The careers and prosperity of JHSF’s José AuriemoNeto

The prominence of JoséAuriemoNeto to a larger extent is behind his service as an executive. He is also among the outstanding Brazilian individuals. The great recognition of JHSF Participacoes SA is as a result of appearing at the top firms’ listing on connection to the real estate field. The fundamental objective of the company is to avail the resources which are the assets. It applies to the residential and the commercial ones as long as they are situated within the boundaries of Brazil. At the moment, José AuriemoNeto serves at the chairmanship post and serves at the same time as the CEO of the firm.

In consideration of the oversight connected to the ultimatum for the varied kinds of the inns, office structures, and the public launches. This is in addition to his facilitation of the offer of guidance related to the integration of the widely ranged shopping as well as retail complex. This is very similar to the famous CidadeJardim which is a complex of purchase with its base situated in Sao Paulo. Additionally, Salvador does own the Bela Vista. The other shopping centers within Manaus are the Ponta Negra and the MetrôTucuruv. This is a supplement of the two other establishments at the district of Sao Paulo which is in the process of construction as at now. It works as a gate opener towards the appreciation of the Brazilian economic market which is expanding at an incredible rate.

Before safeguarding a trust together with the Valentino that took place in 2012, the JHSF was the owner of the shopping complex, CidadeJardim.

Looking at the career, he began working at the JHSF as early as 1993. He was then a fresh graduate from the Fundação Armando ÁlvaresPenteado (FAAP) University. This institution of higher learning is located in Sao Paulo. In 1997, the growing administration set up the unit via establishing a parking allotment management company called Parkbem.

Following the victory alongside the termination of departmental services that occurred in 1998, he was capable of fortifying the benefits to facilitate the first duty’s modification as it facilitated the supervision of the private establishments which were successful. Click here to know more about him.


Troy McQuagge – The Competent and Unbeatable USHEALTH Group CEO

There is no good thing as to be recognized for your good deeds. Annually thousands of awarding ceremonies are organized and awards given to people in different fraternities, be it companies, corporate, nonprofit and profitable organizations, and much more. These awards motivate a company to surpass their successes next time, and for the underperforming, to strategize and put measures to perform better next time.

Recently, one such event was organized, dubbed prestigious One Planet℠ Awards. These awards were created to recognize and reward companies throughout the world for their professional and excellence. The awards are given according to categories and sections example is groups, teams, executives, new products and services, marketing and corporate communication, Public Relations, Organizations among many. The awards have no boundaries on whom to award as both public and private, established and startups, profit and nonprofit, small and large organizations are entitled to submit nominations.

Just recently, One Planet announced Troy McQuagge the CEO, USHEALTH Group, Inc. the Gold Winner as the chief executive officer of the year. Under him as the CEO, the company has realized tremendous growth, unprecedented success, and productivity standing at position one as the rest of the health insurance companies follow.

In his part, the CEO Mr. Troy McQuagge expressed his gratitude saying that it was an honor having been named by the One Planet Awards, to receive such an esteemed recognition. He added saying the award belonged to every USHEALTH Group, Inc. member. The award was a statement to the company’s members devoted commitment to getting a solution to the health care affordability problem that their clients are facing, through innovative coverage that grows with their healthcare needs to growth. Click here to know more.

Mr. Troy McQuagge joined the USHEALTH Group, Inc. in 2010, and since then he performed exemplarily well. His first project at the company back then was to rebuild the company’s captive distribution agency dabbed USHEALTH Advisors. His being elected to president of the Ft. worth Texas based company in 2014 was as a result of successfully re-tooling the company’s advisors.

On the other hand, the company continued to show tremendous results in its profitability and growth since Mr. Troy McQuagge is in charge of its strategic growth and profitability of the company’s insurance operation and distribution.

Mr. Troy McQuagge started his career in health insurance sales, and here is where he got dedicated and spent a better part of his career. He has a broad wealth of experience in sales, amounting to 30 years, through which he held a couple of positions. In 1983 he joined the Allstate Insurance Company and worked for some time until 1995 when he joined UICI/Health Market. The CEO hails from Panama City, Florida and went to the University of Central Florida. He currently lives in the town of Coppell, Texas.

