CEO Doe Deere Appreciates what Life Long Citizens Struggle to…

The message behind CEO Doe Deere’s piece for Entrepreneur makes a simple enough point. Doe, a Jewish girl that migrated from Russia and currently runs two North American companies, appreciates something very important that life-long citizens overlook; America! Her, her mother and sister simply appreciate America and what it has to offer. No politician or pundit can make America great in their eyes as it has always been great to them.

Long before Lime Crime Cosmetics or Poppyangeloff, Doe was a 17-year-old girl with a sister and a mother. All three wanted to migrate to America so they did. As is typical with most immigrant stories, the actual city of New York differed a great deal from what was seen on television and in movies!

The family seemed to struggle at the blue-collar level until they ran out of all funds but $8. When this happened, they had to eat at church-sponsored meal kitchens and live in shelters and even on the street! The three of them survived, and the experience has made Doe an incredible entrepreneur.

At the end of Doe’s story, when they move into public housing, Doe isn’t upset about the crime or graffiti that seems to take place all around them. The family is simply excited over having a place period! A separate kitchen unit is like icing on the cake to them! Pull one life-long resident from public housing in New York and ask him if he’s got a problem with the arrangement. Statistically speaking, a life-long resident will very rarely be in dire straights and have nothing to complain about. Doe and her two family members were but they still loved this country enough to not offer complaints!

At no point in the story does Doe complain that the United States didn’t recognize her mother’s accounting credentials or that they didn’t have privacy as they slept. These three women were too busy doing what they had to do to make America work for them. If more life-long residents had this idea and work ethic, this country would be filled to the brim with Doe Deere’s.

Susan McGalla Helping Women Achieve their Career Goals

Everyone needs a bit of guidance and mentoring during their career to achieve success, and Susan McGalla believes that it is more important for the women in the otherwise male-dominated industry. Susan McGalla has achieved success in the corporate circle in a reasonably short amount of time due to her performance and ability to outperform the competition time and again through unique marketing and business strategies she has been able to devise and implement with precision. Currently, Susan McGalla is the Vice President of Pittsburgh Steelers Inc for Business Strategy and Creative Development. In the past, she has also held the position of CEO and President at Wet Seals Inc and American Eagle Outfitters Inc respectively.

Susan McGalla feels that it is crucial for the women today to follow their dreams and have a plan to achieve that. She believes planning is critical to achieving success, and that women should begin their preparation with focusing on education. Susan McGalla says that women should not go after small jobs, but instead focus on completing their studies and get degrees from reputed universities. Susan McGalla says that good educational background is the key to success in the corporate world, and women with the credible educational history would be able to achieve higher positions in the organizational hierarchy with ease.

Susan McGalla said that what companies need these days is to recognize that women are equally capable and responsible enough to handle top positions and to give them the opportunity they deserve. To accelerate such a trend, the companies should have in-house mentoring programs that would help the women get the essential advice from time to time to achieve what their target career goals. Mentoring programs are known to be more efficient in comparison to women support initiatives and groups that have been existing for years without making any real difference so far.

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