GM Claims It Owns The Car That You Bought

That car that you recently paid for in full and that you are proudly driving is not completely yours. At least that’s according to GM. Through their attorney, GM maintains that the owner of the vehicle is only but a license holder. In other words, when you buy the car you by the rights to drive it and not to own it.

The claims being made by GM have everything to do with the software installed in the vehicle. GM argues that the car cannot run without the software- it is what tells the other parts what to do. The software is made of code and that code is copyrighted.

The car is entirely dependent on the software. So when you by the car, you buy the license. Since it is a licensing agreement, then the car is still GM’s property.

This has obvious implications. It will restrict anyone, including the owner of the car, from making any changes to the car. People at The Aspire New Brunswick have leaerned that, basically, you cannot repair your own car. However, this is still an issue that is being discussed in the US copyright office.

Those who like to make changes to their cars and mechanics are fighting to be exempted from the copyright.