JD.com’s Involvement In The Release Of A Drone In Indonesia


JD.com is a retail firm located in China. JD.com is the largest e-commerce business in China. JD.com has lead technological advancements in China. JD.com deals with a variety of products in China. It has also partnered up with several organizations introducing new equipment for them. Jing Dong encourages companies to adopt the new technology method. JD.com has launched plenty of business setups all over China.

It currently is to launch a new drone in Indonesia. The drone is going to be of much help in South East Asia. It will enable the delivery of products in remote areas and the many islands of Indonesia. This will open a way to the growth of Indonesia regarding Technology.JD.com announced the launch of the drone through a meeting held annually. The opening will host some of the Indonesian firms to witness its flight. Find More Information Here.

The flight took place this year on January 9th. The flight was to carry books and backpacks to a school in the area. The goods were a donation from Jingdong. The company has been involved in charitable acts over the years. Jingdong has helped in natural disasters and also non-government organizations. It uses technology to provide help.

The introduction of e-commerce in Indonesia was initiated by a partnership between JD and JD.ID. The two companies have made Indonesia grow at a steady rate regarding retail. Indonesia currently has numerous businesses all over the county started by JD.com. Citizens of Indonesia are now receiving quality services from their firms.

The Chief Strategy Officer at JD.com is glad to be expanding it technology advancements to other countries. The drone delivery started in China where it would deliver products to consumers in rural areas. It has now expanded to Indonesia, and the expansion is continuing to other countries. Jingdong has closely worked with WEF and the Indonesian Government to make the plan a reality. Jingdong is exploring the full ability of Indonesia in terms of technology. The partnering up will enable other modes of technology to be implemented in the country. JD.com has helped numerous organizations and countries all over the globe and is continuing with its great work.

In the recent company’s blog “JD Delivery Stations Get Smart ahead of CES Debut”, JD has talked about the launch of two smart delivery stations in the cities of Changsha and Hohhot, strengthening the e-commerce giant’s autonomous logistics capabilities.


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Unroll.me Co-Founder Jojo Hedaya : Say Goodbye to a cluttered Email account

Our e-mail accounts where designed in mind to make our lives easier and less stressful, however, as the years go by it seems that our inboxes which where once designed for convenience are growing to be one of stress, Important emails that are lost due to an influx of newsletters, missed deals that we wished we have seen if only those 20 other junk emails hadn’t placed it at the bottom are but some of the issues that many are struggling with today. Introducing Jojo Hedaya, co-founder of the highly revered email account organizer Unroll.me.

Jojo Hedaya was no different in his frustration with his own email account, explaining that his business partner and co-founder of Unroll.me Josh Rosenwald kept missing important emails. This personal frustration is what made the two realize that they could help millions of people by creating an app that organizes and essentially declutters a person’s inbox. With over 80% of the average person’s email account being newsletters, Unroll.me quickly separates all your emails and places them into their respective category in which you ultimately end up with a “The Rollup”. From there, you are then allowed to scroll through all your subscriptions picking and choosing which newsletters you like to keep and which are better suited for the bin.

The business model of Unroll.me isn’t anything new to the market, however, Jojo Hedaya has stated that the conception of the app was not to change how things were done but rather the execution. “It’s about making things simple,” Jojo says. The execution of their business model began on the interface of the app, creating a simple yet fun interface was crucial in retaining customers. Although today Jojo Hedaya and Unroll.me are a success, Hedaya informs future entrepreneurs to work hard and introduce their product to the public as soon as possible, the more information and reviews you receive the quicker you can overcome obstacles.


Edwin Miranda Is Not Afraid To Do Things In A Modern Way

Edwin Miranda is a driven man and is a leader at his company. Edwin Miranda is the CEO of KOI IXS, and he takes that position seriously as he works to educate those under him on how to be their best when it comes to marketing and advertising. He is open to using new ideas to find success with the company, and one of the things that he has recently discussed using is artificial intelligence. He believes that it may be able to help to set up the right ads with the right people.

