Heather Russell: New Addition to The TransUnion Administrative Team

Heather Russell will be the new Chief Legal Officer at TransUnion, a credit reporting agency. As of June 4th, 2018, Russell will be replacing acting Chief Legal Officer, John Blenke, who will soon be announcing his retirement. As Chief Legal Officer Russell will be responsible for the legal government relations, corporate governance and compliance, consumer privacy functions of TransUnion and Subsidiaries, along with other duties.

Heather Russell has over 2 decades of global financial service experience. Prior to accepting the positions with TransUnion, she led the financial institution regulation, supervision and fintech practices at the law firm of Buckley Sanders,LLP. Russell also worked for a couple of other companies such as Fifth Third Bank, where she wore multiple professional hats. Her titles there were Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and corporate secretary. She also worked for Bank of New York Mellon as Head of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs and Managing Bank Director, for 4 years, as well as Bank of America as a General Counsel Associate, for 5 years.

According to Bloomberg, President and Chief Executive Officer of TransUnion, Jim Peck, trust that Russell will be a valuable contribution to their team. Russell has the expertise to help expand this ever-growing company. CEO Jim Peck stated, “I’m confident Heather will be a strong addition to TransUnion’s leadership team as we continue to execute on our growth strategy and provide innovative information solutions to benefit consumers, customers and global economies.” Heather Russell has proven she is more than capable of excelling in this position and continues to show her aptitude for financial service.

Go her for source: https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2018/05/01/1494394/0/en/Heather-Russell-Joins-TransUnion-as-Chief-Legal-Officer.html

Ted Bauman On the Correlation Between Time Management and Success

Ted Bauman says that there is a clear correlation between good time management and success. The better you are able to manage your time, the better your chances are of achieving success. You will be more productive and get more things done. Instead of getting something done over the course of a month, for example, you can get something done in half a month or in as little as one week. If you are an entrepreneur and you are building a business, a little change in time management can often result in huge successes for you and for your business.

Ted Bauman himself says that he does not work in an office. Rather, he has an office in his basement. This helps him be more productive personally. Right after he gets his daughter to school, he is able to get work done. He does not have to waste his time in the traffic. Traffic in Atlanta, where Ted lives, can be very hectic at times. The fact that he does not have to spend so much time sitting in traffic does help him be more productive, but there is more to it than that. Visit at ideamensch.com about Ted Bauman

For example, sometimes Ted will wake up at five in the morning and get straight to work. He will have a few hours before he has to get his daughter to school, and he will work nonstop without any compunctions. He knows that the morning is the time of the day that he is most productive, and he does not want to waste it by letting it go without getting work done. He says that you will be surprised at how much you can get done if you work nonstop in the specific time of the day when you are most productive. For Ted, that is early in the morning. However, for other people, it can be late at night when the whole family is sleeping and there is peace and quiet. For others, it can be in the afternoon! It all depends on you as a person.

Ted Bauman takes his job very seriously because he knows that people rely on him for his advice. He does not want to mislead them and cause them to make the wrong decisions. That is why he does so much research before he writes about anything. Learn more: https://seekingalpha.com/user/48547799/comments


Hussain Sajwani is Making Strides in Real Estate

Hussain Sajwani is a 65-year-old private developer in the kingdom desert, Dubai. He is a citizen of the United Arab Emirates and resides in Dubai. The self-made billionaire went to the University of Washington where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts/Science. Sajwan is a family man with four children and a wife.


Hussain Sajwani is the Chief Executive Officer of Dubai based real estate developer Damac Properties. This company is well known for the development of residential, leisure and commercial properties. It is headquartered in the Dubai. The founder and owner, Hussain Sajwan, started off in the food industry. Previously, he was providing food services to the United States military in Somalia, Bosnia and the Gulf region. Hussain did not scrap the food business. It is sentimental to him as it reminds him of his initial business prowess and the significance of making high ranking friends.


In 2001, the Damac owner shifted to real estate. That was after Dubai allowed immigrants to own property. He was able to sell out residential units of an apartment within six months. This encouraged him, and in 2002 he founded his own real estate company, Damac. The skills he gathered over the years are being utilized in his multi-billion company. He plans on taking advantage of the improving property prices in UAE and venturing into the London Stock Exchange for the first time.


