Autism Rocks Appoints New Members In Its Board

Autism Rocks is an international organization that was started by popular British millionaire Sanjay Shah. The company was started several years ago, and it is currently based in the United Kingdom, London. The main aim of starting the organization was to create awareness about autism diseases. The organization also wanted to help fund research about the condition, and this way, people and the society at large will understand who is at risk of getting the condition, how to detect the condition early enough and also help the affected groups to access the right centers where they can get help fast.

Recently, the company has grown so large, and the management has decided to add more members in the board so that they can meet the growing demand of the company. According to Sanjay Shah, the founder of the company, the organization is moving to new parts of the globe, and more personnel are required in the daily management of the company. The new people who will join the board are Pete Best and Will Best.

The two new members are brothers, and they are having been in close contact with Sanjay for some years now. They started their friendship when they were still in the university, and they understand each other very well. Shah believes that his two friends are the right people for the growing institution.

Autism Rocks is a well-known invitation-only live concert and also a charity event that raises awareness and donations for autism research. This means that the two new members will be involved in the musical events, funds, and the management of the donation received.

Pete Best is a close friend to Shah, and he says that he knows him very well. He has been in the finance industry for over 21 years, and he has the required experience to handle the finance activities in the charitable organization.

Shah is also the founder of Solo Capital, a boutique investment company that is found in London and Dubai. He started the company after leaving formal employment several years ago. The company has done very well, making him one of the richest people in London.

Highland Capital Management awaiting Argentina’s Re-Entry Into The International Markets

James Dondero who is the current CEO of Highland Capital Management recently said in an interview that his firm had predicted that something had to give in 2014 when looking at Argentina and what a resource rich country they were. At the time they were minimizing their production and depleting their foreign reserves. This set them up for failure. The country was a financial outcast due to the fact that they had price manipulations, very bad tax policies and large subsidies and this all led to a turning point. James Dondero and his team predicted this would happen as well as knowing that this will cause the bonds to trade at a higher price because they had to settle with holdouts.

The company, Highland Capital Management will be looking beyond just the sovereign debt and is also looking for other investment opportunities as well as starting an Argentina fund. Those other companies similar to Highland Capital that are also holding the sovereign debt might also be looking to reinvest into the country once they are paid. This is latest information from analyst Sebastian Rondeau and Jane Bauer from Bank of America Corp.

The same analyst also mentioned in a March 3rd report that there had been an expectation that those distressed investors would exit the country upon completion of the transaction but this is not the case as many funds are creating dedicated Argentina funds to re-invest in private equity, equity and debt. They believe the new bond is priced very well and is a good investment compared to other Argentina assets. For a full recap on the report please visit the Bloomberg Business website.

Jim Dondero or as most people know him, James Dondero attended the University of Virginia where he graduated with honors. He received Beta Alpha Psi and Beta Gamma Sigma which are the highest accolades from the McIntire School of Commerce. James studied a dual major in both Finance and Accounting. Jim is also a certified public accountant, chartered financial analyst as well as a certified management accountant. As well as being involved as the CEO of Highland Capital Management he is the current chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare and NexBank. Jim also serves on the board of the MGM Studios and American Banknote. All this has kept James Dondero humble and active within the community.

Investment Banking Success Is Strongly Related With Knowledge Of The market

Martin Lustgarten, an investor, majoring with investment banking can relate his success with the knowledge of the market he has. For great success, an investment banker requires great knowledge and contact with different global markets and country. Investment banking works well especially with international markets and can bring a huge fortune for those who are determined to pursue it. Lustgarten has established great connections with great banks in the whole world and has also operated a business in South America. He operates companies that he owns in Singapore, Hong Kong and Panama.

Lustgarten made a fortune with the Venezuelan banks when the banks were facing a deficit of the dollar. He sold to the banks dollars but a relatively high price in comparison to the dollar market. The United States government tried to vindicate him as a criminal but he has worked with many countries in international deals, and they did not find any reason to accuse him. His knowledge of America markets is perfect, and he has the ability to conduct business in a different climate and markets an important aspect when one is dealing with investment banking. Many banks have had an interaction with Martin and Shell Company also made a deal with him; his investment goes up to Paris where he offers importation services.

