Marcio Alaor’s Tips On Investments

Picking great companies for investment with lots of promise and strong financial performance is the key factor to profitable investing. Marcio Alaor, the executive vice president of BMG Group is an expert in this aspect who has created a number of strategies to come up with the right kind of players in the market. Netflix, the global leader of streaming videos and TV series is one such company on which Marcio Alaor is interested in. His reports on this company goes to show how well it has been performing in this industry as well as what future does it hold in terms of revenue and profit.

Investors always want to make sure that they increase the odds of success and focus on investing venues that have greatest potential for returns and growth. Marcio Alalor’s reports reflect just that. Netflix, in the recent years, have gone a number of substantial changes within the company and is ready to expand in more than 130 countries by the end of the year 2016. Its profit is expected to grow around 24% each year starting from 2016 as well according the report. The report further states the promising future that Netflix will have in major countries like India and the expected number of customers in a year or so. The report also gives investors tools to protect their positions in this company investment and to learn more about latest trends and technology.

Marcio Alaor has evaluated this company in great details and translated complex matters into easily understandable segments. With these reports, investors can learn how much risk in appropriate and how to weigh the investments to accomplish financial goals. The end of goal of Netflix through its expansion plans is obviously profit and these plans are carefully designed to generating profits by making smart decisions. The company is in a way competing against other similar service providers but its success is predicated upon its ability of consumers placing higher value on the products and services it offers compared to the rest of the providers.

Investors around the world can easily access reports generated by Marcio Alaor about Netflix, news, financial and performance metrics. The report is a draft that has the right kind of information after filtering out data that are irrelevant. Looking back at what Netflix has achieved so far, this company had all the signs of success expanding profit margins and growing revenues. Marcio Alaor offers a number of investment advice to his customers and investors as well. No matter what indicators they use to find good values in investment venues, his findings are of great help for long term and short term investments. He knows the simple and powerful truth about investing.

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Marcio Alaor: Hometown Hero

Marcio Alaor works as a member of the executive team of BMG Group. BMG is a major sponsor of football in Brazil. They print uniforms for 39 clubs, which is on the larger side of sponsorships. They print their logos mostly on the front and back of the uniforms, but something on the sleeves as well. They also finance three teams in men’s volleyball, two female teams, and three basketball teams.
Marcio says that one of the first major companies to go public was General Motors. General Motors is currently worth $53.52 billion at market value. It had completed 100 years of its IPO. Then, in 1956, Ford took offered their first actions, which was the greatest of his time. It was the equivalent of 600 million recalls.
Marcio has always been a big supporter of the city. He especially helps in the rural areas and Exhibition Park. They remain his main focus because of his relationship with his homeland and his fellow countrymen, no matter what the distance barrier may be.
Local officials were there to help keep an eye on the people and made sure to promote the importance of the city having the support of one of the important executives in all of Brazil. He continued to show how much his roots were by never forgetting his hometown. He continued collaborating as an executive vice president of a new large bank, which was much like BMG. He created numerous jobs and went on to achieve greater accomplishments in order to show how strong Santo Antonia do Monte was. He managed to achieve this despite the lack of favorable agriculture. He somehow still became the largest milk producer in the Central West of Minas Gerais. He credits the success to the hard work and dedication of the workers and unity of the people. Even with all the struggles and challenges, he says it never ceases to amaze him what potential the city has.
He later received a plaque that recognized his services and outlined his friendship with everyone in the town; attention to the challenges faced, especially in the countryside; and the love he has for the land. The president of the Rural Union, Vilmar Octavian, even thanked Marcio for all he had done and was continuing to do. The mayor, Wilmar Son, noted how Marcio often found new purposes for old buildings.