Recently, Damac joined hands with Donald Trump, the president of the United States, in developing two golf courses in Dubai. The two golf courses are branded as Trump International Golf Club for marketing reasons. The two real estate giants have built villas in the golf club with a value up to $2 billion in sales. Hussain hopes that their business ties with the Trump Organisation will continue. However, Trump has decided to stall their business dealings while he is in office. Besides being business partners, the two are good family friends.


The Damac owner’s total worth stands at about $3.5 billion. He has made a name for his luxurious marketing strategies. He even issues out free Lamborghinis as a token of appreciation to his apartment buyers. He has marketing deals with Versace and Bugatti.

AvaTrade Review: Rising Use from Entrepreneurs

One of the best forms of trading today comes from the Irish company called AvaTrade. They are one of the first companies which have introduced trading that can be done anywhere and anytime. The company was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs who wanted to see the public financially managing their wealth. The founders of AvaTrade have seen how people would be buying worthless stuff, and gaining more expenses than they can earn. They realized that the public must be taught about spending wisely, and they realized that by establishing AvaTrade, the lives of other people could be changed, especially those who are deeply rooted in spending their money for nothing.


The founders of AvaTrade quickly pinpointed several reasons why other people do not have the will to invest and save. They started to program an application that would help the people with their problems about money. After all of the codes were written for the program, it was subjected to tests, and it was successful. The founders of AvaTrade soon uploaded the thing that they have created and started to see how many people are downloading their application. Then, fast forward to the present, millions of people are aware of the existence of AvaTrade, and they wanted to download the application and see how it worked.


Some people who have downloaded the application for years now have noticed that they are now more knowledgeable in financial management than ever. These people were once spending thousands of dollars for nothing, but because AvaTrade has taught them how to save money and how to become wealthy, these people are now earning so much money just from buying stocks and learning more about it. AvaTrade is good in the sense that the program will be sending a range of guesses on how the stock market would perform, and it would also provide advice on where to invest.


AvaTrade can still be downloaded from Apple and Android application stores, and many people wanted to download the application because of the brilliant insights that it provides to those who are spending their money on things that are not that important. AvaTrade hopes that they would continue to bring peace through managing the economics of the world.

Gregory Aziz Brings His Experience No Matter What He Does

Gregory Aziz knows what it takes to have experience. He knows there are things he can do that allow him to make things better for all the people in the industry. He also knows what will happen if he can do everything the right way. Gregory Aziz plans on helping people through the most difficult situations in their businesses because he spends a lot of time doing business the right way. It is his idea of offering people the things that are going on and giving them the options, they need to see positive success in different situations.


By doing all this, Gregory James Aziz prepares to help people. He knows what they need and isn’t afraid to give them the things that he knows will help. As long as Gregory Aziz can trust people, he feels good about the business and about everything going on in the business. It’s his way of showing others what they can do and how they can make a positive impact on their own lives. By watching the options, he has available, Gregory Aziz believes he can do everything right for all the people he helps.


Even when Gregory J Aziz was working at a bank, he did what he could to help his clients. This wasn’t always easy in the banking industry, but it was something he was confident in. For Gregory Aziz, the point of working in that industry was giving back and helping others see the options they had. Greg Aziz knew things would get better and knew things would always change depending on how hard he worked. It was his way of offering people a chance to see everything he had for them. It was also something he knew about that gave him the idea of showing people what would happen to them.


Thanks to his hard work, Greg Aziz was able to purchase National Steel Car from its then owner DOFASCO. He became the CEO of the company and that helped him see there were things he could do that would make it better. He also knew what would allow him to keep growing in the company. While he helped other people with the issues they had, Gregory Aziz was giving back. He wasn’t afraid to give in and offer options other companies didn’t offer. Since Gregory Aziz knew what he had to do to help his clients, he felt good about the business and National Steel Car in the industry.


Another level of success that was reached by Mr. Aziz was when he furthered the research and development of the new technologies and engineering of the company to make its railroad freight cars even more sustainable and accident-free. Such unity has been fruitful, fortunately, because of its series of recognition and awards, including the Outstanding Technical Achievement Award from OACETT.


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Ryan Seacrest: A Prominent Figure in Television and Radio Shows

Ryan Seacrest is a well-known individual in the world for his involvement in hosting the most watched televised competition called American Idol, an annual TV special called the Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rocking Eve, and a radio program for American Top 40. He became a co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan since 2017. Ryan was born in Atlanta, in the year 1974. Ryan’s career began very early in his life. He began his career in 1990 after moving to Los Angeles, California in a radio show. In 2002, the direction of his career became visible and steadily growing when he became a host for American Idol. As soon as this happened, Ryan began covering entertainment events and serving as a news anchor. Moving on, in 2012, Ryan closed a deal with NBC Universal to be appearing on Today show among other programs therein. In 2013, he again started hosting The Million Second Quiz, a game show. The year 2017 had a different opportunity in store for his career as he commenced co-hosting for Live with Kelly & Ryan.

