Igor Cornelsen And The Importance Of Diversifying

In order to succeed, it is important to diversify. While people may tend to put all of their eggs in their basket, they will be more willing to diversify if they are aware of the opportunities that are available. When people are more aware of all of the investments and other activities they could do in order to earn the money that they need for comfort, then they will find it easier to succeed. There are a lot of things that one could try. This is why it is important for one to look at a ton of opportunities that they could get involved in. Learn more Igor Cornelsen at Tumblr

Igor Cornelsen himself knows all of the opportunities that people have in order to profit. He knows the advantages as well. One of the advantages that people have when they are aware of all of the opportunities is that they are better able to find something that works for them. To make things better, they could improve their chances with the other opportunities. This makes it so that they will have a better chance at success. This is one of the reasons Igor strongly recommends diversifying on one of his tips. Igor himself has diversified.

When it comes to investments, one could even diversify from stocks towards other types of investing. One could invest in bonds and certain accounts that gain interest over time. When one manages to get a steady stream of passive income going, then he could be a little more comfortable with the amount of money he is gaining. One thing that could be said about passive income is that it could come in handy at times when someone is tired from all the work or is out of work. Igor Cornelsen sees a lot of advantages with passive income. One would be missing out if he did not give it consideration. Read more:https://www.resumonk.com/igorcornelsen

Smart Home Expert Todd Lubar

The growth of smart homes is expected to go up by a big margin by the year 2021. A report by TechSci suggests that smart homes will seize being a luxury of the wealthy and will be part and parcel of every home. Smart home packages come with technologies such as ring motion detecting doorbells, wireless lighting systems automated window shades among many others.

Smart home technology is an advanced level of connecting home devices to each other in an intelligent way. This technology is convenient for everyone. It is also life changing for people who suffer from disabilities. It is easier for the elderly or physically handicapped people to operate home equipment or systems with necessarily struggling. In fact, due to this technology, it is possible for physically handicapped people to live on their own and manage their lives as any healthy human being. For instance, take a case of an automated lighting system that can be switched on using a smart phone. This means a handicapped person does not have to move to switch location to turn on/off the light, they can do it from the comfort of their bed or sit. Other advantages of smart homes are that physically handicapped people can be able to do operations such as opening the door and windows as well as drawing window shades, tasks that would have otherwise been impossible to do on their own.

According to Patch, smart home technologies can have even an impact our natural self-esteem. They can boost the emotional well-being of individuals using them. Take a scenario of an individual who has been lost a limb due to an accidenmt6. Such person can undergo a lot of emotional disturbance due to inability to perform some tasks that he used to perform normally. But with smart home technology, such a person will not notice much of a difference, technology will help him perform some of the duties that would require him to use his limbs without a struggle. Visit LinkedIn to see more.

Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is an advocate of smart home technology. Being a big investor in the real estate sector he advises people on the importance of incorporating smart technologies in building their business. Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures and senior vice president of Legendary Investment.

Obsidian Energy Contends in a Competitive Oil and Gas Exploration Industry

Obsidian Energy produces gas and oil and is an intermediate-sized company. Its portfolio consists of high-quality assets that total up to 3000 boe a day. The company believes that its approach is the right one for delivering expected results for customers. Obsidian is also proud of its entrepreneurial spirit that allows it to succeed, thus far, in a highly competitive industry.


Obsidian Energy views itself as a company that operates from a base of discipline and passion to provide customers and shareholders with steadfast accountability. The company also takes into consideration its impact on the environment and communities in which it conducts operations.


Obsidian Energy was originally known as Penn West Petroleum Ltd. It changed its name to Obsidian Energy on June 26,2017. The company made numerous changes as Penn West Petroleum. Obsidian has several subsidiaries including Canetic Resources Trust, Endev Resources Partnership, and Sifton Energy Inc. Currently, the company has approximately 300 employees on staff. Those changes have brought the company to where it is today. Smart changes allow for the company to grow and maintain market share in an industry where players can quickly be eliminated for under performing.


Health and safety are also critical elements of the company’s mission. The company designs its programs and operations to protect itself and the environment. Obsidian’s management team commits all employees to safety training and operations improvement. Go To This Page for related information.


One way to survive the competitive landscape of today’s oil and gas industry is to take full advantage of sensor proliferation, big data, reality modeling, asset performance analysis, and 3D technology. This is all with respect to declines in oil production, cutbacks, and price changes across the industry.


