Talk Fusion Is Really Making a Difference

Can a financial company really make a difference in people’s lives? When the company is Talk Fusion, and it is founded by a visionary like Bob Reina, the answer is yes. Bob Reina is someone who has always acted on his beliefs, and that’s why he founded Talk Fusion as a company that has a mission of making a difference. Talk Fusion has dedicated itself to helping people realize their dreams and to make a better, brighter future for themselves. According to Founder & CEO Reina, it’s all about having a vision and making it a reality.

“With great success comes greater responsibility,” says Reina, and that’s a statement he has dedicated himself to in a big way. This idea is truly the foundation of Talk Fusion’s corporate culture and it’s what the company is really all about.

Bob Reina doesn’t just talk about making a difference, though. He commits and he leads by example. Reina has given $1 million to the Tampa Bay Humane Society and he has also given very large donations to an orphanage in Indonesia. Why? He gives because he’s on a quest to improve people’s lives through his own actions and through the actions of Talk Fusion and its Independent Associates in over 140 countries.

Supporting Non Profits

Bob Reina’s vision is now happening though a new program at Talk Fusion. This program allows every Associate at Talk Fusion to donate one free account with the company to a charity of their choice. This free charity account comes set up with the Talk Fusion Custom Monthly Plan. It also includes several special features, including branding, customization and access to all of the company’s video marketing products.

Yes, Bob Reina is truly committed to a vision of making a real difference. His company is the means by which he makes that vision come to life and to helping people everywhere. Today that vision is truly becoming a reality.

Darius Fisher’s is One of the Lauded Innovation 50

Darius Fisher has helped a lot of people whose good names have been smeared online. His hard work running a reputation management firm has received some attention from industry insiders and the attention is well-deserved. Fisher name appears on PRWeek’s Innovation 50 list, a prestigious list to be sure.

PRWeek is one of the top publications in the public relations and marketing industry. The list highlights those persons who have proven their digital marketing skills to be highly innovative. A cursory look at Fisher’s work in reputation management reveals the word “innovative” only scratches the proverbial surface. He has taken digital marketing out of its traditional role of advertising products and services and expanded things. Digital marketing now is associated with personal branding and crisis management. Of course, reputation management repair work also has marketing benefits and this is why entrepreneurs and executives take the process seriously.

Fixing a harmed online reputation is something that should be done without delay. In the modern landscape of the internet, search engines and social media create perceptions about people. No one is perfect and, sometimes, things occur that do damage to an individual’s reputation. While speaking at the Impact 15 convention in Las Vegas, Fisher was quick to point out that the days of bad press in the newspaper have changed. Bad reports don’t end up forgotten soon after they are released. The internet keeps them alive in the search engine results. Unless someone takes very definitive steps to fix a damaged reputation, then the bad PR is not going to go away. It might even stalk someone for years and years.

Fisher has tapped into his knowledge about marketing, public relations, and copywriting and developed numerous ways to reverse the impact of negativity. He founded the company Status Labs and provides scores of services designed to address and reverse a disastrous situation.

Status Labs provides such a valuable service, people come from all over the world to sign up as clients. 35 countries in total are listed as having been served by Fisher’s outstanding company. That number is sure to grow and so is the total number of clients, a number that tops out at 1,500 right now. The publicity generated by Fisher’s name being placed on the Innovation 50 list may even draw in scores of more clients.