Gregory Aziz Leading National Steel Car to Greater Heights

Gregory James Aziz is the CEO of National Steel Car, and has held this position since 1994 after it was bought from Dofasco. He is also the chairman of the board of directors and the president of the company. Greg studied economics at the University of Western Ontario. Before joining National Steel Car, he worked with Affiliated Foods, a food business that was owned by his family. He worked there for more than 15 years and during this time, the company grew tremendously and even started supplying clients in Eastern Canada and the United States. He worked with a few other companies before joining National Steel Car. Greg also chairs the board of directors of National Industries, Inc.


National Steel Car


National Steel Car is one of the leading companies in the rail industry in North America. It has grown in leaps and bounds ever since Greg Aziz became the CEO. For instance, annual production increased from 3,500 cars to 12,000 cars within just 5 years after he took over. The increase in production created more employment opportunities and the company now employs about 3000 people, compared to 600 before Greg took over. Greg possesses great leadership skills, and his expertise in engineering, manufacturing, project management and strategic planning have proven very valuable in his role as CEO. Under his leadership, National Steel Car has received the TTX SECO award several times because of the high quality of products it manufactures. See This Page.


The railroad industry is one that is ever changing, and in order to be successful in this industry, it is important to keep up with the trends. Greg is always up to date with all industry changes and uses his knowledge to lead National Steel Company in designing and manufacturing products that meet the evolving needs of the industry. Thanks to his foresight and visionary leadership, National Steel Company is always miles ahead of the competition. This is how the company has managed to maintain its top position all these years.




Gregory J Aziz loves giving back to the community and does this through the numerous philanthropic affiliations that NSC has. Some of the charity organizations that NSC sponsors include the United Way, the Hamilton Opera, Salvation Army, and Theatre Aquarius among others. Greg also sponsors the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.




Greg has been very instrumental in the growth and development of National Steel Company. Through company, he has made a great contribution to the railroad industry in Canada and in North America as a whole. Even with all his accomplishments, he does not rest on his laurels but instead continues to strive to ensure the company keeps improving.

Thor Havlorssen; dethroning tyrants one at a time

People that choose to spend the wee hours of the morning flooding other people’s mail boxes with controversial emails, or sending Wickr messages that are encrypted aren’t exactly what the society considers regular guys. Well, Thor Havlorssen is anything but regular. His pursuits, mainly after tyrants and those that oppress others and breach human rights have made him famous in some quotas and infamous in others. He owns the Human Rights Foundation that he launched in 2005 and is based in New York.

Mr Thor considers himself a child of many nations. He is part Norwegian and part Venezuelan. His leadership and advocacy seems to be part of his genetics as he comes from a lineage of leaders on both sides. His grandfather on his father’s side was the King Consul for the Norwegian government in Venezuela during the Second World War. The first president of Venezuela is a direct descendant of his mother. The mother also has the same lineage as Simon Bolivar, the leader who freed Latinos from Spanish rule. His philosophy is that human rights are the fundamental basis of all other discussions.

The background that shaped Thor’s current activism

People who experience things first hand, more often than not, end up being advocates against the situations. When Thor was growing up, he witnessed his father’s human rights being violated. His father was locked up in a prison in Caracas and suffered a lot for being a drug Czar. His mother was also shot during riots against Hugo Chavez.

Despite his sad past, Thor is not a bitter man, he loves all of humanity. He respects people that fight for other people’s rights, the ones who defy the norm and work for the freedoms and fights of the others. Thor has had his fair share of mistreatment, like the Vietnam interview that went sour and his crew ended up hiding cameras in their rectum.

Thor respects everyone who is on the same mission as he is. His company has a staff of 12 from around the world and gets sponsorship from PayPal’s co-founder and Google’s Sergey Brin.


