Hussain Sajwani is Making Strides in Real Estate

Hussain Sajwani is a 65-year-old private developer in the kingdom desert, Dubai. He is a citizen of the United Arab Emirates and resides in Dubai. The self-made billionaire went to the University of Washington where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts/Science. Sajwan is a family man with four children and a wife.


Hussain Sajwani is the Chief Executive Officer of Dubai based real estate developer Damac Properties. This company is well known for the development of residential, leisure and commercial properties. It is headquartered in the Dubai. The founder and owner, Hussain Sajwan, started off in the food industry. Previously, he was providing food services to the United States military in Somalia, Bosnia and the Gulf region. Hussain did not scrap the food business. It is sentimental to him as it reminds him of his initial business prowess and the significance of making high ranking friends.


In 2001, the Damac owner shifted to real estate. That was after Dubai allowed immigrants to own property. He was able to sell out residential units of an apartment within six months. This encouraged him, and in 2002 he founded his own real estate company, Damac. The skills he gathered over the years are being utilized in his multi-billion company. He plans on taking advantage of the improving property prices in UAE and venturing into the London Stock Exchange for the first time.


Recently, Damac joined hands with Donald Trump, the president of the United States, in developing two golf courses in Dubai. The two golf courses are branded as Trump International Golf Club for marketing reasons. The two real estate giants have built villas in the golf club with a value up to $2 billion in sales. Hussain hopes that their business ties with the Trump Organisation will continue. However, Trump has decided to stall their business dealings while he is in office. Besides being business partners, the two are good family friends.


The Damac owner’s total worth stands at about $3.5 billion. He has made a name for his luxurious marketing strategies. He even issues out free Lamborghinis as a token of appreciation to his apartment buyers. He has marketing deals with Versace and Bugatti.

AvaTrade Review: Rising Use from Entrepreneurs

One of the best forms of trading today comes from the Irish company called AvaTrade. They are one of the first companies which have introduced trading that can be done anywhere and anytime. The company was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs who wanted to see the public financially managing their wealth. The founders of AvaTrade have seen how people would be buying worthless stuff, and gaining more expenses than they can earn. They realized that the public must be taught about spending wisely, and they realized that by establishing AvaTrade, the lives of other people could be changed, especially those who are deeply rooted in spending their money for nothing.


The founders of AvaTrade quickly pinpointed several reasons why other people do not have the will to invest and save. They started to program an application that would help the people with their problems about money. After all of the codes were written for the program, it was subjected to tests, and it was successful. The founders of AvaTrade soon uploaded the thing that they have created and started to see how many people are downloading their application. Then, fast forward to the present, millions of people are aware of the existence of AvaTrade, and they wanted to download the application and see how it worked.


Some people who have downloaded the application for years now have noticed that they are now more knowledgeable in financial management than ever. These people were once spending thousands of dollars for nothing, but because AvaTrade has taught them how to save money and how to become wealthy, these people are now earning so much money just from buying stocks and learning more about it. AvaTrade is good in the sense that the program will be sending a range of guesses on how the stock market would perform, and it would also provide advice on where to invest.


AvaTrade can still be downloaded from Apple and Android application stores, and many people wanted to download the application because of the brilliant insights that it provides to those who are spending their money on things that are not that important. AvaTrade hopes that they would continue to bring peace through managing the economics of the world.

Ricardo Tosto’s Firm Named One of Best In Its Industry

Having vast expertise acquired over the years, the law firm founded by Ricardo Tosto is highlighted as one of the best in the entire industry according to the Chambers 2018 Latin America guide.

Leite, Tosto e Barros got the attention of Chambers, one of the most important international directories that ranks law firms and professionals around the world, through its performance in the Litigation sector of dispute resolution, which has 15 partners and 91 lawyers.

In the latest edition of Chambers Latin America, the professionals who are part of Ricardo Tosto’s team were praised for their proficiency in “a strong role in continually serving clients in the infrastructure, energy and banking divisions in all types of litigation.” The publication also mentioned the sponsorship of arbitration actions involved in the areas of construction and engineering.

