Dez Perez: The Little Known Lady Behind Some Big Music Stars

Roc Nation is popular with music lovers across the globe; it is the talent company of choice for the big names in the music industry. The company’s success can be partly tied to Desiree Perez the Chief Operating Officer at the identity. Dez, as she is popularly known, is the invisible force behind the resounding success of Jay-Z, Rihanna, J Cole, Big Sean, Shakira, and other artists signed to Roc Nation.

Dez is associated with the many successes attained by Roc Nation. She is a tough negotiator and a shrewd decision maker, and her skills enabled the company to enter a $150 million deal with Live Nation in 2008. On expiry of the 2008 deal, Dez was in the team that sought another deal with Universal studios. Her presence in Roc Nation has been a blessing to artists like Rihanna whose tour was funded to a tune of $25 million. She is passionate about being resourceful in expanding the careers of women musicians, Rihanna’s team is delighted with having Dez as part of them to provide invaluable advice on business and finances.

Jay-Z is undoubtedly one artist that has benefitted from Dez’s expertise in the music industry. He founded Rock Nation in 2008, and since then, there has been no looking back as he transitioned from a rapper to a business mogul with Dez by his side. She is rumored to be part of Jay-Z’s inner circle tasked with delivering the best business decisions as well as taking part in negotiations. When Roc Nation ventured into sports talent management, Dez became a powerful force behind negotiating and signing contracts with prominent sports personalities such as Miguel Cotto Apart from Roc Nation, Dez was involved in Jay-Z’s other investments such as SC Enterprises. Desiree at Facebook.

Dez is married to Juan Perez, the head of Roc Nation Sports. The Perez’s have committed their time and efforts to making Roc Nation the world’s most renowned entertainment company. Dez wishes to see more women taking up leadership opportunities available in the music industry. for more.