Arther Becker’s way of Doing Business

Arthur Becker is a part of the Madison Partners. They are known for being an investment firm focusing mainly on real estate and other ventures. He was also a senior advisor for Vera Wang’s Fashion agency for around seven years. His work throughout different categories has allowed for him to create immense change over the years. Arthur Becker came up with his business during his work with ZINIO and Navisite. He ended up selling Navisite in 2011, and he ended up expanding his knowledge throughout real estate. He also came very close to businesses in bio tech industries. He wanted to make an impact on people’s lives, and he did so by creating a business that would provide people what they needed.

In his recent interview with a website online, he found that him bringing to life his ideas is all about working with a wide range of people and listening to other people’s ideas. He finds that real estate is very interesting throughout the different developments of the brand, and he loves the fact that the financing stage is always growing and improving. He works hard to organize and coordinate with other people alongside other experts to create successful ideas.

His work has been witnessed by people across all media outlets. Perez Hilton, PageSix, Real Deal, and the NY Daily News are just a few of the unique companies and sites online that have featured his work and success across his different business ventures. With a home paying $30,000 a month, you can say for sure that this guy is a successful businessman with money who knows how to help other people succeed. With his ex-wife Vera Wang and also remaining on good terms, he helped her succeed in her business. It’s amazing what he has accomplished and what he has done already.

Bob Reina of Talk Fusion is Committed to Helping Others

This saying, “With great success comes greater responsibility,” is one of Bob Reina’s favorites, and now that Talk Fusion is one of the largest global videos communication companies, he is learning the full meaning of his words.

Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, which he started in 2007. In 2004, he personally wanted to send a video to his friends and family, but couldn’t find a company that could handle it.

So, he said to himself, “I could do this,” and he got together with his tech-genius friend and developed video email, which was the first product of Talk Fusion. When he released the video, it went around the world within the first year, and Talk Fusion became a global enterprise.

Today, this video communication company has quality technology and many more features, including video newsletters, video email, video chat, live virtual meetings for personal and business, ways to monitor your company with sign up forms and analytical software. The videos have maintained the same crystal clear images because Reina keeps high-quality technology as a primary goal.

Bob Reina also lives up to his word, so he is a philanthropist who often gives to people and animals in need of help. In the Tampa Bay area, where Talk Fusion is located, he saw a need in the Humane Society and donated a record-breaking $1 million to help build a shelter. He supports an orphanage in Indonesia, sent funds to the survivors of the tsunami in Japan and the Nepal earthquake. He simply wants to give others a second chance.

So, with the success of Talk Fusion, Reina is taking on the responsibility of helping not only in his own community but around the globe. Finding a need and filling it takes a person who is dedicated to helping others by making futures brighter; he does this because it is his responsibility. Bob Reina is an excellent example of an entrepreneur and philanthropist, and you can find out more his projects on

Tax Fraud Needs Better Compliance Management

Compliance officials wear a variety of different hats, however one that is especially important is that of tax specialist. That’s right: Tax Day challenges companies to assess their annual income and expenditures. This isn’t a one man task. Honest filers and fraudsters alike know that the IRS struggle to stay on top of potential fraud while assessing the contents of many an honest return. This is largely due to taxpayer identity theft.

This type of white collar crime exploded between 2010 and 2012, although the IRS reports that it is currently growing. How is the IRS trying to keep up with the new tricks of the multi-billion fraudulent trade? Heavily monitoring past stolen identities that have forged tax returns in the past to learn about what to expect from future fraudsters. Tax fraud is a common white collar crime that affects nearly every industry.

No every company knowingly files fraudulent tax returns. This is especially true for new companies just looking to file complicated expenditure reports. Compliance officers help these companies stay out of the IRS red zone through transparent and helpful advice. Extra security checks, in addition to company education efforts, are part of compliance’s role.

This is especially useful as congressional budget cuts are inhibiting IRS ability to collect a national $3.1 trillion annual tax bill. This is why fraudulent tax returns are an IRS and company nightmare. Neither side wants to deal with the complicated procedures in place to deal with these returns.