Troy McQuage’s Excellent Leadership Awarded

The esteemed One Planet Award for the Best CEO of the Year was finally given to Troy McQuage. The One Planet Award is a premier award that honors business and professional excellence around the world after nominations of the best performing entrepreneurs. Individuals from the public, as well as private for-profits and non-profit, large and small firms, and even those starting up can be nominated for this award.

Mr Troy said that it was a great honor to receive the distinguished One Planet Award and the peer identity associated with it. On top of that, he said that the award belongs to all members of USHEALTH Group Inc. He furthermore gave a testament to their group’s continued commitment to sorting out healthcare affordability issues for clients by giving them creative coverage that had a possibility of growing as their health requirements increase.

The USHEALTH company is found in FX Worth, Texas and it aims at providing innovative health coverage for self-employed persons as well as small business owners. Its purpose is to combine the talents of its workers to showcase competitiveness and make profits by giving insurance products as it provides outstanding customer service in every aspect of the group’s operations.

Troy McQuage joined USHEALTH in 2010 and immediately started the task of turning the group’s reconstruction through held distribution agency in its Advisory. His success saw him appointed the President and CEO of USHEALTH Inc. In 2014 under his leadership, the USHEALTH recorded overflowing success, growth, and profits in the highly competitive individual health insurance market.

Troy deserves the award because his exemplary leadership has made USHEALTH succeed in its activities.

Adam Goldenberg Has The Golden Touch

Adam Goldenberg is the co-founder of the highly successful companies Intelligent Beauty, JustFab and Fabletics. He also co-founded Alena Media, SENSA and DERMSTORE. Goldenberg business and organizational skills as well as his understanding of marketing has helped all these companies to thrive. Adam Goldenberg has been a successful entrepreneur ever since he was a teenager. In 1997 at age 15 he founded Gamer’s Alliance. The website was so popular that Intermix Media, the parent company of Myspace, bought Gamer’s Alliance in 1999 and hired the 17 year old Goldenberg as their VP of Strategic Planning. They soon promoted him to chief operating officer.

In 2006 News Corp acquired Intermix Media. Adam Goldenberg left the company, got together with co-worker Don Ressler and co-founded an umbrella company called Intelligent Beauty that served as a business incubator. It was at Intelligent Beauty that Goldenberg and Ressler came up with the concept for the health and beauty products company DERMSTORE. The diet system SENSA was another of the companies Goldenberg co-founded through Intelligent Beauty. It was at Intelligent Beauty that Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler dreamed up the idea of the subscription e-commerce fashion companies JustFab and Fabletics.

Fabletics is one of the most successful brands Adam Goldenberg has ever co-founded. It builds on the subscription fashion model he and Don Ressler used with JustFab on But Fabletics produces and markets a unique line of comfortable, stylish clothing. The clothing the company produces is called athleisure wear. It’s clothing designed to be used for both athletic and leisure pursuits. It’s a concept created by actress Kate Hudson One of the founders of Fabletics. Subscribers pay a set monthly fee and are sent an array of incredible outfits from which to choose each month. The outfits are created by some of the world’s most innovative designers. The company now has millions of subscribers worldwide and recently opened 6 brick and mortar stores.

To make the JustFab and Fabletics brand outfits available to more people, both brands have created the ‘all sizes’ campaign. As part of the campaign, the flattering clothing styles in both the JustFab and Fabletics lines will now be available for every body type in sizes ranging from XS to 3X and as large as 24W. It’s part of the commitment by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and Kate Hudson to celebrate women of all sizes and shapes by offering them beautiful on-trend fashions.

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Raven Effect Joins The Jericho Network

Scott “Raven” Levy is a former WWE star. He will be running a weakly podcast on Norman Pattiz’ PodcastOne which is the largest a podcast network in the United States of America that is also supported by advertisers. Scott “Raven” Levy will be bringing his signature move Raven Effect to the podcast. He will host a weekly show. The founder and CEO of PodcastOne Norman Pattiz and the Chris Jericho were incredibly proud to make this announcement.