BMG: What You Should Keep In Mind When Choosing A Bank

Looking for a reliable bank in Brazil? Want to know why so many individuals and businesses decide to open their accounts at BMG? Choosing a bank for personal or business needs, is not something to be taken lightly. It requires careful planning and research to ensure that you choose a bank that meets your criteria. When it comes to selecting a bank in Brazil, look no further than BMG, a highly reliable banks. BMG has been providing services for many years and they offer a vast range of financial services.

First, you need to use a trustworthy bank. If you are considering getting a personal account, or if you like to open a corporate account, use the services provided by BMG to make sure you are in trusted hands. If you like to take a look at the history of BMG, feel free to do so because you are going to see that this bank has a multitude of satisfied customers.

BMG is one of the most reputable banks in Brazil, with customers from all walks of life. The bank has an established history of rendering top quality services to individuals and businesses. BMG Vice President and Director Marcio Alaor, is a leader in the banking and financial services field. The bank has a team of experienced and dedicated financial professionals and money management experts. The professionals at BMG have great expertise in all aspects of the financial services field and are highly qualified to handle their customers’ needs. Marcio Alaor has many years of experience in the banking field and has helped build BMG into a successful financial institution.

Choosing the right financial institution can help you in several ways, while choosing the wrong financial institution can cause a lot of frustration and inconvenience. BMG focuses on honesty, integrity and are transparent in their dealings. Many people rave about the top notch services they have received from BMG.

Fees are an important consideration when selecting a financial institution. Fees often depend on a person’s banking habits, so it’s absolutely important to remember this as you research banks in your area. There are static fees that customers have to pay. For example, you need to know how many checks you’ll write, what balance you’re likely to maintain, how many ATM transactions you’ll make, and if you’ll have a savings account.

When you contact BMG, their professionals and advisors will evaluate your financial situation and banking needs, to help you choose the best services or options for you. These experts will make sure that you fully understand what services and features are available with your chosen package.

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Brazil Honors Ricardo Guimarães With Award

His grandfather was Antônio Mourão Guimarães, the founder of Banco BMG, and he is the son of Flávio Guimarães Pentagna. And it has been Ricardo Guimarães great honor to have received a high commendation with the Town Hall honors degree, in 2011. Léo Bourgeois de Castro, who is the House’s reigning president, gave a fine speech where he revealed many great accomplishments made by Ricardo Guimarães over the years.

The last part of the ceremony was performed under the direction of Daniel Nepomuceno, who gave a colorful word picture of the career of Mr. Guimarães. This was especially in regards to the Clube Atlético Mineiro, the professional soccer team for which Mr. Guimarães is the president. Another award was given to Ricardo Guimarães recently, Mr. Nepomuceno pointed out, the Grand Collar of Legislative Merit. This was awarded in 2004.

Deputy Governor Alberto Pinto Coelho passed the award to Ricardo Guimarães and assured the audience that it was a well-deserved award, earned by a person who exemplified the best of a family whose commitment to sport was to pay large sums to support Brazil’s soccer teams. Mr. Pinto Coelho commented, “The work of Ricardo Guimarães has the seal of commitment and citizenship. It is an example for our society.” Several local dignitaries were present, as well.

It was Ricardo Guimarães who built the Ricardo Soccer BR1 fund. He wanted to find a way to give back more support to the great soccer players of Brazil. It is the Brazilian Securities Commission’s (CVM) job to regulate the fund, which is an innovative first for the South American nation. Ricardo’s Banco BMG invested over $20 million in a number of promising athletes. Although the team sometimes only manages to break even, at least, as with most all of Mr. Guimarães’ investments, he did not lose any money with his soccer investments.

Becoming CEO of his ancestor’s bank took some grueling work on Mr. Guimarães’ part. It was no walk on role. He began by starting at the bottom, in 1980, as an office assistant. Then came his university years at UNA, where he earned his degree in Business Administration. He worked his way to the top, taking over as CEO in 1998. His main innovations, which helped the bank grow enormously, was the melding of his love for soccer with the plan to make BMG a household acronym. He invested in his Atletico Mineiro soccer club, improving his bank’s brand name. He also made investments in some of the up and coming soccer players. He had to make sure many different teams had players that were being invested in, so no partiality claims could be made. Read more in shots well aimed and Ricardo Guimarães Receives Honorary Degree.