Edwin Miranda says that sometimes ads can be annoying and that when an ad is irrelevant, there is no point in it being shown. But, when the right advertisement is connected with the right person, good things will come from it. And, he is working with AI to make things happen well with his ads. He believes that this could be the future because AI is quick at adapting to all that is going on and does things in real time.

Edwin Miranda loves his job and appreciates the talented people that he gets to work with, in his company. He wants to show them how to be successful, and he is always trying to take on projects that are worth doing. Edwin Miranda has a passion for what he is doing, and he wants to bring marketing into the future with KOI IXS and all of the modern tools that he is using for it.

JD.com Is Changing The Way People Give While Shopping


JD.com is dedicated to making the world a better place in many different ways. Their sustainability programs have been recognized by many different organizations and serve to leave the environment more healthy because of their efforts. In addition, they strive for social change as well as making sure that the products that their customers receive are safe and genuine using practices that increase the transparency.

One of the most recent efforts by JD.com includes helping children living in some of the coldest areas in China who are disadvantaged or left behind by their parents who went to different cities in order to find jobs. These children who are left behind currently number around 7 million. While that number has decreased significantly recently, the number is still far too high. Left to be cared for by their grandparents, many of these children are unable to receive the resources that they need such as school bags, clothing, books, and other supplies.

JingDong was able to raise donations for the Wardrobe of Love charitable foundation. The money was raised by collecting a percentage of sales from certain brands during their Season of Giving event that took place during the Winter holidays. In addition to monetary donations, they were able to send thousands of products to these children in these remote areas. The weather can be quite harsh during this time of the year and JD.com is working to make sure that these children are kept warm and safe.

In order to collect these microdonations from each sale, cutting-edge technology was used to make the process possible. This technology from JingDong is called Aixin Dongdong which is a function that helps to facilitate the job. Millions of items are already registered with the system in order to help them raise money for different causes. Find Additional Information Here.

They are expecting to collect millions of dollars just during the first year that it is in use. Through technology from JingDong and unique shopping experiences, giving is being made easier than ever and more convenient for everyone involved. JingDong wants to help everyone make a difference in the world through their technology.

More about JD.com on https://www.wsj.com/articles/chinese-retailer-jd-com-turning-its-logistics-network-into-broader-delivery-service-1539833400

Jeunesse Global as the New Fountain of Youth

Jeunesse Global Holdings LLC is a cosmetic company, started in September 2009 by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. The two co-founders had initiated the idea of the company after their retirement from a successful career run of entrepreneurship endeavors. The co-founders created a business strategy for their company in the direct selling industry, that gave an innovative platform for sharing new ideas into the market, also providing training and re-establishing support.


Jeunesse Global offers three types of products. The first being a pair of vitamins known as the AM|PM essentials. The AM vitamins are to be consumed during the day. It includes vitamins A,C,D,B12 etc. The AM formula also includes key minerals, Iodine, and copper. Other ingredients include soy and fish.

The PM vitamins are taken during the night, helping the body restore and rejuvenate with chief nutrients and proprietary blends. Same as the AM vitamins. The PM vitamins contain the same but added ingredients to the AM formula.

The purpose of these essentials is to slow down the aging process. The AM supplements increase energy supply in the body, thus heightening a person’s concentration skills while the PM supplements balance the body’s processes while the person is asleep.


A product tasked with the objective of reducing wrinkles, fine lines and showcases a person’s natural glow.

The Luminescence line contains six products. The products include the Luminescence™ cellular rejuvenating serum, Luminescence™ moisturizing complex, Luminescence™ advanced night repair, Luminescence™ youth restoring cleanser, Luminescence™ essential body renewal and Luminescence™ ultimate lifting masque.


An antioxidant nutritional supplement, blended from superfruits to protect the body against uncontrolled injuries. It is juicy and fitted to be easily carried from place to place. It contains no added sugars, nor artificial colors or sweeteners. The main antioxidant ingredients used are Resveratrol, dark sweet cherry, blueberry, concord grape, pomegranate, and acai. Additional ingredients are aloe vera, grape seed extract, and green tea. The product has been proven to be effective by the CAP-e Test for antioxidants.


