Whitney Wolfe Herd and Bumble

This particular article is all about Whitney Wolfe Herd, who is the CEO of a company named Bumble. She has also recently done a press cycle as well. Wolfe Herd is the CEO of the company as well. Her product Bumble is type of dating app. The apps has women do the match rather than men.


While creating this company, Wolfe Herd, had a wonderful support network from friends, business partners, and family. This helped in getting her company going. Her husband who was then her business partner gave a lot of support too.

Bumble came to launch in the year 2014. This app used a technique known as the Sadie Hawkins concept. This is a type of dance where a female would ask a boy to the dance instead of the other way around. This app and motive had really created a great response to the company in Austin, Texas. In the app, there has been twenty-four million total registrations.

There are other Bumble apps available as well. One of them is entitle Bumble BFF. This app is targeted more to making friends instead. That app has been tested out by more than three million users, but there are 500,000 or are active in a usual month. There is another app as well called Bumble Bizz, this is the same app as Bumble but in more of a business approach. These off shoots were made so it would be about more than love. It would also focus on career and friendship. Like mentioned before, these offshoots did pretty well. But, the company Bumble Bizz is an app too modern to evaluate just yet.

Many users of this app showed great commitment. For example, Bumble has a monthly subscription which offers perks. One perk is an allowance of more time to see if a suitor is meriting a message. The cost is $9.99 a month for a subscription.

Now some more general information about Herd. She went to college in Dallas, the school was named “Southern Methodist University”. The state of Texas is also where she married her boyfriend Michael Herd”. They are currently married now. The headquarters of Bumble are found in Austin, Texas.

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Whitney Wolfe Takes a Break From Bumble to Get Married

Whitney Wolfe is turning another page in her life with her recent wedding. She is also turning another page in her business life with the expansion of Bumble. She knows how to attract people to the dating portion of her app because more than 20 million people have become registered users. What Wolfe is trying to do right now is attract an even greater crowd to other aspects of Bumble that are new.

This Texas-based company is growing at a rate that some people may not have expected. It could have been easy for Whitney Wolfe to settle with having one of the top dating apps, but she had ideas to also getting to the business of social networking with Bumble Bizz. Wolfe, at her young age, would recognize that there were only so many millenials that could stay connected to Bumble once they found a potential mate. She realized that she would reach a saturation point with the dating users, but she wanted a chance to grow her company without recycling the same users over and over in a dating app cocoon. She wanted to expand to other areas of social media to bring about the possibilities of greater growth for Bumble. This is why she has to turn the page to expand her company and totally shift the way that people see Bumble in the future.

Some might say that this is quite an undertaking for a young entrepreneur that is still under the age of 30. For Whitney Wolfe this is not a problem. She has a staff that she believes in, and she is so confident in what she is doing that she actually had time to break from the daily grind of Bumble to slip off to a wedding in Southern Italy.

People that are interested in seeing her escape to Southern Italy for her wedding can easily view pictures of her in an Oscar de la Renta wedding gown. The blushing bride created a destination wedding that was magnificent in every way. There was even a bit of rain during the nuptials, and and in Italy this is a good sign. Rain for a wedding is a sign of fresh beginnings and a new start. It is the type of thing that is symbolic of a tying of a knot that will not be broken. This represents the next chapter in her new life.

Whitney Wolfe info: www.fastcompany.com/40456526/bumbles-ceo-takes-aim-at-linkedin

Skout Encourages the Public to be Their Own Superheroes


When fiction meets reality, wonderful things happen. The global communications application, Skout, encouraged people to be their own superheroes on the day dedicated for such, April 28. In order to encourage this powerful behavior, the app promised to donate to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of the Greater Bay area for every superhero themed gift sent by users of the app. Until a wish was fully funded, these self-proclaimed heroes refused to give up their efforts.

In addition to the encouragement of this behavior, the company conducted a superhero poll, and were surprised to find that three out of four people identify a superhero as being somebody that helps others when there is no promise of a reward. Of course, those characters that everybody grew up with deserved some recognition, and when Skout asked who everybody’s favorite superhero is, the answers were fairly concise: The women loved Batman while the guys gave their affection to Superman.

“We’re proud to create an opportunity for our community to use our app to fund a wish for someone who could use a real life superhero,” said Christian Wiklund who is the CEO of Skout. Thrilled to conduct the survey, too, some more themed questions revealed some answers about the population of the United States. Most superheroes will give credit to those who help them, and most of them are nothing without their sidekicks. When asked who the best superhero BFFs were, half of America answered with Batman and Robin. While that was certainly no surprise, the rest of the population boasted of the Wonder Twins, the Thing and the Human Torch, and even the Green Hornet and Kato.

Of course, these super beings are nothing without their superpowers, and one out of three Americans agreed that the best power is that of immortality. Flying, speed, and strength fell closely in line, however. Other topics of discussion included the Batmobile being the best vehicle, and that a mask is a necessity for those super beings. Finally, nearly eighty percent of people wish they could possess superpowers, but Skout wants the public to know that they can, in fact, be their own superheroes.

Get the app at www.skout.com.


The AnastasiaDate Website Is Fun And Exciting

Take dating to the next level by dating online. Those who are sick and tired of looking for dates in all the different places they can think of may find themselves with more success if they look for a date online. Dating online isn’t much different than finding a date anywhere else, but online dating means that there are a lot more prospects to date. It’s possible that millions upon millions of persons are online looking for a date, and this gives a lot more opportunity to those who are looking to find someone else that they can date. The dating process isn’t very hard, but a person must decide if they choose to date online if they want to also date in person.

Many people that date online will only talk to the other person, and months or even years may pass without them ever meeting the other person in real life. It is still considered dating, even if the people don’t meet in person, but those who choose to meet are the ones who are serious about finding love. Even if someone is dating internationally, it’s still possible to find love, but the person may also have to realize that traveling may be necessary to be able to meet the other person. It’s always a good idea for one to make up their mind when they start dating, so there is no confusion later.

Finding a dating site is very easy, but finding the right dating site can be the hard part. A person can choose a dating site, and they may not find what they’re looking for, so they are forced to look for another dating site. Instead of doing all the shopping around on dating sites to find the right woman, a man is encouraged to go to the AnastasiaDate website, which has 18 years of experience when it comes to finding men dates. The men who date on the AnastasiaDate website have been able to find love as well as finding marriage.

Not every person dating is looking for marriage, but those who are will have a good time on the AnastasiaDate website, especially because of the fact that the website has so many women available. Many dating sites may be frequented by women who are only looking for a man to take care of them or for a man who they can take things from, and that’s not what the AnastasiaDate website is about. AnastasiaDate is created in the hopes of two people finding love, even though they may be in separate countries. The AnastasiaDate website has many love stories that have been successful, and many members on AnastasiaDate visit the website on a daily basis.