Scott “Raven” Levy weekly podcast Raven Effect will feature discussion on a large variety of topics such as conspiracies, politics, pop culture, current events, pet peeves and much more. There will often be guests on the Raven Effect podcast. Scott “Raven” Levy’s friends will sometimes come on the show, some not so friendly acquaintances of his, as well as educated and less educated people to make sure there is an eclectic mix of opinions and points of view being discussed on the weekly podcast. The episodes have already been made available on as well as the PodcastOne mobile app and on ITunes. They will be coming out every Monday. The weekly podcast will be features on The Jericho Network which was launched on Podcast One in July 2016. There are other shows on The Jericho Network such as his person show Beyond the Darkness which is centered on the paranormal. Other shows include Keeping It 100 with Konnan, Killing the Town with Storm & Cyrus, Team Tiger Awesome. The first two are based on the topic of wrestling and the latter is based on the world of pop culture.

PodcastOne came to be in the later months of 2012. The company expanded rapidly and now it is an international supplier of news talks and other podcasts. Norman Pattiz has been in the broadcasting business for over 40 years. He has occupied many positions over the course of his career and all of them have been in the broadcasting industry. Other than PodcastOne he has founded and launched a few other companies and Westwood One is one of them. In fact, Westwood One became a giant in the in its line of work. Currently, it is the leading provider of news talk, sports and entertainment, as well as traffic programming in the United States of America. Both Westwood One and Podcast One have worked with some of the largest brand names in the world.

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Showing Off A Sense Of Fun And Fashion At Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall

Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall is a great place to take a vacation. People can take a vacation not just from their daily lives, but themselves. One of the best ways to do this is through fashion. Among the things that people are faced with in their daily lives is having to conform to the set of rules that have been placed on them by their jobs. Among the rules they have to conform to is their dress code. While most people can easily visit the closest mall, not every nearby mall has a wide variety of styles. Fortunately, for people in Brazil, Roberto Santiago has something that people can enjoy.

The mall has many fashion stores and designer retailer companies located within it. Therefore, people can look around and find their outfits. Then they can even save money with all of the low priced items they could find at some stores. They could easily find a room to change in. After that, all of the uptight vibes that they got from their jobs disappear and is replaced by the more fun and enjoyable presence that comes from picking out the right outfit. Customers get to walk around with an even greater sense of confidence.

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This is one of many advantages that people get to experience with Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. One example of a perfect day at Manaira Mall is stopping by and buying a really good outfit. Then after that going to meet with some friends or a date. One could either go to a movie, play games, or both. They could eat a good meal at the Gourmet area. Then they can relax at the lounge area.

One thing about Manaira Shopping is that it is a great place to go for all types of personalities. People that have the greatest sense of imagination are going to have the most fun of all of the customers. They could even find a photo booth to take pictures and create memories of the time they have spent at the mall. Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has enough features for one to walk away as a renewed person.

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Sanjay Shah Recap

Sanjay Shah, an entrepreneur, has helped so many people through his charity surrounding Autism. At first, he did not know how to go about it until one day Snoop Dogg showed up at his house. He knew he wanted to find out more about the disease, but Sanjay Shah Denmark didn’t know where to start. With Dogg’s help, he has reached the hearts of celebrities and has taught them all about Autism. He has then used these societal figures as a way to reach others and to teach them about the disease. Sanjay Shah, a Dubai-based hedge fund manager, spent time with Snoop Dogg at his Dubai home with his wife and three children, brainstorming ways that they were going to help aid in more research for Autistic children.
The reason why Sanjay Shah is so dedicated to his Autism charity is because his youngest child, Nikhil, was diagnosed with Autism in the year of 2011. His idea was to use celebrities, like Snoop Dogg, to represent the charity and to help raise money for research. As founder of Autism Rocks, Shah overlooks the two new trustees and the charity to make sure everything that he imagineded is happening for these children and that it is being carried over into the soul of the charity.
Sanjay and his family feel personally connected to this charity and they want to make it fun for others, despite this horrible disease and what other families are going through, as they understand the struggle. There is a festival that rappers, such as Tyga and Flo Rida, come to in order to help raise money and awareness for Autism research. As the parents of an Autistic child, they started this charity wanting to find out more about the disease, but in a fun and loving way. Instead of sitting there and letting this disease affect his son, Sanjay Shah is trying to change the lives of everyone affected by Autism. He is trying to make a difference.

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