The Chainsmokers A Different Kind of Music

The article “The Chainsmokers Discus ‘Sick Boy’ Single And How Their New Music Is ‘Darker’ Than Ever Before” can be read at


The piece features an interview with Drew Taggert a leader in the band Chainsaw. The band got its mainstream start in the music industry in 2015. The article also gives a brief introduction on the background of the band. The interview delves into the type of music that the band has recorded previously verses the darker side of music that they have recently released with their single. Taggert discusses the explanations why they have decided to record the murkier compositions.


The band Chainsmokers is an American DJ/production duo. The Chainsmokers’ music is a mix of hip-hop, pop, indie and dance. The two main members of the group are Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Alex Pall was born on May 16, 1985 and raised in New York State. Andrew Taggart was born on December 31, 1989 and raised in the state of Maine. Both musicians meet through the music industry and decided to work together in the band Chainsmokers. The band became famous with their hit song “#Selfie”.


Chainsmokers have had many successful hits with the music including 3 songs within the top 20 on the Canadian Billboard Charts. The song “Bouquet (EP)” found itself in the number 18 spot on the Canadian Billboard chart in February 2016 lasting for 29 weeks on the billboards. November 2016 the bands song “Collage (EP)” achieved number 2 on the Canadian Top 10 Billboard chart with a stay of 45 weeks. Their song “Memories…Do Not Open” made number 1 on the Canadian Top 10 Billboard chart in April 2017 remaining on the chart for 41 weeks. Get More Information Here.


The band has had many successes within the music industry. The years of 2016 and 2017 they won the Favorite Electronic/Dance Music Artist award from the American Music Awards. The Billboard Awards have also recognized Chainsmokers as the 2016 Top Dance/Electronic Artist and in 2017 they were awarded the Top Collaboration and Top Dance/Electronic Song awards.