The Amazing Career of Accountant and Strategist Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is an accomplished American business consultant. Kevin’s skills and strategies have helped shape and redefine the financial prospects of many private companies, government, corporations, small businesses, and individuals as well. Kevin is the current C.E.O and VP of the Newark Economic Development Corporation. Over the years, the respected accountant helped dozens of divisions do away with their gross inefficiencies to max on the returns.

Positions Held

Mr. Seawright moves with great haste to draw up a roadmap for the failing divisions in a company. The financial wizard astonishes everyone for his uncanny ability to accurately predict the end-year annual returns his trademark investment formula often addresses pertinent business aspects, for instance, the hiring process, compensation plans, and even the growth and expansion plans. The accounting wiz regularly manages financial portfolios with inventory valuations of half a billion U.S. dollars.

The serial entrepreneur has served in the following prestigious executive positions so far: As a Chief of Construction and Financial Projects, Payroll Director, Budget Manager, Executive Director of Operations, and, as a Deputy Chief Operating Officer Facilities. Above all else, Kevin Seawright is the kind of CEO who has perfected the fine art of building cohesion among the top brass leadership and in the entire staff fraternity which then trickles down to an overall improved performance by the company or businesses. Read this article at Live Newspaper


Kevin’s milestone contributions to the financial and corporate scene have not escaped the attention of his peers. In 2010, Seawright received the Bridges to the Future Award by the revered Met Lifetime Awards.

About Kevin Seawright

Kevin S. is a top-tier management strategy pro with over 15 years’ experience having served in different high-profile positions in tons of both private and government American companies. Kevin’s an Exec MBA holder and is currently enrolled in the executive leadership skills at the prestigious Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business. Seawright is a life entry of the ASPA or the American Society for Public Administration, the National Association of Black Accountants and at the Black Public Administrators Association.

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