The 21-Hour Tweet Storm of Sherwin Pishevar

Shervin Pishevar’s 21-Hour Tweet Strom

After Shervin Pishevar stayed quiet on Twitter for three months, many of his followers noticed his absence on the social media platform. Shervin Pishevar is an Iranian-American investor, venture capitalist, and entrepreneur. He has invested in companies that include Airbnb, Uber, and Muchery and is the co-founder and former chairman of Hyperloop One. He is also the co-founder and former manager of Investment company.

What Were his Tweets About?

The stock market suffered from a devastating blow in February. According to one of Mr. Pishevar’s financial predictions via twitter, the stock market will face additional plunges for a total of 6,000 points in 2018. He also stated that specific factors caused the stock market to plummet. These factors include tax giveaways, issues with discrepancies regarding credit accounts, and increased interest rates.

Previously, central banks would use bonds to stabilize the stock market during uncertain times, but Shervin Pishevar stated in his tweets that this will not be effective with the current situation because this strategy has been used too often in the past.

He also stated that the United States has lost exclusivity. According to Shervin Pishevar, the country has lost the monopoly of ideas, talent, and entrepreneurial drive that had a positive effect on the economy. He also stated that technological innovations are now growing all over the world, which will also have a negative influence on the growth of the United States economy.

During his 21-hour tweet storm, he also named Amazon, Alphabet, Google, Microsoft, and Apple as the five major United States monopolies. According to his tweets regarding this topic, the increase of these monopolies buying out startup businesses will cause the United States economy to fail. In addition, he also criticized the United States system of turning a blind eye to the actions of these five monopolies.


Jeunesse Global Skin Care Product

Jeunesse began on September 9th, 2009 and has been going strong ever since. Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray are the visionaries that started the company after enjoying incredible success with other endeavors. They began the company at 9:00 p.m. as a tribute to the number nine, which represents longevity. This reflected their intense desire to survive in an ever-changing and evolving market.

The Jeunesse family strives to provide a positive and long-lasting impact on those around them by creating products that help men and women feel young and beautiful. With dozens of youth enhancement products available for purchase, men and women alike have flocked to the company to begin their youthful journey and enjoy the products the company has to offer. Jeunesse has won 323 prestigious awards and counting and offers eager entrepreneurs the chance to get started on an amazing, life-changing opportunity.

The Products

Jeunesse offers a wide variety of youth enhancement products, from creams to supplements to energy drinks. Let’s take a look at a few of the products they offer.

Instantly Ageless

Men and women who are struggling with under-eye bags, wrinkles, and fine lines will find that Instantly Ageless, a micro cream, will target the eye area in just two minutes. This cream will help tone and lift the skin under the eyes for a brighter, more youthful appearance.


This anti-aging skin care line will help to restore a youthful and radiant look to the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles will be greatly diminished after using this product, leaving the skin with a younger, more youthful glow. The skin will appear smoother and softer with the use of APT-200, a formula specifically designed for this particular job.


Reserve is a way to supplement your diet while enjoying a tasty, powerful blend of super fruits. This blend of five super berries- acai, pomegranate, concord grape, dark cherry, and blueberry- all come together to provide a dietary supplement that will help the body fight against free-radical damage. Reserve has no added sweeteners or sugars and comes in convenient packages that can be used on-the-go.


CEO Doe Deere Appreciates what Life Long Citizens Struggle to…

The message behind CEO Doe Deere’s piece for Entrepreneur makes a simple enough point. Doe, a Jewish girl that migrated from Russia and currently runs two North American companies, appreciates something very important that life-long citizens overlook; America! Her, her mother and sister simply appreciate America and what it has to offer. No politician or pundit can make America great in their eyes as it has always been great to them.

Long before Lime Crime Cosmetics or Poppyangeloff, Doe was a 17-year-old girl with a sister and a mother. All three wanted to migrate to America so they did. As is typical with most immigrant stories, the actual city of New York differed a great deal from what was seen on television and in movies!