Brazil’s Austerity Plan Alone Won’t Fix The Economy According To BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães

It’s no secret. Brazil’s credit rating has been downgraded, and it may happen again. It’s also no secret that most people want President Dilma Rousseff to resign. The Working Party leader was popular when she took office, but several mistakes in judgment and nagging corruption issues have tainted her record and ruined her credibility. The country has been in a recession for the last two years, and it looks like it will continue next year. Rousseff has offered an austerity plan that basically cuts spending and raises taxes, but according to BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães that won’t be enough to pull Brazil out of these devastating economic times.
Guimarães told that Rousseff’s austerity plan is not Brazil’s ticket out of a recession. China buying power, or lack of it, has a lot to do with the recession. Brazilian exports have been carrying the economy for the last nine years, but oil and commodity prices have put a dent in the export business. Ricardo also mentioned the fact that the government has to make it easier for companies to do business in Brazil. The complicated tax system and the outdated pension system need to be overhauled as well.
Even though there will be a budget deficit in 2016, Guimarães and his family owned bank will still sponsor Brazilian soccer teams in 2016. BMG Bank spends millions on soccer sponsorships, and the bank plans to spend more in 2016. The reason for the increase is simple. Bank profits from the exposure that soccer gives the bank are skyrocketing. The small, but formidable, BMG Bank is outperforming its competitors in the consignment credit industry even though inflation is more than 10 percent a year, and interest rates are the highest they have been in decades.

Mr. Guimarães is a mining entrepreneur with a vision. He wants to turn his family owned bank into one of the most respected banks in the industry. Ricardo was recently interviewed by, and he said that the research firm Endeavor, along with the British research firm Meta, did a study on Brazilian entrepreneurs. The study discovered that most Brazilian entrepreneurs are not as proactive as they should be especially during a recession. Almost all entrepreneurs have dreams, expectations, big ideas and enough creativity to help pull the country out of the recession, but they are not proactive enough to get the job done, according to the study.

The banker also said that members of the administration suffer from the same issue, and that is another major reason Brazil is stuck in a financial conundrum. The people that know Guimarães know that he doesn’t fall into the lack of reactiveness category. His record speaks for itself.

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BMG Bank’s Director Believes Brazil’s Economy Will Bounce Back Quickly

Brazil is a country filled with incredible natural resources and ethnic diversity. Brazil is a peace loving nation that tries to remain neutral when it comes to political and religious conflicts, but the country is battling the war of its life this year. Brazil has been hit with a perfect storm, and the country is trying to right itself in the wake of political turmoil and economic disaster. The banks in Brazil have stopped lending money unless loans are 100 percent collateralized and the terms suit the banks. But one bank believes the internal financial and political war will be a short one because Brazil has fought this kind of war before.
Marcio Alaor, the Director and Vice President of BMG Bank of Minas Gerais, thinks Brazil will get its act together in 2016, and he is trying to help that process along by offering consignment loans to middle-class Brazilians that need money for cars, homes and necessities. BMG Bank has a product they call payroll loans, and it is a huge success. Middle-class Brazilians can borrow money and us their income as collateral. The bank works out terms that suit the bank and the borrower, and the bank offers the borrower an interest rate is lower than the standard rate.
Mr. Alaor thinks the economy must be stimulated in order for it to recover. One way of doing that is to put more money in the hands of consumers. Alaor thinks the government should cut taxes, so workers have more money to spend. He also thinks the country must find a way to increase exports. BMG Bank believes now is the time to do those things because the Real is so undervalued this year. BMG Bank wants to give consumers more money to spend while the government works on a plan that will curb inflation. The government has its own set of credibility issues to deal with, so inflation may continue to eat disposable income next year.
If BMG is successful increasing the number of payroll loans it executes this year and next that will help the economic situation. Other banks are following BMG Bank’s lead in the consignment credit market. Executing more loans is not the complete answer to Brazil’s challenges. The political situation must be resolved, and BMG Bank sees some progress in that regard. If Brazilians can regain the faith they had in the political system that will be a major step in the recovery, according to Alaor.