From his birth to his venture in this career, Ryan Seacrest has become a great tool for the success of many producers among others. His insight into shows and all he does began very early in his life. Apart from the many roles that Ryan Seacrest has performed in front of the cameras, there is much more behind the scenes in the professional line. For example, Ryan has made various popular TV programs such as helping to propel the Kim Kardashian and her family to see the reality of TV fame through the TV show, Keeping Up the Kardashians. At the same time, he won the Emmy Award for a show and assisted many other people to venture well into the industry.

Ryan founded a nonprofit organization called RSF that is geared towards encouraging youths through initiatives that focus on education and entertainment. Their core mandate is focused on constructing broadcast media platforms that will be known as Seacrest Studios near pediatric health centers to create a positive impact in the healing process. The first television job he had after relocating to Los Angeles was with American Idol, which was a singing competing for the show in America. He became a sole host of the show after co-hosting with Brian Dunkleman for short season.

Roberto Santiago One of the Most Prominent Entrepreneurs in Brazil

Brazil is one of the fastest developing countries in the world, and the boost in the economy has helped in the surfacing of many entrepreneurs in the last few years. One of the entrepreneurs that have risen to prominence in the previous few years is Roberto Santiago, who has successfully invested and ventured in many different sectors. Few of the sectors where Roberto Santiago has ventured are real estate, entertainment, manufacturing, the stock market, and more. One of his ventures for which he is mainly very famous is the development of shopping malls. Mangabeira Shopping Mall is the first shopping mall that he constructed, and it was one of the first such modern malls of its kind in the country. Roberto Santiago made no compromises in the development of the mall and ensured that its construction is at par with the modern and international standards. Soon after, Roberto Santiago developed yet another shopping mall by the name of Manaira Shopping Mall, which has become the benchmark in the shopping mall world in Brazil.


Manaira Shopping Mall by Roberto Santiago is one of the largest shopping malls in the country spread through 135,000 square meters and has all the modern facilities and features that a mall should have. Starting from the range of recreational activities and functions of a mall, it also has a bank, a school, a gymnasium, number of ATMs, and more. Roberto Santiago did everything possible in making Manaira Shopping Mall the most famous address in the city of Joao Pessoa, where it was located. From time to time, there are many new features added to the mall to ensure the Manaira Shopping Mall remains dynamic and continues to add a feel of newness for the visitors. The parking space of the mall has the capacity of holding over 3,000 vehicles, and that itself speaks a lot for the property and its scale. Some of the most prominent fashion brands have their store at the Manaira Shopping Mall.


One of the features of the Manaira Shopping Mall that is very popular with the adults and the kids alike is that it has 11 movie theatres and three of them have the 3D technology, which makes the movie watching experience even more surreal and immersive. The Manaira Shopping Mall also has a very extensive kid’s zone where there are many recreational activities for kids to immerse themselves in hours of fun. The parents can be sure that their children would love the kid’s zone and would spend a lot of time here playing with other kids under caring and vigilant supervision of ushers. The Manaira Shopping Mall also has an extensive food court that has a variety of cuisines to offer to the visitors, starting from the authentic Brazilian cuisine to American, English, Mexican, Indian, and more. The quality of dishes served is top notch and some of the best chefs in the country work here to ensure that the visitors are delighted.



Gregory J. Aziz: Dynamic Leader Of A Dynamic Company

There are plenty of dynamic industries in the world. Nearly all of them claim to be dynamic as a marketing strategy; it makes them sound better to potential customers. Of all the fields and professions that claim to be dynamic, engineering is truly dynamic.


Working in such a dynamic field takes a special type of person. Engineers have a lot of unique skills that only apply to their profession, and yet, can be translated into many other industries. Most importantly, engineers need to know how to use technology to their benefit.


Engineering is a complex art that depends on change for its survival. Other professions try to keep change out as long as possible, but change is inevitable in engineering. People that can’t change with the times quickly fade away and open new doors. In an industry as competitive as engineering and manufacturing, an open door is a dangerous thing.


