The Academy of Art University Schools its Students for Success

Coco, an animated feature received an Oscar for Best Original Song as well as Best Animated Feature. Creating the movie was anything but easy and the process took many long hours of hard work.

Among the many people working on the movie was Daniel Arriaga, a graduate of the Academy of Art University. The University is very proud of his recent accomplishment and strives to provide a type of education to its students that will land them great positions such as a senior director at Pixar such as Arriaga.

The Academy of Art has a capable staff of designers, scholars, and career artists that teach through their life lessons and experience and help their students to reach their full potential. They are preparing them to be the best that they can be.

The movie Coco follows the journey of a young Miguel Rivera, who is trying to uncover a family secret as he follows his heart to become a musician. The story has a good meatiness to it and is not all fluff like so many animated movies tend to have. It is also very detailed and accurate as far as Mexican culture goes. The movie depicts the Day of the Dead or El Dia de Los Muertos and takes the viewer through the Land of the Dead. The entire movie is visually appealing and intricate.

The Academy of Art University is considered to be an all-inclusive establishment and teaches in a disciplined environment that still maintains the room for growth and creativity. The University offers support and teaching that addresses the needs of its students and is backed by years of experience and expertise.

The Academy has been preparing their art students since 1929 and continues to provide high-quality courses and numerous learning opportunities. The Academy of Art University covers an array of topics such as advertising, animation and visual effects, acting, art education and history, architecture, fines art, fashion, and illustration. They also offer schooling on the topics of game development, graphic design, industrial design, jewelry and metal arts, interior design and architecture, just to name a few.


Josh Smith: Encouraging Students to Grow their Food

Josh Smith is an American visionary, inventor and entrepreneur who invented greenhouses which uses the maximum potential of natural elements like the sunlight, air, and water. He established his company called Modular Greenhouses in Reno, Nevada, and has been in the business for several years now. He is providing greenhouses to those who would like to learn more about growing their own food, and he stated that the demand for such greenhouses is increasing every year. The business is growing for Josh Smith, and he thanked his loyal customers for supporting his products and for making positive reviews through the internet and word of mouth that gave him the exposure.

With the success of his company, Josh Smith decided to give back to the community. One of his projects as a philanthropist is to educate the population about the importance of keeping a greenhouse and growing their own food. He thought that the children can benefit from it, so he is sending some of his greenhouses to different schools around Reno. This year, Smith chose the High Desert Montessori School as the beneficiary of a single unit of modular greenhouse. He stated that he wanted the children to live healthy lives, and by growing their own food, they would develop an interest in organic farming and eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. It would also prevent the kids from eating junk foods and becoming obese.

The administration of the school thanked Josh Smith for his wonderful donation, and they are now thinking about revising their curriculum to add greenhouse keeping and farming as some of the extracurricular activities that the school children can enjoy. The High Desert Montessori School is located on the outskirts of Reno, and it has a moderate population of school children. Josh Smith stated that with the greenhouses he donated, he is hoping that the children from the district where the school is would start their interest in farming using a greenhouse. He encouraged the children to use their gardens as well to plant their food and watch it grow. Josh Smith is dreaming of seeing every school in the United States keeping their own greenhouse to become self-sufficient.

Reasons to Why Success Academy is an Academic Giant

Eva Moskowitz is the founder and current CEO of Success Academy, a leading network of charter schools in New York City. Since opening its first school in 2006, the network has established an addition of 32 schools, which serve 9,000 students. Success Academy has 24 elementary schools, seven middle schools, and a new high school. According to the results of Common Core, aligned exams, 35 percent of New York kids were good at math and 29 percent in English. Conversely, Success Academy students’ proficiency rates entailed 94 percent in math and 64 percent in English.

Success Tips from Success Academy

Success Academy is conscious about content at all levels of learning. First, it has developed its English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum called THINK Literacy. THINK Literacy is based on a Teachers College Reading and Writing approach known as balanced literacy, which emphasizes on independent reading. Balanced literacy is quite ineffective in traditional school because it does not build the vocabulary or knowledge of a student. Success Academy adds content to THINK Literacy through models such as Reading Workshops, Guided Reading, Read Aloud, and Sharing Text.

The science program at Success Academy is marvelous. In kindergarten, students are taught hands-on, inquiry-based science for five days in a week. Success Academy scientists carry out experiments and discuss results and observation. Moreover, the method of teaching science provides students with the essential critical thinking skills for solving problems. Students also recognize their passion at an early stage.

Elementary students at Success Academy complete two project-based learning units in every grade. In middle school, students are given iPads containing books. Moreover, every student is required to have four novels, one poetry, and two non-fiction books. Success Academy adds independent reading time as well as a literature class at this level.

The Contribution of Teachers

Success Academy has a teacher preparation program known as Teachers Academy (T-school), which equips the teacher with understanding what he/she is teaching as well as feedback from the students. Teachers have broad access to technology through the provision of MacBook Pros and an impressive IT system that allows efficient communication. Additionally, teachers are involved in parental engagements through phone calls, emails, and meetings.