Gregory Aziz: A Living Icon of Hard Work and Perseverance

Gregory James Aziz was also known as Greg Aziz is the current chairman and chief executive of national steer Car Company. As the president of the company, the strikingly intellectual businessman is responsible for the administration of the company as well providing technical guidance to the company. National steel car is a leading railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing conglomerate. The firm is headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario.


Greg J Aziz became the chief executive of the company in1994. He has steered the rail car manufacturing company to greater heights since then. He currently leads a team of over 2000 team members and together they have endeavored to pursue the company greater dream. The company notwithstanding under his leadership remains the only North American railcar company that is ISO certified ISO 9001:2008. He expanded manufacturing capacity from 3500 cars per year in 1994 to 12000 by the year 1999. This tremendous achievement has made the chief executive become one of the most impacting business executives. More Information Here.

James Aziz is an alma mater of the Western University where he studied and graduated with a degree in Economics. It is therefore against this background that he has been able to propel the company to economic heights motivated by prudent management style and team work spirit.

Through the organization, the chief executive has particularly had a keen interest in corporate social responsibility. In Hamilton, they have sponsored Theatre activities the Hamilton opera, the United Way as well as Salvation Army. He has also encouraged team members to participate in food drives to support local food banks. The fact that the company manufacturing capacity has improved since Greg James Aziz took over the leadership of the company has created many jobs for the resident of Hamilton, and this has been applauded as a very incredible fete. On the environment, the chief executive has been very progressive lately leading the company to partner with Horizontal Utilities with the aim of ensuring the company adopts energy saving solutions for a sustainable future.

The chief executive is very active in social media such as Facebook where he calls himself Greg Aziz. This is premised on his realization that social media is an important tool for marketing as well as advocacy which the president is fond of, especially in areas of energy solutions. The president is can also be found on LinkedIn whereby he enumerates some of his most outstanding managerial and manufacturing skills.


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Talk Fusion Embrace New Industry Award

There are precious few companies out there that completely redefine the industry that they are operating within. Talk Fusion, a video marketing and digital communication solutions company, has been doing just that for the better part of the past decade. Talk Fusion was created in 2007 by founder and CEO Bob Reina. Reina has capably guided the company into the future, deftly guiding them toward profit at every twist and turn. Now Reina and the team at Talk Fusion are basking in some of their hard won glory. Talk Fusion was recently announced as a winner of the 2016 Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award, presented by Technology Marketing Corporation.

Technology Marketing Corporation, or TMC for short, has been awarding companies within the marketing industry for years if they pushed the envelope, changed the game, and elevated the status of their company in a big way. Every year Rich Tehrani, the CEO at TMC, will make an announcement whereupon he offers his reasoning for the award as well as who the actual winners are. This year Tehrani released through a statement, “True leaders within their industries, these honorees represent the best of the best products and solutions available on the market today.” Learn more:

For Talk Fusion the award came to them by way of their coveted Video Chat application. The Video Chat application has been changing the game for video marketers as it has made it easier than ever to connect in a face to face type situation. The Video Chat app is built on WebRTC technology and specializes in seamless video chatting across platforms, between people anywhere on the planet. Chief Technical Officer Ryan Page had kind words for his Talk Fusion cohorts, “This is just a testament to how efficient and innovative Talk Fusion’s team is.”

Bob Reina is never one to turn away from an award or the press that goes with it. Reina used the award as a chance to tout the hard work being done by his IT professionals. Talk Fusion, according to Bob Reina, will continue pushing and evolving into the future as far as the eye can see. Learn more:

The Success of Alfonso Angoitia of Mexican Media Company Televisa

     The media television industry in Mexico is one of the most competitive television industries in the world with media giants such as TV Azteca and Televisa which focuses more on supporting the official government view. Mexico’s media market has evolved rapidly over the last 20 years.

Televisia has placed itself far ahead of the rest. It is the chief media corporation in the Spanish-speaking region and is also a major player in the global entertainment sector with a good deal of its programs being aired on Univision in the United States.

The company’s executive vice president is Alfonso de Angoitia. Angoitia has worked for several businesses in the food and telecommunications industries. He studied Bachelors of Law at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Before joining the Televisa group, Alfonso worked at White & Case in New York. He then became a founding partner at Mijares which is one of the top law company’s in Mexico. Angoitia has been part of the group since 1997. He was the personal legal representative of Emilio Azcarraga Milmo who is the present CEO of Televisa group.