Martin Lustgarten has also been a trader and made huge profits especially because of his ability to rotate in markets where the value of the dollar is high making more profits. He is also a vintage trader, and he loves it very much he imports expensive vintage products like watches and other accessories. Lustgarten is an Austria Venezuelan citizen, and he has strategic ways to handle investment banking like owning bank accounts in different countries globally. In total, he is estimated to have more than 50 bank accounts. His fortune has only been for the few years of investment, but his financial success is highly related to the firsthand information he knows about international markets and trading. Martin also advises that the important thing in investment is conducting analytical research of the market especially the risk involved. He and his family live in South Florida, and he loves spending more time with them. Follow Lustgarten on Twitter to keep up with news and other information.

Women Executives Are Pushing Gender Equality But Is Corporate America Ready For It?

There are hundreds if not thousands of female executives in Corporate America. That sounds like a lot of women, but when studies are done on the amount of women that have senior level management positions in Corporate America, those studies paint a dismal picture. The fact is, women don’t have the same opportunities as men in Corporate America. Women are being held back by an antiquated belief system that was designed by men and is still enforced by them. 

Men don’t enforce this gender bias consciously. Their beliefs about their management abilities and the lack of management abilities in women are inherent. Business schools don’t teach men about gender equality and corporations certainly don’t advocate promoting women because there is a belief that women want to raise families first and manage companies second. 

That old school way of thinking has to change, and women executives across the country are getting together to effect that change. Hundreds of companies around the country now have women’s groups that are designed to show men that women are as capable, and in many respects, more capable than men when it comes to managing people and business.

One of those executives is Helane Morrison. Morrison is a San Francisco attorney and investment manager that shows men by example what women can do when they are given a chance to function at the senior management level. Morrison is currently the managing director of Hall Capital Partners LLC, but she is also a former regional director of the SEC division in San Fransisco. 

Helane is an avid proponent of gender equality in the workplace and Hall Capital Partners is a good example of how successful companies can be when men and women are treated equally in the workplace. Under Morrison’s leadership, Hall Capital Partners has become one of the largest investment firms in Northern California. 

Morrison knows that changing the corporate mentality when it comes to promoting women is a tough job. But she has help. Thousands of women around the country are banding together, and they have formed a woman’s network that wants to change the way women are treated by Corporate America. Morrison told that she does her part by speaking at various functions around the country that are designed to promote gender equality. 

Helane Morrison succeeded in the corporate world because she was not afraid or intimidated by men that tried to hold her back. She tells other women her story and she is making a difference. Her hardhitting approach to business you can see in the quote below matches her fervor to promote gender equality.

An Entrepreneur of Vision, Grace and Heart

“Be bold. Take the first step today. Smile. Be humble. Work hard. Volunteer. Tutor. The important thing is to make a difference and follow through with your commitments.”

This has been true throughout the life of Dick DeVos. He has spent his business career in various executive positions of Amway, NBA’s Orlando Magic and the Windquest Group where he is currently President. As president of Amway from 1993 to 2002 he was responsible for all aspects of the company’s operations in 50 countries. Before becoming President, he held the position of Vice President – Amway International, where he oversaw the operations in 18 countries. Under his bright leadership, he tripled international sales to exceed domestic sales for the first time in the company’s history.

Dick DeVos inspirational leadership and insight allowed him to be a prominent leader in many community initiatives. These include the Education Freedom Fund, which awarded more than 4,000 scholarships to underprivileged children in Michigan, West Michigan Aviation Academy and serves on the State Board of Education. Mr. DeVos is an active member of multiple downtown revitalization and regional health care improvements, which include a $75M downtown arena, $212M convention center, a $130M heart hospital, $90M medical school and a $30M Downtown market.

Mr. DeVos and his wife, Betsy DeVos, joined together to found the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation. This heartfelt foundation serves as a catalyst for partner organizations that position the local and global communities for growth and viability. First formed in 1989 it is based on the solid foundation and principles that was handed down from their parents. With both of their involvement they provide a secure and beautiful path for others to follow and look up to.

Winning the HFM US Hedge Fund Award a Confirmation of Highland Capital Management’s Commitment to investing in the Healthcare Sector

The s Dallas based investment firm Highland Capital Management has won a series of awards for its outstanding performance in the industry. The company has made headlines in the recent wining of the HFM US based award in the 40 act category for its health care sector. The company has invested heavily in the health sector managing assets worth over $3 billion.