If the right company can find the right opening, they can take the entire industry by storm. As inspirational as that sounds, it’s also important to know that most companies in that industry have been around since the early 1900s. Those companies survive this long for a reason; they’re smart. See Related Link for more information.


Currently, one of the leading companies in the engineering and manufacturing industry happens to be National Steel Car. National Steel Car was founded in 1912 and has some of the highest standards in the industry. It also has some of the most loyal and satisfied customers of anyone.


Customers like working with National Steel Car because of Greg J. Aziz. Greg Aziz is CEO of National Steel Car and brought a higher level of leadership when he took over. Before James Aziz, the previous CEO did a good job, but Greg saw room for improvement.


That says a lot considering that National Steel Car has spotless reputation before he took over. When he did take over, he turned their spotless reputation into a perfect reputation. Over the last 30 years, National Steel Car has not missed a deadline or left a customer disappointed.


More to his credit, Aziz also won the company 13 TTX SECO awards in a row. He also earned National Steel Car the first ISO certification of any North American steel car manufacturer. There’s no doubt that National Steel Car found the right CEO.


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How Important Is OSI Group in the Modern Foodservice Era

Modern-day foodservices are far more advanced than in the years of the past. Some of the most advanced technologies can be found within this specific industry and OSI Group is no exception to the rule. OSI Group has basically turned into a global food supplier to the highest degree, especially starting-out as a tiny meat locker. When it comes to getting things done, this company separates itself easily from its counterparts. OSI Group takes care of processing, management, distribution and development. Despite being a lot of work, the company has an estimated 65 facilities in all.

Another reason for OSI’s success comes in the form of custom-food creations. This company is also at the apex of the industry for providing unique trait. By working with the clients in choice, OSI can develop and produce goods to precise measurements. The clients will always be a part of this process the entire time thanks to the company’s creative and plentiful resources. Honestly, it’s not rocket science. This specific custom-food creator thrives-off taking challenges that other creators won’t. Besides the custom foods, OSI has plenty of standard foods that it provides for its ever-growing base of customers. Onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, fritters, cooked sausage links, pot roast, panini, pizza, desserts, cookies, fruits, bacon bits, bacon slices, Tofu, cheese, fresh dough products, flatbread, steak, chicken wings, chicken nuggets and many more goods are readily available for production.

Going from idea to the marketplace isn’t a problem here. OSI Group uses a real-world timetable to get the products over to its clients in the shortest amount of time. In the business world, time equals money and if there are any hold-ups along the way, a company will lose money. OSI Group is in another league for more than one reason, and its stellar reputation is a true testament of its success.

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National Steel Car Goes National Again

1Whatever book on business fundamentals you pick up today, you often find out that there are four main components to successful business leadership. Now each author calls it something new, so they appear unique and can sell additional books, but in all reality the fundamentals are the same all the way around. The Canadian entrepreneur Gregory J Aziz is a master at building on these four pillars of success in new companies and reestablishing them in the older companies.


Because Gregory James Aziz is so well-versed in these areas, he was hired by National Steel Car, a subsidiary of National Industries Inc; in order to help their company, come to prominence it once had. When he took the role of chief executive officer he discovered rather quickly that the company was failing because they did not have a strong foundation.


The first main component of business leadership is casting a vision that will energize the company. Gregory James Aziz decided that the best way to do this would be to offer them a product that National Steel Car had never created before. That product was a fully customizable railcar that could be used by the customer and changed according to their need.


The second main component of business leadership is training and equipping all the followers, so they have the skills necessary to bring the vision into reality. Gregory James Aziz saw this completed by bringing in experts of all around the world to his company. These experts taught the workers at National Steel Car how to work efficiently and think creatively.


The third main component of business leadership is mentoring others in leadership. The idea behind this is that you multiply yourself so that you are not the only one running the show. The more leaders there are, the more people there are to see the vision through. Go To This Page to learn more.


The fourth and last main component of business leadership is to celebrate every victory. Underneath the umbrella of this idea is to also treat each failure an obstacle as an opportunity to test your skills so that you can break through the barrier with courage and ease. Greg James Aziz would publicly recognize each and every executive and manager who works to make this happen. He also thanked the regular employees by granting them all cash bonuses from the $5 billion worth of profit that Greg Aziz saw come into the company within his first year as CEO.


The company received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade and recognized the growth of the company awarding it the ISO 9001:2008 certification.


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