Oil and gas companies must make exceptional use of technologies and processes that can keep them above water. This will aid them in staying agile and innovative even in challenging times. the likely trend will be more CEOs and CIOs working together to share information, knowledge, and even digital advancements. Obsidian Energy should continue to make an industry impact well into the future.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obsidian_Energy

Daniel Mark Harrison, the Cryptocurrency Expert and Trader

Daniel Mark Harrison is an author, an entrepreneur and a business person who has set high standards in the journalism sector, especially in China. He is the founder and acting Chief Executive Officer of the company Daniel Mark Harrison Co. The company has based its operations in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok.

Daniel Mark Harrison has been in many parts of the globe. This is mostly because of his studies which he undertook in eight schools and all these were before he went to the university. His first business venture was starting a hedge fund after completing his theology studies at the St. Peter’s College at Oxford. In the years 2005 to 2006 he did a Masters in business administration then the year later he went on to study Journalism at the University of New York. He then started pursuing journalism where he went on to write for established publications such as Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. His skill also landed him invites to news channels like CNN, Bloomberg, and Reuters. His contribution is so dense that one of his stories “The End of Cominsky’s Proxy Index” made a one-month suspension to a certain Chinese exchange from the index.

Daniel Mark Harrison is also the founder of the news publication Marx Rand which focuses on news of general interest. This publication uncovered that Toyota used slave labor and a Federal Bureau Investigator being a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Besides being an established businessperson, he has written two books which have gone to become huge successes. He also volunteered to write a column at the Motley Fool and was approached to give his takes on things such as Stocks in the United Kingdom and the United States.

He also helped in the setting up of Street.com in Hong Kong. This is a company that collects market information from Asia and sells it to the United States of America. He also played a key role in developing a concept in banking used globally for transactions and businesses.

So generally, Daniel Mark Harrison has made his name worthy of an opinion in the literal and business spheres around the globe.

Louis Chenevert’s Leadership Paved The Way for Success at UTC

Mr. Chenevert is a Canadian businessman who held the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of UTC (United Technologies Corporation) positions until 2014 when he stepped down from this position voluntarily. Before this, Louis also served as the president of Pratt and Whitney Canada just before he was elected to be the UTC’s CEO in 2006. United Technologies Corporation is headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut and is an industrial conglomerate with an asset base of $63 billion.

About Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert holds a bachelor’s degree in production management from HEC Montréal, an affiliate of the Business School of the University of Montréal. In May 2011, he also obtained an honorary doctorate from HEC Montréal. Within that same year, Louis was named Person of the Year by the Aviation Week & Space Technology, a US aviation trade magazine due to his substantial contributions towards the aviation industry. Between 2011 and 2012, Louis was the Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee of the British Council. In September 2015, Chênevert became an Exclusive Advisor in the Merchant Banking Division of Goldman Sachs.

Louis Chenevert’s Achievements at UTC 

According to Gregory Hayes, the sitting UTC CEO, the perfect leader is someone who leaves a company in better shape than he/she found it. One of Louis Chenevert’s greatest strengths was his ability to exercise and implement excellent leadership skills. Louis also managed to establish a productive team by motivating his employees to enroll in employee scholar leadership. Apart from that, Louis Chenevert helped lay the perfect foundation for UTC, and the share price of the company rose from $37 to $117, an increase in shareholder value of 200 percent.

As a result, UTC is now a global enterprise with different investments in assorted economies thanks to Louis Chenevert. Another impressive achievement of Louis Chenevert is the fact that he successfully managed to remain the market leader in innovation in the building space and aerospace, paying fair wages to workers, and complied with environmental and other public concern matters. Chênevert relocated hundreds of aerospace engineers from a lower-cost community into Connecticut to enable UTC to have room for applying skills with regards to commercial and military contracts. In fact, UTC was responsible for the assembly of the most sophisticated jet engines worldwide.

Gregory Aziz, National Steel Car: ‘Carry That Weight’

Gregory (“Greg”) James Aziz was born on April 30, 1939, in London, Ontario in Canada. He is a businessman who knows about American freight and passenger carriers. Aziz is currently the president, chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of National Steel Car.

National Steel Car is a company focused the engineering and manufacturing of railroad freight cars. It is headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario in Canada. The business is well known in the industry.


Not much is publicly known about Aziz’ family background. He did, however, follow up his secondary education with college. He went to Ridley College.


