Clay Siegall: A Man at the Forefront of Cancer Research

Seattle Genetics is a big company with the dreams of fighting a little, but powerful, enemy. While cancer research remains at the forefront of medical inquiry for most pharmaceutical companies, Seattle Genetics has taken its commitment to treating the ailment very personally. Sally James of recently sat down with the CEO of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall, to discuss the implications of their research into the field of oncology. Siegall confidently explains that while other companies are focused on one or two drugs at a time, he has steered Seattle Genetics towards exploring multiple treatment avenues. His Washington based company is already working towards the release of 11 new drugs. Of these new drugs, he is confident in the direct marketability of four of them. He foresees a great need for these medications and Seattle Genetics is at the forefront of that need. Siegall explains that while this is good for consumers, it is also a way that Seattle Genetics is setting themselves apart from the rest of the biotechnology companies in their field. With the release of multiple drugs, Seattle Genetics does not become prey to the inevitable rise and fall of the industry that can sometimes cripple other companies. Siegall explains that this attitude within the company sets it up for success within the industry and, ultimately, in the fight again cancer.

In addition to Siegall’s acting role as CEO of Seattle Genetics, he is also the co-founder, President, and Chairman of the company. He takes a very active role in the company and is constantly working toward better products. He has cultivated many strong partnerships with various pharmaceutical companies and is even an acting board member for Alder Bio-pharmaceuticals and Ultragenyx. These positions not only allow him a great degree of influence in the biotechnological field, but they give him greater insight into the business world and supply him with a plethora of resources he can use to grow Seattle Genetics.

Throughout his work, Siegall has always made it clear that the treatment of cancer has been a major goal in his pharmaceutical endeavors. Since receiving his Ph.D. in Genetics, he has worked a variety of positions that have contributed to his knowledge on that front. It is his hope that someday, Seattle Genetics will help cultivate a drug that leads to the eventual eradication of cancer. Until that day, Siegall vows that his company will continue to work diligently on treatment options for those suffering from cancer.