The family seemed to struggle at the blue-collar level until they ran out of all funds but $8. When this happened, they had to eat at church-sponsored meal kitchens and live in shelters and even on the street! The three of them survived, and the experience has made Doe an incredible entrepreneur.

At the end of Doe’s story, when they move into public housing, Doe isn’t upset about the crime or graffiti that seems to take place all around them. The family is simply excited over having a place period! A separate kitchen unit is like icing on the cake to them! Pull one life-long resident from public housing in New York and ask him if he’s got a problem with the arrangement. Statistically speaking, a life-long resident will very rarely be in dire straights and have nothing to complain about. Doe and her two family members were but they still loved this country enough to not offer complaints!

At no point in the story does Doe complain that the United States didn’t recognize her mother’s accounting credentials or that they didn’t have privacy as they slept. These three women were too busy doing what they had to do to make America work for them. If more life-long residents had this idea and work ethic, this country would be filled to the brim with Doe Deere’s.



Steve Ritchie Is The CEO That Papa John’s Deserves And Needs

Steve Ritchie is the chief executive officer of the popular pizza chain Papa John’s, and he has been working to better understand the needs of the company’s employees and customers. He recently traveled all over the United States in order to meet up with different team members and franchisees who have dedicated themselves to making the company what it is today. Ritchie discovered that many of these people are committed to continuing to work with Papa John’s, and he learned that the company is a whole lot more than just one person. He now fully understands that it is made up of all of the drivers, managers, and pizza preparers who serve the communities that the company operates out of.

Steve Ritchie recounted the company’s motto during his travels, which is People Are Priority Always (P.A.P.A). He also made a statement that the company has always held this belief. His interest in traveling around the country had to do with his desire to meet the people who make the company great, first-hand. Part of his job was to find out what Papa John’s can do to make their lives easier. He traveled to Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, and many other cities to do so. He commented in a recent article that Papa John’s would not exist without its workers and admitted that they are at the center of its success.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s recounted some of his experiences, which included one where he listened to many of the company’s employees as they explained some of the tough times they have had with customers. He also talked about how many of these people feel like their co-workers are an addition to their own families. He was impressed when he discovered that many of the managers who work for Papa John’s take part in local charities and support local schools. In post from Bloomberg.com, it says that he admitted that some of the conversations that he had with many of the workers were difficult but that it is exactly what was needed as the brand works to overcome some of the trust it has lost in recent times.

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Meet Wes Edens, the Co-Founder of Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens is the co-chief executive officer and the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. He has a lot of background experience in the finance industry and possesses and proven record of achievements. He has been on the frontline pushing for various development agendas for his company. Wes is one of the masterminds of the success of Fortress Investment Group. A lot of the achievements witnessed at the company since its establishment in 1998 have been implemented by him. The company provides its investors with opportunities in private equity, capital vehicles, and hedge funds.

Wes Edens happens to have a special skill that helps him in identifying the necessary investment opportunities. He is a very famous entrepreneur with a lot of expertise in the transport industry and has played significant roles in the Miami commuter systems. He has a lot of experience in the transport industry and has been known for his excellent contributions at the Brightline services.

Wes Edens through his innovations has been able to lead the company towards increasing in its investments. As the company’s co-chair, he happens to bring a lot of innovations that have helped the company get over 1750 clients. His leadership has been attributed by continued education as well as research in the world of finance. He has been able to work closely with experts so that he can remain updated on the changes happening in the business world.

Wes Edens is a graduate of the famous Oregon University where he studied a bachelor of science in finance. After graduation, he started working at a California based bank and has since then served at various prestigious positions for several companies. He started as the managing partner of Lehman Brothers and served for six years. He later joined BlackRock Financial Management. He was able to establish a private equity fund at the company. Fortress happens to be a company managed by a group of there partners who have a lot of experience in the energy, healthcare and finance sectors. The combination makes the company the best investment hub across the globe. Very many people have been able to achieve tremendous results while acting as investors of the company.