The Largest Gold And Silver Distributors In the World

US Money Reserve is a private organization headquartered in the United States with a company size of 51-200 employees. It is located along 6500 River Place, Building 3, and Suite 400 Austin, TX 78730. It was founded in the year 2002 by gold market experts who have enjoyed working with hundreds of thousands of clients who recognize the benefits of owning precious metals. The President of U.S. Money Reserve is a former U.S. Mint Director. Philip N. Diehl. The main goal of the US Money Reserve is to establish a long term mutual and beneficial relationship with clients, always ensuring that the clients’ needs are satisfactory met to the fullest.

These coins are authorized by the U.S. Congress, minted at the U.S and produced with a U.S. Mint mark and U.S. Dollar denomination making them Legal Tender United States Gold Coins. The Us Money Reserve coins high quality, weight, content, and purity are fully backed by the United States Government increasing its market coverage. It specializes in Gold, Silver, Platinum coins, Gold bullion and Silver bullion.
US Money Reserve can help you navigate as you begin the process of researching which type of gold is right for you. Ownership of Gold enables safeguarding the value of money during periods of economic downturn, but most importantly people should buy Gold because Gold Continues to outperforming Stocks, inflation threat that makes people to seek refuge in Gold and as a result of bank failures.

Other than being the largest distributor of coins in the world some of the reasons why clients should choose US Money Reserve includes, the availability of experienced Gold professionals for assistance and the physical ownership of legal tender gold, silver and platinum, access to some of the very coins available anywhere and refunds offered to unsatisfied clients.

Most clients like US Money Reserve mainly because of its ability to help choose coins that afford the highest value resulting to wise purchase hence increasing their profit. Some of the reasons include clients assets become more secure and increase in value, truthfulness and individual attention to clients’ personal needs beyond their expectations and it alerts its clients of the most important U.S. Government Issued Gold, Silver and Platinum Coin as soon as they become available.
There is no doubt on the US Money Reserve knowing the value of fairness, competence, knowledge, professionalism and its top quality services that these qualities ensure customer satisfaction and remains the largest trusted coin distributors in the world.


BMG Bank’s Director Believes Brazil’s Economy Will Bounce Back Quickly

Brazil is a country filled with incredible natural resources and ethnic diversity. Brazil is a peace loving nation that tries to remain neutral when it comes to political and religious conflicts, but the country is battling the war of its life this year. Brazil has been hit with a perfect storm, and the country is trying to right itself in the wake of political turmoil and economic disaster. The banks in Brazil have stopped lending money unless loans are 100 percent collateralized and the terms suit the banks. But one bank believes the internal financial and political war will be a short one because Brazil has fought this kind of war before.
Marcio Alaor, the Director and Vice President of BMG Bank of Minas Gerais, thinks Brazil will get its act together in 2016, and he is trying to help that process along by offering consignment loans to middle-class Brazilians that need money for cars, homes and necessities. BMG Bank has a product they call payroll loans, and it is a huge success. Middle-class Brazilians can borrow money and us their income as collateral. The bank works out terms that suit the bank and the borrower, and the bank offers the borrower an interest rate is lower than the standard rate.
Mr. Alaor thinks the economy must be stimulated in order for it to recover. One way of doing that is to put more money in the hands of consumers. Alaor thinks the government should cut taxes, so workers have more money to spend. He also thinks the country must find a way to increase exports. BMG Bank believes now is the time to do those things because the Real is so undervalued this year. BMG Bank wants to give consumers more money to spend while the government works on a plan that will curb inflation. The government has its own set of credibility issues to deal with, so inflation may continue to eat disposable income next year.
If BMG is successful increasing the number of payroll loans it executes this year and next that will help the economic situation. Other banks are following BMG Bank’s lead in the consignment credit market. Executing more loans is not the complete answer to Brazil’s challenges. The political situation must be resolved, and BMG Bank sees some progress in that regard. If Brazilians can regain the faith they had in the political system that will be a major step in the recovery, according to Alaor.

Highland Capital: A Recognized Leader in Global Financing

A recent online article by The Charlotte Observer offered readers some of the highlights of Highland Capital Management and its co-founder, James Dondero. Over twenty years ago, Jim partnered with Mark Okada and launched Highland Capital Management. They wanted a company that could specialize in diversifying bank loans into secured portfolios, says the article. The Highland Capital team now manages billions of dollars in assests for things such as mutual funds, trusts, equity funds, and other varieties of investments.

Highland Capital is considered one of the top American leaders of alternative credit managing, reports the article. The company has won several coveted awards and has been lauded in many financial publications. Recently, Highland Capital won the 2015 HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award. The company also hired Terry Jones, a top financial analyst who has been consulting with them for a few months. Jones has years of experience in the financing and investment sectors. Dondero and his executive team have expressed their faith in Jones’ ability to take the company to a higher level of expertise.