In the 2018 issue, some of the most impressive accomplishments of Ricardo Tosto ‘s firm were highlighted. Major clients were also mentioned by the guide, among them: Banco Fibra, GM, Rabobank, Paranapanema and Azul Linhas Aéreas.

Ricardo Tosto is one of the most notable leaders and strategists in Brazilian legal practice. He started in a small law office and went on to the most seasoned corporate litigation law firm in the area. Then, he established his own firm and it soon became one of the largest in Brazil.

He defended many public personalities and companies in nationally known cases and provided legal services for large and important Brazilian corporations and multinationals, politicians of different ideological views, and the government.

Tosto was a pioneer in the adoption of several legal devices, which became the most commonly used tools throughout the Brazilian legal community. He mentored most of his current partners, who started as interns in the firm. He closely manages the firm’s most important continuous cases, offers innovative approaches and, when there are unusual problems, provides significant leadership.

Shervin Pishevar: Venture Capitalist And Investor

Entrepreneur and venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar has a knack for choosing young companies to invest in. He is an Angel Investor, meaning he provides backing to new companies and has done so with over 60 startups.

In 2015 Shervin Pishevar was appointed by Barack Obama to assume a position on the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board. The J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board is in charge of overseeing several programs, such as the Fulbright Program, which chooses educators and students for a scholarship funded exchange programs. The Board consists of 12 members.

Pishevar, who received his college education the University of California Berkeley, initially planned on working in the medical field. He studied the trade in college, and even published some research in medical journals. After college, however, he decided to pursue entrepreneurship and began investing in and developing software.

He released one of the first web-based browsers in 1997 called WebOS. It was successful, and Shervin Pishevar began to focus on investing. He created Seges capital in 2001. Despite his investment work (he managed 17 accounts for Seges Capital) Pishever continued to work in technology. He founded two tech companies in 2001. One, Application Corporation, developed popular messaging software. The other, Ionside Interactive, developed software for the Pocket PC, including graphics systems and artificial intelligence.

In 2005 Pishevar gathered $12 million of investor money for Webs Inc, which had changed its name from Freewebs. These investments help to boost Webs Inc. to the top of the list of social publishing companies.

Shervin Pishevar partnered with an investment banker from Goldman Sachs named Scott Stanford in 2013. The two started a venture capital company they named Sherpa Capital. The firm invested in what would become some of the most popular companies in America, such as Airbnb and Uber. In 2014 Pishevar began to look into developing a Hyperloop for southern California.

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Joel Friant Contribution to the Spicy Industry through the Habanero Shaker

Joel Friant is based in Corpus Christi, Texas and he is known for his entrepreneurial skills, astute financial advisor, and an enthusiast of the free market. Joel started his career in the real estate industry where he used to purchase a foreclosure and to refurbish it later selling it a higher price from the market value. It is in 2003 that he used the experience he had gathered in the real estate that he assisted his friends to become homeowners.

His high spirits of helping others own homes enabled him to gather experience in writing and mortgage lending. He later opened an office branch to handle mortgage lending as a company. Joel Friant success in his career can be attributed to his brilliant ideas, charismatic nature and his enterprising person attitude. Friant is a financial advisor and life coach to many budding entrepreneurs and career persons. He believes that the power belongs to the people and he aims at helping people succeed.

The financial crisis experienced in 2008 made him create the “Income Thermostat” principle that focused on explaining the disparity of success between individuals. Joel Friant has had an interest in the restaurant industry that led him to implement a unique, fast food concept making him be known as the Thai Guy. He opened his first Thai restaurant in 1995, which served delicious Thai Cuisine with fast food delivery.

Invention of the Habanero Shaker

From experience he gained from working in the food industry, Joel Friant invented the Original Habanero Shaker. It still stands as his most significant invention. Habanero Shaker is arguably most favorable buttery, tasty and spicy pepper. He had realized that the market needed a Habanero spicy used for seasoning and cooking, to replace most spices that mixed cheaply acquired spices and salt. Although the Habanero Shaker was launched as a flagship project, it created an immediate market disruption.