He also attended the University of Western Ontario. There he majored in Economics. Following graduation in 1971, he took a job with the Affiliated Foods Company. Launched in 1968, AFC sells wholesale groceries and is presently one of the major importers of fresh food. The business imports goods from Central America, Europe, and South America.


Sometime In the late 1980’s Aziz relocated to New York. There he was employed as an investment banker. By 1994 he was able to garner great wealth.


He purchased National Steel Car from Dofasco. His main objective was to make his newly acquired company the leading railroad freight car manufacturer in all of North America. He would make the company famous.


The business’ engineering capabilities truly blossomed under Aziz’ leadership. He put most of his money into human resources and ramping up the company’s manufacturing capabilities. As the 1990s closed, the business was manufacturing 8,500 more cars than when he purchased National Steel Car.


Aziz has a reputation as someone who strives for perfection. Thanks to his efforts, National Steel Car has received a number of different awards throughout the years. National Steel Car is reported to be the only railcar company in North America to have ISO certification. Since 1996 the business has been awarded the TTX SECO highest quality annual award.


Despite some of the futuristic ideas now employed by National Steel Car, Aziz and company still remain true to such time-honored values as maintaining good relationships with suppliers, remaining loyal to their customers and acknowledging the value of the venture’s 2000-plus employees who construct the high-quality rail cars that the business prides. See This Page for more.


Aziz and National Steel Car are also involved in their community. Aziz and NSC sponsor a number of community-based projects and charity efforts. They give to such organizations as Theater Aquarius, the Hamilton Opera, and the Salvation Army.


View Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=39124620&privcapId=35787198

Boraie, New Jersey’s Most Sought Development Company

Surging real estate markets is a crisis taking immense effect on housing and properties in the New Jersey area. According to some research by the New York Times, this densely populated area of the United States is facing some of the highest rates and shares of residential mortgages which tend to be in foreclosure situations. Because of this economic downfall, the real estate market in New Jersey has been a tough, competitive market that is increasingly falling further behind the rest of the nation. In hopes of resolving the predicaments this situation brings at hand, the New Jersey market will need to utilize the positive trends as they prepare to alter their attention to analyzing and solving the imminent affordability problem and shortages.

The Chief Economist at the National Association of Realtors, Lawrence Yun, stated the possibility of the obvious housing shortage may be grounds for a future crisis in itself as the gap between housing supplies and housing demands continues to grow. Due to the accelerated pace in which newly built homes are being sold, there have been negative effects on housing permits in general. Because of this if the market is flooded with thousands of newly built homes that need to be purchased prior to others; the situation in New Jersey could worsen causing the real estate market to continue to suffer. Many of Bloomberg economists have predicted that the drop may be on a fast track to intensification based off of the increase just experienced in the month of May.

Although the recession had a troublesome effect on much of the New Jersey real estate market, certain small cities and towns have observed large housing demands paired with outstanding inventories. Along with this, many other areas of the state are buckling up as it is expected many highly-effective developments with an abundance of brand-new apartments are expected to hit the markets. In these areas the prices for much property has been increasing significantly throughout the previous months.

Due to its impressive and outstanding development rate over the previous twenty years, Sam Boraie of Boraie Development is said to be one of the most desired and sought out development companies in the state of New Jersey. They credit much of their success due to their economic strategy of using primarily private sources to fund their projects. One of the strong points of Boraie.com is its ability to utilize consistent and sturdy contractors, architects, and financial institutions that have a concise and professional view of deadlines, legitimacy and quality.

Ref: https://www.statetheatrenj.org/board-of-trustees?_r=0

Gregory Aziz: A Living Icon of Hard Work and Perseverance

Gregory James Aziz was also known as Greg Aziz is the current chairman and chief executive of national steer Car Company. As the president of the company, the strikingly intellectual businessman is responsible for the administration of the company as well providing technical guidance to the company. National steel car is a leading railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing conglomerate. The firm is headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario.


Greg J Aziz became the chief executive of the company in1994. He has steered the rail car manufacturing company to greater heights since then. He currently leads a team of over 2000 team members and together they have endeavored to pursue the company greater dream. The company notwithstanding under his leadership remains the only North American railcar company that is ISO certified ISO 9001:2008. He expanded manufacturing capacity from 3500 cars per year in 1994 to 12000 by the year 1999. This tremendous achievement has made the chief executive become one of the most impacting business executives. More Information Here.