According to the article, Jim Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia with highest honors with degrees in Accounting and Financing. After graduation, he earned certification as a Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst, and a Certified Management Accountant. In the early 1980’s, Dondero worked for American Express as a Portfolio Manager and a Corporate Bond Analyst. He was instrumental in the creation Protective Life’s subsidiary, GIC. Not only is he a founding board member of Highland Capital, but he also sits on the executive boards of MGM studios, NexBank, and American Banknote, says the article.

Jim Dondero has always been a believer in giving back to the community and has done so on several occasions. He has been involved in several charitable activities that involve children, education, and medical research. Jim has also contributed to special causes such as Reserve Aid and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. He continues to lead Highland Capital toward more innovations that benefit their global clients. Highland Capital has its main office in Dallas, TX and has branch offices in New York City, Seoul, Singapore, and Sao Paulo.

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Marcio Alaor Food Court Inauguration

Marcio Araujo Alaor, the BMG bank manager, was highly recognized during the 33rd Agricultural Exhibition in Santo Antonio do Monte, from 21 to 24 August 2014. The food court “MARCIO ALAOR DE ARAUJO” was named after him. He was acknowledged for providing services to the San Antonia community by having his name on the square. A plate was also made, praising his greatness and explaining everyone’s affection and gratitude for all he had performed.
During the inauguration, local officials were present to monitor the event. The local authorities also raised the advantages of having the support of one of the biggest executives in Brazil. They also showed how Marcio Alaor had been true to his roots and had not forgotten his hometown even after being a president of a big bank like BMG. Even with the poor agriculture, Marcio Alaor had opened numerous doors and showed that Santo Antonia do Monte could achieve greater things. The politicians praised every good thing done by Marcio Alaor for the good of the city.
During the Inauguration, Mr. Luis Antonio Resende was not left out and thanked Marcio Alaor for working in the Exhibition Centre. Luis Antonio expressed his gratitude on the behalf of the people on the countryside and did not forget the personality of Marcio Alaor and how he did not neglect his city’s problems. The President of Rural Union, Vilmar Octavian, recognized Marcio Alaor for his services to the local company. Vilmar Octavian concluded by highlighting how the support of the executive was fundamental to the union to continue helping farmers in Santo Antonio do Monte. The Mayor, Wilmar Son, also emphasized that Marcio Alaor had transformed what used to be a warehouse for storing grains into an important food court. The food court represented the creation of a place that would be a motivation for many citizens. The major recalled the humble childhood of Marcio Alaor when he worked as a shoe shiner and the way he grew up to help his city.
Finally, it was time for BMG vice president to take the floor. Marcio Araujo Alaor emphasized mostly on his past. He told a short history of himself when he used to work as a shoeshine boy and thanked the people who helped him in his life. He said that valuing friendship is crucial because it helps you to value your essence and not to lose it. Apart from the financial considerations he is also concerned about the efforts of others in his life. He thanked his family and said he was honored to receive the tribute while he was still alive. Marcio did not forget to say how much he loves Santo Antonio do Monte, and he promised never to lose contact with the city and he would help the city in all the ways.

A Detailed Explanation Of The Consigned Credit Market Of BMG As Viewed By Ricardo Guimaraes

Ricardo Guimaraes has a huge experience within the Brazilian financial sector. He began working for the bank in 1980. Over the years, he rose through the ranks to becoming its president and chief executive officer in 2004. He served as the financial executive officer before serving as the vice president and chief executive officer for the bank’s board of chief executive officers. His long career within the BMG bank puts him in a unique position in terms of understanding the bank’s operations and objectives of the bank in both the long term and short term.
Recently, Ricardo Guimaraes elaborated much on BMG bank’s strategy when it comes to consigned credit. He explained and gave reasons to why BMG bank is performing well with its consigned credit. According to him, the growth of BMG bank has been due to the expansion of the economy in Brazil and the vast Brazilian population. He also points out on the rise in the exploratory percentage to 47% in relation to the GDP. This amount stood at 22% in 2004. The consigned credit market of BMG Bank was worth $6 billion. This translates to a 22% share of the personal credit in relation to the entire credit market.
There has been continuous improvement in the consigned credit market of BMG bank. For instance, by 2010, BMG bank had a $14.5 billion worth of consigned credit business. In 2004, the business was worth $2.4 billion. Additionally, in 2010, the entire consigned credit market in Brazil was worth $85 billion. Within the banking system, this figure accounts for 60% in terms of personal credit indicating a significant growth in the consigned credit market. The bank has also had a yearly return on equity of 25% since 2004. For BMG bank, the growth can be attributed to the hard work as well as commitment from the competent and qualified staff of BMG bank.
Ricardo Guimaraes notes that there is room for expansion on the consigned credit market because only 50% has been exploited. As much as BMG bank competes with nearly 60 banks in the credit market, it stills serves as the market leader within the country because of its cheap rates. BMG runs the largest distribution network in Brazil that consists of 50,000 agents in addition to 3,000 selling points available in every municipality. This network enables BMG bank to serve its 5 million customers effectively.

