on Podcast One in July 2016. There are other shows on The Jericho Network such as his person show Beyond the Darkness which is centered on the paranormal. Other shows include Keeping It 100 with Konnan, Killing the Town with Storm & Cyrus, Team Tiger Awesome. The first two are based on the topic of wrestling and the latter is based on the world of pop culture.

PodcastOne came to be in the later months of 2012. The company expanded rapidly and now it is an international supplier of news talks and other podcasts. Norman Pattiz has been in the broadcasting business for over 40 years. He has occupied many positions over the course of his career and all of them have been in the broadcasting industry. Other than PodcastOne he has founded and launched a few other companies and Westwood One is one of them. In fact, Westwood One became a giant in the in its line of work. Currently, it is the leading provider of news talk, sports and entertainment, as well as traffic programming in the United States of America. Both Westwood One and Podcast One have worked with some of the largest brand names in the world.

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