James Aziz is an alma mater of the Western University where he studied and graduated with a degree in Economics. It is therefore against this background that he has been able to propel the company to economic heights motivated by prudent management style and team work spirit.

Through the organization, the chief executive has particularly had a keen interest in corporate social responsibility. In Hamilton, they have sponsored Theatre activities the Hamilton opera, the United Way as well as Salvation Army. He has also encouraged team members to participate in food drives to support local food banks. The fact that the company manufacturing capacity has improved since Greg James Aziz took over the leadership of the company has created many jobs for the resident of Hamilton, and this has been applauded as a very incredible fete. On the environment, the chief executive has been very progressive lately leading the company to partner with Horizontal Utilities with the aim of ensuring the company adopts energy saving solutions for a sustainable future.

The chief executive is very active in social media such as Facebook where he calls himself Greg Aziz. This is premised on his realization that social media is an important tool for marketing as well as advocacy which the president is fond of, especially in areas of energy solutions. The president is can also be found on LinkedIn whereby he enumerates some of his most outstanding managerial and manufacturing skills.

Thor Halvorssen Advocates for Human Rights Through the Human Rights Foundation (HRF)

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights advocate, who has taken the lead in fighting against injustice in the society. He has achieved much success in advocating for human rights through Human Rights Foundation (HRF), an organization that he founded in 2005. HRF comprises 12 staff members, who are in charge of creating awareness on authoritarianism. They also give dissidents and political prisoners a platform to be heard. The foundation’s annual Oslo Freedom Forum attracts reporters, activists and the public from all over the world. Most people refer to the forum as the “Davos for Dissidents.” In addition, HRF demonstrates its authority by supporting prominent persons like PayPal’s Peter Thiel and Google’s Sergy Brin, who are some of the major donors of the foundation. Click here to watch video.

About Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen enhances human rights activism through film production where he creates innovative works on public policy, public interest advocacy, civil liberties, individual rights and pro-democracy advocacy. The New York Times described the activist as a maverick “who champions the underdog and the powerless.” In its 2013 profile feature, Buzzfeed commented that, “Thor possesses a burning desire to correct the countless injustices of this world.” Presently, Thor is heavily involved with the Children’s Peace Movement in Czech and On Own Feet. Halvorssen is the founder of the Moving Picture Institute. In 2010, he purchased the traditionally leftist news Magazine in Norwegian, NY Tid.

Over the years, Halvorssen has shared his insights on human rights activism on different platforms, including The New Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and The Nation. He has been featured on various Television channels such as BBC News, Al-Jazeera, Fox News Channel’s The O’Reilly Factor, MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Mathews, CNN and HBO. In 2010, he spoke at TEDx at the University of Pennsylvania. Thor started human rights activism while he was a student at the University of Pennsylvania where he led a protest that sought for his father’s release. He had been wrongfully detained. In 2004, he led another demonstration pushing for the justice of his mother who had been shot during a peaceful protest.

Troy McQuage’s Excellent Leadership Awarded

The esteemed One Planet Award for the Best CEO of the Year was finally given to Troy McQuage. The One Planet Award is a premier award that honors business and professional excellence around the world after nominations of the best performing entrepreneurs. Individuals from the public, as well as private for-profits and non-profit, large and small firms, and even those starting up can be nominated for this award.

Mr Troy said that it was a great honor to receive the distinguished One Planet Award and the peer identity associated with it. On top of that, he said that the award belongs to all members of USHEALTH Group Inc. He furthermore gave a testament to their group’s continued commitment to sorting out healthcare affordability issues for clients by giving them creative coverage that had a possibility of growing as their health requirements increase.

The USHEALTH company is found in FX Worth, Texas and it aims at providing innovative health coverage for self-employed persons as well as small business owners. Its purpose is to combine the talents of its workers to showcase competitiveness and make profits by giving insurance products as it provides outstanding customer service in every aspect of the group’s operations.

Troy McQuage joined USHEALTH in 2010 and immediately started the task of turning the group’s reconstruction through held distribution agency in its Advisory. His success saw him appointed the President and CEO of USHEALTH Inc. In 2014 under his leadership, the USHEALTH recorded overflowing success, growth, and profits in the highly competitive individual health insurance market.

Troy deserves the award because his exemplary leadership has made USHEALTH succeed in its activities.