Joel realized that harvesting pepper when they are ripe, was the key to making a good Habanero pepper spicy as pepper got hotter upon maturity. The plant should be allowed to dry once harvested to eliminate chances of diseases that can interfere with the pepper flavor. The Habanero has proved to be a natural painkiller because it contains capsaicin and is rich in Vitamin A and B making it an immune booster.

Sawyer Howitt: business challenges of young entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is an important aspect of any economy. As of today, many people are opting to look for sustainable means of living since formal employment sector is overcrowded and the wages can no longer afford to give one financial freedom. Being fully aware of this challenge many millennials are trying to get into entrepreneurship since it is the only sure way to financial freedom. Many of them are taking a keen interest in growing their skills in entrepreneurship. According to statistics, there is a huge increase in the number of millennials who are starting their businesses in the United States.

Businesses being established by millennials are proving to be a real challenge to the established traditional businesses. Most of their ideas are new and highly sellable in the current era of advanced technologies. The young entrepreneurs are giving old ones a run for their money. However, there are some challenges that the millennials are facing. However, most of their problems can be resolved, and this young generation can be assisted to overcome these challenges adequately.

Many young people lack the confidence to believe their ideas. This scenario can be attributed to lack of experience. Confidence usually grows as one becomes more and more experienced. Young people usually suffer from being overlooked by employers. Many employers are looking for experienced people. This is a practice that has been disadvantaging the young generation. So what should the young people do? The solution to this challenge should be young people actively promoting their skills instead of sitting back and expecting someone to notice. The best thing is to approach an employer in the industry you would like to gain experience and demonstrate the skills you have. It is a time that young entrepreneurs, applied their energy into coming up with ways of conquering the business world. Visit:

About Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt is a young American entrepreneur. Sawyer has achieved remarkable success at a very young age. He is the project manager at Meriwether Group. At a very young age, he has accrued experience that enables him to handle complex operational and financial matters for the company.

At Meriwether Group, Sawyer Howitt has been keen to start projects that will expand the operations of the group. He is also creating projects that will help his personal skills growth. In addition to his business interest, Sawyer Howitt has interest in philanthropic causes such a youth mentorship and equal rights for women.

Glen Wakeman: An Inspirational and Mentor in the Corporate World

Glen Wakeman co-founded LaunchPad Holdings LLC in 2015.He is currently the CEO. He was born in the year 1968. Glen Wakeman has a strong academic background where he enrolled at the University of Scranton in the year 1981 and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance. He later attained a Masters degree in BA from the University of Chicago in the year 1993. Later on, Glen Wakeman started a career at GE Capital. Moreover, Glen Wakeman also was not only the founder of Nova Four at GE but also presided it. This earned him credit and recognition as a Growth Leadership role model by the company’s Board of Directors.

Glen Wakeman has revolutionized and transformed businesses and also set a good example for others to follow. For instance, he has been able to transform and improve businesses which have a lot of employees over 17,000 and businesses with over 15 billion US Dollars in assets. This led to their development and thriving. Glen Wakeman has done a lot of guidance and helped a lot of start-up business grow exponentially by mentoring them.


Glen Wakeman has also shared his ideas and methodologies effectively as he is both a writer and investor. His blog posts which have gained a lot of popularity are mainly about new & emerging markets, financial strategies, business management, and also administration. Through his excellent mentoring skills and capabilities, he has done a lot of incredible work. For instance, he has mentored various C-level executives. Glen Wakeman currently counsels and guides Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded. It’s clear that he is much passionate and interested in seeing economic and financial growth. It is also vital to note that Glen Wakeman has also resided in a variety of countries thus giving him a lot of different and diverse international experience. He also has a lot of exposure in the corporate world through his interaction with many other investors and business people.

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