Azcarraga decided to enlist the help of Angoitia to restructure the company both financially and legally after the death of his father so that he could regain operating control. Angoitia was made the chairman of the company’s finance committee. He is considered the financial mastermind behind Televisa as he has been involved in many strategic decisions. He was instrumental in putting together the deal between Univision and Televisa which significantly improved Televisa’s access to the US Hispanic market.

Angoitia is one of the four top heads of Televisa who are responsible for the running of the company and making any big decision. It is their actions that make Televisa remain the most prominent Spanish-language media company, and that it maintains its financial strength. Angoitia is also involved in other organizations, for example, he is a member of the board of directors of Univision Communications.

Jim Tananbaum Intelligently Investing in Healthcare

Mindstrong Health managed to raise $14 million to support neuropsychiatric diagnosis and treatment platform. The Mindstrong Al-powered platform is meant to provide continuous digital biomarkers of mood cognition which helps in executive function, processing speed, memory, and attention. Some of the companies’ present in the A round were Foresite Capital, Optum Ventures, ARCH Venture Partners, Berggruen Holding among others.

According to Jim Tananbaum, CEO of Foresite Capital, he applauded Mindstrong Health founding team for bringing together people who have different ideas from the medical community to tackle critical challenges that face patients who suffer from cognitive health disorders. Jim Tananbaum said that collective experience of these personnel ranges from technical vision, leadership, and people who are ready to improve patients’ outcome. This will give them a chance to gain innovative experience that will improve the care system.

Dr. Paul Dagum, CEO of Mindstrong Health, said that to enhance the outcome of mental disorders patients, there is the need for objective measures to be considered.

Jim Tananbaum founded Foresite Capital in 2011. He studied at Yale University where he majored in electrical engineering, maths, and computer science. He also studied at Harvard University where he did M.D and M.B.A of the same course. He persuaded his M.S at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He served on the advisory board of both Yale University and Harvard.

Jim as described on is intelligent in investing experience and healthcare entrepreneurial with over 25 years of experience. He has a unique strategy for his success where he focuses on financial and operational opportunities to build franchise healthcare business. He is the brains behind the success of Foresite Capital portfolio companies and in architecting the investment strategy and organization structure of Foresite.

Jim Tananbaum’s success in leading Foresite Capital efficiently can be attributed to the fact that he previously founded two leading healthcare investment practices and biopharmaceutical companies. He founded Gel Tex Pharmaceutical immediately after finishing his studies in Massachusetts. The company succeeded after its leading drug, Renagul, was able to bring a revenue of $ 200 million annually. Jim also co-founded Theravance, Inc and served as its CEO. The two companies are now flourishing after having a combined market capitalization of $ 3.2 billion.


Jose Auriemo Neto of JHSF

José Auriemo Neto serves as the president and Chief Executive Officer of JSHF. As the CEO and president of the company, he oversees all developments by JHSF. He is the son of Fabio Auriemo, the founder and former president of the company.

Jose Auriemo is a graduate of Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado University (FAAP). His business background enabled him to be one of the best leaders that the company has had. He started working for the company in the year 1993. Then he was only 17 years but as already doing big things for the company. The same year he developed ParkBem, the company’s park development division.

Starting out at a very innovative note earned Jose Auriemo trust from the company’s executives and by the time he was 22 years, he was considered for the position of director in the year 1997. The following year, he was already being allowed the rights to develop shopping malls. His keen eye for properties that could be developed to bring in billion for the company, earned him the position of CEO. In the year 2002, he was appointed to succeed his father, who was retiring as the CEO and president of the company.

About JHSF

The company JHSF started its operations in the year 1972. The companywas founded by Brothers Jose Roberto and Fabio Auriemo, under the name JHSF. The real estate company was under the ownership of these two brothers, until the year 1990, when the company split.

When the company spit, Fabio Auriemo continued to be in charge of the company that was concerned in real estate developments. He has seen the company grow from nothing to being the first company in Brazil to concentrate in development of recurrent income projects. Today, the company boasts of being the owner of the largest shopping complex in the area. The shopping complex has residential developments, has commercial blocks and a mall. The shopping complex is projected to bring over $1 billon in income.