Helane Morrison represents a new brand of compliance officers and experts well versed in company compliance guidelines. Setting the bar for female administrators within the SEC, she has made a name for herself within San Francisco finance. Along with Morrison female compliance officers Valerie Caproni, Mary Keefe, and Carmen Lawrence are have many year experience in setting compliance standard for the finance centered regional hubs they are located within.

Morrison has reported that compliance efforts have tightened since San Francisco District Office had doubled. Going from 30 to 60 within five years, increased increased work loads have challenged the enforcement and examination staffs, but have made them even more competent in the major issues which are affecting the finance industry as of today.

She heads and office of professionals that investigate those who cheat investors. These types of schemes can often utilize tax schemes or simple embezzlement tactics. Morrison has been stern to ensure that the finance industry goes after companies and the individuals within them that make the financial industry a risky venture for those wanting a straightforward and honest approach to investing.

Listening to Wirth’s Positive Approach

The current draught has hit California is a great tragedy to many resorts in the area but not so for Squaw Valley. Recently tuned in to listen to the KCRW’s Press Play program to listen to Andy Wirth the CEO and president of the resort who sounded quite optimistic about the current situation. Andy Wirth joined the resort to head it to the great enterprise it is today five years ago. Wirth is a guru in the hospitality industry and his acumen is recognized all in areas in the business. The Squaw Valley resort has been on the rise since Wirth took over its leadership and today the business is doing very well. Due to this, Wirth has won enough awards for his participation in the industry and his innovative mind.

As I listened to the interview, I was keen to notice how composed the hotelier was while answering his questions. He was being interviewed by Madeline Brand and one could easily pick up his confidence in the market and the industry as a whole. While other resorts are closing down and worrying about the profitability of their businesses, Wirth remained positive that business will still be good. He was quick to admit that the drought has drastically reduce the amount of snowfall and this is not good for the skiing business. However, he was adamant that the situation is not as dire as it seems.

While admitting that the current low levels of snowfall have affected the industry, Wirth maintains that Squaw Valley resort has been profitable amidst all this. His positive approach to the issue is probably the reason why Squaw Valley resort is doing very well in a market hit by natural limitations. Skiing depends greatly on snowfalls and the drought in California has not been making the situation any easier. However, Wirth with his skills and experience in the market sees no cause for panic. Just like a professional and a great entrepreneur, he sees other options that can be pursued to harness the market’s potential.

Wirth is a very positive individual and this has made him a successful investor in the market. Instead of looking at the problems that the current drought poses, he has a solution already for the situation. Wirth proposes intends to pursue the manmade snow option to satisfy the skiing need of his clients. He admits that the low levels of snowfalls have reduced the amount of acreage that the resort offers for skiing activities but he remains adamant that this can be compensated by manmade snow. According to him, the drought presents his business with an opportunity rather than the challenge that other are was amazing to listen to Wirth and to hear his positive breath in the midst of possible tribulations business wise.

CEO offers a unique bonus to all employee’s children

Everyone heard about the CEO who raised all of his employee’s salaries to $70,000. But CEO Chieh Huang of Boxed, an online distributor of bulk household items, may have topped that. Huang has offered to pay college tuition for all of the employee’s children.

Many companies, such as Starbucks, offer tuition assistance for the employee, especially if it relates to the industry they are working in. However, this is the first offer to pay tuition for the children. As of now and for the forseeable future, there is no cap on how many years the child spends in college or which university they attend. The only restriction, if you can even call it that, is that Huang is only paying for tuition, not the books or boarding.

Huang realized that many of the employees who worked in the Atlanta facility did not even have cars to get themselves to work easily or to provide their children with opportunities outside the city. He toyed with the idea of getting everyone a car, in true Oprah fashion, but he realized that the problem wasn’t transportation; it was a lack of higher education due to financial constraints. Folks at The Aspire New Brunswick are impressed to learn that Huang opted to provide free tuition, without the need for an application or approval process, as opposed to simply raising the salaries.

For the full story of Boxed and how it stacks up to other companies, check out this link.