New Investor, Fidelity Management, leads Handy in Raising $50 Million

In an industry that has witnessed companies consolidating and others collapsing, Handy, a home cleaning services company seems to be thriving. Recently, Handy announced that it had raised $50 million in new funding. The aim of the fund is to facilitate Handy’s continued expansion of its business in the areas that it operates especially the United States and London.

Fidelity Management, a new investor, led in the Series C round of funding. Existing investors like TPG Growth, Highland Capital, General Catalyst and Revolution Growth also participated in the funds drive. This brings the total investment in Handy to over $111 million.

From its launch in 2012 to June 2015, Handy had completed over 1 million bookings through its platform. According to Oisin Hanrahan the CEO and co founder, Handy has 10,000 registered professionals with a hundreds of thousands clients. It also books 100,000 jobs per month. The main objective of the firm is to offer a better experience for the customers. Additionally, the goal is to expand beyond the cleaning services that presently represent approximately 80% of the Handy jobs.

To some extent, the new round of funding may have come as a surprise although it was expected. According to a report released in July, Handy was in talks to acquire competitor, Homejoy. It also reported of a strategic investor albeit none was named from the current round.

The current on-demand services ranging from food delivery to transportation among others is a big business given that consumers are transacting using their smart phones. Investors are rushing in to capitalize on the opportunities experienced in the sector. Companies like Airbnb and Uber have demonstrated that success is a matter of scale. Handy seems to have considered this proposition. However, Handy knows that it is a challenging task considering the position that it will hold when big players such as Amazon are put in the picture. This is the reason why Handy wants to improve the services that it offers to a smaller market before it expands its operations.

Handy is a home cleaning services company that was established in 2012 by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. It offers its services through an App where clients can order for cleaning services and a fun twitter account full of #HandyFacts. Handy’s cleaning professionals are vetted to ensure that they are faithful.

Banco BMG – 80 Years Strong

Banco BMG has proven itself to be a competitive force in the financial institution world. Founded by the Pentagna Guimarães family in 1930, BMG is one of the longest running, privately held corporations in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Working with individuals in both the public and private sectors, BMG is able to provide financing options from home equity loans for individuals to large business loans for corporations. In 1998, BMG decided to take on another venture and started to focus it’s sites on payroll loans and began leading the industry with their latest operation. BMG’s experience comes from having over 80 years in the Brazilian financial market, while boasting a very conservative credit policy that ensures strong security throughout the banking institution. This is what sets BMG apart from others in the banking industry.

Under BMG’s Vice President Marcio Alaor’s direction, BMG has been able to continue on in the conservative nature that BMG has been known for, while also creating new business relationships that have not only increased BMG’s bottomline but have also maximized the return on shareholders interests. Alaor was also appointed to be the head of their payroll loan department, a decision made in order to maintain independence when making business decisions.

BMG attributes its success to the highly skilled level of talent hired by the bank. Starting with Marcio Alaor, BMG considers their employees to be one of their great assets to their overall success. Teamwork and creativity are encouraged and seen as the solid foundation of what BMG continues to achieve within the credit and financial markets. A bank that started in 1930 as a commercial bank for both individuals and corporations and has stayed strong through wars and rapidly changing financial markets. With BMG’s ability to be just as flexible and change just as quickly with the market, and it’s strong workforce, BMG is able to continue to compete and stay strong in an ever changing industry.

The US Money Reserve Has Made Many People Happy

There are many people who have been quite happy with the things that the US Money Reserve has done for them through the years. The US Money Reserve knows a lot about precious metals and what is right to do when investing in them, and everyone who makes investments with the help of the US Money Reserve feels that they have done the right thing. They know that the US Money Reserve has helped them in the best way possible, and they feel good about what they have done when they go to the company for advice.
The US Money Reserve is known for its customer service and the way that it cares for all of those who come to it, and everyone who needs help when investing is sure to get all of the help that they need when they choose to go to that company. The US Money Reserve is all about making sure that things are done right for all of those who come to it for help and advice.
The US Money Reserve is a trustworthy company that has made many people happy through the years. It’s a company that hands out advice in regard to investing in precious metals, and it is a company that knows a lot about all of that. If anyone is wondering what they should be doing in regard to investing, then the US Money Reserve is just the place for them to go for advice. The company will be sure to tell them everything that they need to know, and they will be sure to feel very good about the things that they have chosen to do when they have taken the US Money Reserve’s advice on things.
There are some companies that just succeed better than others in the things that they are trying to do, and the US Money Reserve is one of them. It’s one of the most knowledgeable and helpful companies out there, and many people appreciate it for everything that it has been able to help them with as they have gone about investing in precious metals.