JHSF continues to blossom in the real estate industry and recently went into the fashion industry, signing contracts with the likes of Jimmy Choo.

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Paul Mampilly the Investment Consultant

For more than 20 years, Paul Mampilly worked at Wall Street. On his list of clients was ING, Deutsche Bank and Kinetics International. He was part of the team that managed a $23 billion mutual fund and a 46 billion hedge fund that was in 2008 named the best hedge fund in the world. Templeton Foundation organized an investment competition in the year 2009, and Paul Mampilly won. He made a 76 percent gain from an investment worth $50 million which he turned to $88 million.

In the attempt to offer guidance to the main street Americans on making profitable investment opportunities, last year, Paul Mampilly signed to Banyan Hill publishers where he started Profits Unlimited. In every month, he mails out an eight –page newsletter recommending a new stock. For every two weeks, the subscribers get updates on stocks in the model portfolio and track record of how investments are running. Instead of investing the clients’ capital on their behalf, Paul Mampilly allows the subscribers to buy their stock on their accounts. The process provides alternatives for traditional arrangement between the customers and the financial advisors. Click here to know more.

Paul Mampilly is a proven investment expert. His experience in investment is vast. All the ideas that he comes forth with are from the unique propriety methods that he came up with from over 25 years ago. His achievements are countless. From the year 2011 to 2012, he recommended a 29 stock for the Palm Beach Letter. Of the 29 that he proposed, only one went down. The rest were approved.

From the year 2009 to 2010, Paul Mampilly managed Kinetics International Fund. During this time, it went up by a significant 67 percent in 2009 and 20 percent in 2010. The performance was way better than that of MSCI EAFE which had an up of 28 percent and 4.9 percent in the respective years.

Arther Becker’s way of Doing Business

Arthur Becker is a part of the Madison Partners. They are known for being an investment firm focusing mainly on real estate and other ventures. He was also a senior advisor for Vera Wang’s Fashion agency for around seven years. His work throughout different categories has allowed for him to create immense change over the years. Arthur Becker came up with his business during his work with ZINIO and Navisite. He ended up selling Navisite in 2011, and he ended up expanding his knowledge throughout real estate. He also came very close to businesses in bio tech industries. He wanted to make an impact on people’s lives, and he did so by creating a business that would provide people what they needed.

In his recent interview with a website online, he found that him bringing to life his ideas is all about working with a wide range of people and listening to other people’s ideas. He finds that real estate is very interesting throughout the different developments of the brand, and he loves the fact that the financing stage is always growing and improving. He works hard to organize and coordinate with other people alongside other experts to create successful ideas.

His work has been witnessed by people across all media outlets. Perez Hilton, PageSix, Real Deal, and the NY Daily News are just a few of the unique companies and sites online that have featured his work and success across his different business ventures. With a home paying $30,000 a month, you can say for sure that this guy is a successful businessman with money who knows how to help other people succeed. With his ex-wife Vera Wang and also remaining on good terms, he helped her succeed in her business. It’s amazing what he has accomplished and what he has done already.

Equities First – Proper Cash Flow Management Assists in Growth of Your Business

Having good cash flow in your business does not happen by luck. You need sufficient funds to cater for your business operations and besides, you have to work for it. You need to evaluate and manage your income ensuring the inflow & outflow of the business cash balances. With appropriate flow of cash, you will expect the business be doing well profit-wise. But all the more you need sufficient cash to pay your orders, deal with business suppliers and prepare the payroll. Selling more products and service means making more money. However, particularly for startups where working capital is not always sufficient, it becomes a mandatory need to seek for funds externally. It is at that point that you need to contact a pioneer lender such as Equities First. New organizations and even individuals can secure stock loans at affordable interests.

Most business people view development as the solution for income challenge. That is the reason they routinely achieve their goal of building up the business just to find they have started to develop their business projects. Every business visionary needs to prepare for improvement and the associated expenses, to avoid business operations from coming to stop unexpectedly. Regardless of whether looking for guidance or for quick cash, Equities First Holdings experts in the field will help you in tackling the menace that your startup confronts during the initial stages.