Traditionally, many investments firms did not have diverse products for a range of investment. The financial crises from struggling economy have changed the usual business for many investment firms. Currently their products are covering different sectors including the healthcare sector, real estate, and equity sales.

The Highland is the leading hedge firm in health care sector. The award didn’t come as a surprise but a confirmation of the company’s commitment to the Michael Gregory team. Michael is the head of health care investments and the company’s head of alternative investments. He is also the CIO for Highland.

The judges considered several factors for evaluation before deciding on the winner. The successful company had outdone its competitors in investor relations and manager pedigree. The judges also reviewed the five-year performance records of the enterprise.

The Highland capital management president Mr. James Dondero congratulated Michael and his team for making the company proud. He reiterated the company’s goals to achieve a wider platform for healthcare investments in the coming years. The Highland company has been operational since 1994 since its founding by Jim and mike Okada. The firm has taken advantage of emerging markets to expand outside the US boarders. With the latest additional in Brazil, the company is moving fast to grow its investment base past the current $ 21 billion.

Jim is a renowned entrepreneur from Dallas who has served in several senior positions in the finance industry. Since graduating from the University of Virginia where he specialized in accounting and finance, he worked in protective life firm. The firm is a subsidiary of GIC where Jim worked as the chief financial officer. Jim also worked with the American Express in the late 80’s where he grew the company’s assets to $ 1 billion. Currently, he is also the president of Nexpoint bank and the chair of cornerstone health care.

The article is a summary from PRNewswire, see the link below:


Five companies come together to purchase Tycoon real estate, a crowdfunding business

Real estate companies need to pull resource together to succeed. That is why five real estate crowdfunding platforms announced the coming together and acquisition of Tycoon Real Estate in California. The five crowdfunding platforms plan to revamp the new acquisition.

Tycoon Real Estate became the first ever purchase of a real estate crowdfunding company acquired by CrowdFranchise, EquityRoots, Peer Realty, Patch of Land and Homeowner Preservation companies dealing in different portfolios. American Homeowner Preservation purchases nonperforming mortgages. Patch of Land is a leading alternative solution financier that brings lenders and borrows together online. PeerReality is a premier realtor crowdfunding platform that helps people gain diversification. Equity Roots is dedicated to branded hotel assets. CrowdFranchise is another platform allowing communities to make investments and manage franchise companies that succeed in their areas. Today, Tycoon Real Estate deals in real estate crowdfunding and has developed the commercial and residential property. It came to international attention from the Shark tank episode appearance.

Patch of Land CEO Jason Fritton says there is an increased awareness for real estate crowdfunding. This has risen because of the Shark Tank appearance of Tycoon Real Estate. The appearance, though not that successful, created a chance to know about the regulations in the crowdfunding platforms and the manner in which firms have leveraged SEC regulations and JOBS Act, which funds a large chunk of money in the property market.

The coming together and buying the Tycoon Real Estate presented a chance to transform the Company’s portal for educational purpose, and prove why the Sharks judges went wrong. CrowdFranchise CEO says that the acquisition of Tycoon Real Estate has created a buzz, with the timely approval of their Title III, good for investors to put their money. The approval of Title III by the SEC was completed on October 30th, presenting an opening for people to crowdfund.

Coming together by the five crowdfunding companies to acquire Tycoon Real Estate brings a sense of community. EquityRoots dealflow organizer; Bhavik Dani says the company is happy to work with others sharing a common vision. Dani says allowing people to log into the internet to choose local investment in the franchise business, property and hotels are a real progress.

Know about Majeed Ekbal

Investment is one of the profitable ventures and people have made a name out of it. Majeed Ekbal of Chicago Illinois holds the position of an independent senior marketing executive. Ekbal has previously worked at Draftfcb, Avenue Razorfish and other firms. He studied at American University.

Ekbal has 15 years experience in New Business Developments and Marketing, well known for developing global marketing campaigns and taking charge of new business initiatives. Ekbal specializes in digital marketing, partner development, branding and managing the budget. Ekbal has experience in brand awareness, planning and execution, experimental marketing, social media, digital and SEO analytics and many more. Ekbal also helps in humanitarian projects locally and internationally to create better ways for women and children who are neglected in empowerment and education.