Factors That Have Led To The Success Of BMG

Among things every investor wants to achieve, stability and business success is a paramount point. Most businesses fail, not because they lack the right supply of materials and tools, but due to lack of information. Expertise within any company or business is something that cannot be overlooked. Each business struggles to achieve the best position in the market, and this has been making competition too tough for some businesses. In such an environment, it is necessary for any business to have measures that help in the control and management of marketing. BMG is a leading banking institution operating within Brazil and is a perfect example of a well managed venture that is fast achieving its goals. The bank has been able to stand out despite heavy competition that has been witnessed over the years they have been in business.

Getting market information and delivering according to the needs of customers is among things BMG has invested to achieve. They have well trained professionals who are tasked solely with research and implementation of different aspects of the market that come into Play. The company has also invested in offering information to the public in a bid to enhance the creation of a close relationship with communities. BMG has also offered different tools that have allowed customers to have control of their accounts.

During an interview with the World Finance press, Ricardo Guimarães, the president of BMG explained some of the things that have allowed BMG to stand out among competitors. Structuring the bank to enable easy receipt and analysis of customer feedback is one of the things BMG has been able to install. They have allowed their customers to have a say in everything that is put in place. Through the able leadership of professionals like Ricardo Guimarães, BMG has employed the right marketing tactics, which have also proved beneficial to local communities.

The company has invested in supporting sporting activities within all location in Brazil. This has allowed many young persons to nurture their talents and to embrace the advantages the company has been able to offer to those willing to become brand ambassadors. Ricardo Guimarães explains that BMG has also opened more than 3000 outlets across the country, something that has brought their services near customers. They have also employed more than 50000 agents, who have been offering different services across the country. Ricardo Guimarães can be given credit for the many changes they have embraced, thereby making the company a celebrated brand.

Kenneth Griffin is a Successful Hedge Fund Investor and One of the Richest Men in America

Ken Griffin is an American hedge fund manager born October 15, 1968 in Daytona Beach, Florida. He attended Harvard University where in his freshman year he read an article in Forbes magazine that inspired him so much he began to invest. While in his sophomore year at Harvard he invested in his first hedge fund. A hedge fund is where a limited number of investors use high risk methods in the hopes of gaining large capital gains. Griffin’s fund gained $265,000 and was invested in by money he received from family and friends.

Griffin set up link in his Harvard dorm room so he was able to obtain real-time market updates which paid off for him as he saved capital stock during the crash in 1987. His success during these years allowed for the set-up of a second hedge fund and had him managing over $1 million between the two funds. When Griffin graduated from Harvard in 1989 he received his degree in economics.

Kenneth Griffin’s first large investment after he graduated came from Frank C. Meyer, founder of Glenwood Capital LLC. Frank provided Kenneth with $1 million to invest and he surprised him by gaining a 70 percent return on the money. He went on to become the founder of Citadel, a global investment firm the following year. By mid-2015 this company had an estimated $25 billion in investment capital, and is ranked one of the largest and most successful hedge funds around the globe.

Griffin has now been in the investment industry for more than twenty years and has appeared in the Forbes magazine many times. In 2003 he appeared for the first time being cited in the Forbes 400 with an estimated $650 million net worth. By the following year he was listed as the eighth richest man in America. He increased his wealth to an estimated $5.5 billion by 2014.

Griffin has shared his success by making large donations to various organizations. He has a recorded total of $500 million in his generous charitable donations, including his gift of $150 million to the financial aid program at Harvard University. Griffin and his wife started the Kenneth and Anne Griffin Foundation which provided $10 million for Chicago Heights Early Childhood Center and another $16 million to Children’s Memorial Hospital. He also helped the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation fund and opened a new charter school in Chicago.

He also voices he position on financial regulations within the market structure by providing testimony at U.S. Senate Committee hearings on the “Role of Regulation in Shaping Equity Market Structure and Electronic Trading.” He has also criticized the risk management practices on Wall Street and expressed his views in a 2008 article with the New York Times. Griffin appeared before the United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform where he gave his views on the rapid growth in the use of derivatives.