One method for checking the state of your business is through steady evaluation of your cash flow. That helps you to decide if your business is earning the amounts of profits as intended from the beginning. It will also assist you in checking the signs of business improvement. Is your new organization in need of stock loans? Equities First is the place to be – with numerous years of serving satisfied clients, the company is based within Indianapolis and has been giving world-class financial solutions to around 15 years. for more .

Billionaire Hussain Sajwani Cares Deeply About People

The billionaire entrepreneur, caring philanthropist, and astute businessman Hussain Sajwani has been a gift to the world since he was born. As a youngster, he worked with his father in his father’s watch and pen store and learned the lessons of hard work, ambition, and drive while there. While his father had hopes that he would take over the family business, Hussain knew he was destined for greater things. After he received his Bachelor’s degree in engineering and economics, Hussain went on to become the Contracts Manager for GASCO, which is a subsidiary of ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company). This only lasted for a short time, because Hussain was ready to move onto what would start his meteoric rise to success; a catering business that is still an industry leader to this day that serves 150,000 meals, daily, to people in Africa, the Middle East, and CIS.

As CEO and chairman founder of the DAMAC Group, Hussain Sajwani has enjoyed working with a variety of well-known people, and one of them is Donald Trump. DAMAC’s luxurious golf courses are centered around the finest gold courses in the world, and these courses are managed maintained by The Trump Organization. To celebrate the opening of the Trump International Golf Club Dubai at DAMAC Hills, Hussain had Eric Trump and Donald Trump jr. as his guests. Eric Trump stated, “We are very proud of our collaboration with DAMAC Properties and look forward to bringing a new level of challenge and luxury to Dubai at this truly spectacular property.” Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump plan on continuing to do business together into the future.

As a philanthropist, the DAMAC owner has helped countless amounts of refugees and children. He donated $272,000 to the “Yemen We Care” campaign, which provides basic education, healthcare, and relief to millions of Yemenis. He also donated his time and money to the Emirates Red Crescent organization, which helps to clothe and shelter poverty-stricken children. Hussain believes that no cause is too small, and has committed himself to continuing to do everything in his power to help people who suffer throughout the world.

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What makes Cotemar Oil Company the World’s No.1 Driller?

Established in 1979 in Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico, Cotemar Company has scaled the heights in providing offshore services within the petroleum industry. With newly designed maritime vessels, the organization has established a solid niche in the industry by providing essential materials and staff. Coming into the second decade of the new millennium, the firm commenced the manufacture of submersible rigs, cranes and ships for utility in transportation of materials. Now, their services are extended more upstream on onshore realms.

Company Specialties

With over 30 years of experience, Cotemar has become the largest Oil Firm in Mexico. It offers vast latitude of services. The brand is synonymous to Petroleum and related services. The management has been taciturn in expanding, maintaining and reclaiming offshore drilling grounds. Apart from that, it’s also known for providing quality catering and accommodation besides oceanic carriage services. Further, it is committed to put in tireless efforts in providing offshore assembly services and carry out tests in improving technical tools.

Working Conditions

With a population of workers of more than 5000 employees, the firm has enjoyed a low employee turnover. No wonder its embellished success. The management highly regards it workers. That has been a definitive factor in steering the firm towards financial growth.

Besides proper work remuneration, workers live in good accommodation cabins. In fact, the rooms are spacious enough for two or four persons to live in comfortably. Faceted to these facilities are recreational amenities such as theater halls, gymnasium, sports fields just to mention a few. Employees are provided with quality food, laundry and janitorial services. Such consideration to employee welfare makes the working conditions achieve global status.

Sustainability Strategies

To curb the negative impact of its drilling activities, the firm has put in place sustainability strategies aimed towards environmental conservation, Corporate Social Responsibilities, and strategic management programs. These programs provide the perfect conditions to nurture innovative ideas to aid in achievement of the goals and objectives.

Safety is an aspect that is highly prioritized. Therefore, the company has put in place technologically advanced tools to mitigate accidents that threaten to compromise their daily activities. With such input, Cotemar Company minimizes on losses whilst maximizing its revenue.

The firm works closely with environmental authorities. Thus, it operates within the confines of regulatory laws on environmental sustainability. In addition, it creates mass awareness of the importance of conserving the environment by being proactively involved in eco-friendly programs.

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