Marcio Alaor Food Court Inauguration

Marcio Araujo Alaor, the BMG bank manager, was highly recognized during the 33rd Agricultural Exhibition in Santo Antonio do Monte, from 21 to 24 August 2014. The food court “MARCIO ALAOR DE ARAUJO” was named after him. He was acknowledged for providing services to the San Antonia community by having his name on the square. A plate was also made, praising his greatness and explaining everyone’s affection and gratitude for all he had performed.
During the inauguration, local officials were present to monitor the event. The local authorities also raised the advantages of having the support of one of the biggest executives in Brazil. They also showed how Marcio Alaor had been true to his roots and had not forgotten his hometown even after being a president of a big bank like BMG. Even with the poor agriculture, Marcio Alaor had opened numerous doors and showed that Santo Antonia do Monte could achieve greater things. The politicians praised every good thing done by Marcio Alaor for the good of the city.
During the Inauguration, Mr. Luis Antonio Resende was not left out and thanked Marcio Alaor for working in the Exhibition Centre. Luis Antonio expressed his gratitude on the behalf of the people on the countryside and did not forget the personality of Marcio Alaor and how he did not neglect his city’s problems. The President of Rural Union, Vilmar Octavian, recognized Marcio Alaor for his services to the local company. Vilmar Octavian concluded by highlighting how the support of the executive was fundamental to the union to continue helping farmers in Santo Antonio do Monte. The Mayor, Wilmar Son, also emphasized that Marcio Alaor had transformed what used to be a warehouse for storing grains into an important food court. The food court represented the creation of a place that would be a motivation for many citizens. The major recalled the humble childhood of Marcio Alaor when he worked as a shoe shiner and the way he grew up to help his city.
Finally, it was time for BMG vice president to take the floor. Marcio Araujo Alaor emphasized mostly on his past. He told a short history of himself when he used to work as a shoeshine boy and thanked the people who helped him in his life. He said that valuing friendship is crucial because it helps you to value your essence and not to lose it. Apart from the financial considerations he is also concerned about the efforts of others in his life. He thanked his family and said he was honored to receive the tribute while he was still alive. Marcio did not forget to say how much he loves Santo Antonio do Monte, and he promised never to lose contact with the city and he would help the city in all the ways.

A Detailed Explanation Of The Consigned Credit Market Of BMG As Viewed By Ricardo Guimaraes

Ricardo Guimaraes has a huge experience within the Brazilian financial sector. He began working for the bank in 1980. Over the years, he rose through the ranks to becoming its president and chief executive officer in 2004. He served as the financial executive officer before serving as the vice president and chief executive officer for the bank’s board of chief executive officers. His long career within the BMG bank puts him in a unique position in terms of understanding the bank’s operations and objectives of the bank in both the long term and short term.
Recently, Ricardo Guimaraes elaborated much on BMG bank’s strategy when it comes to consigned credit. He explained and gave reasons to why BMG bank is performing well with its consigned credit. According to him, the growth of BMG bank has been due to the expansion of the economy in Brazil and the vast Brazilian population. He also points out on the rise in the exploratory percentage to 47% in relation to the GDP. This amount stood at 22% in 2004. The consigned credit market of BMG Bank was worth $6 billion. This translates to a 22% share of the personal credit in relation to the entire credit market.
There has been continuous improvement in the consigned credit market of BMG bank. For instance, by 2010, BMG bank had a $14.5 billion worth of consigned credit business. In 2004, the business was worth $2.4 billion. Additionally, in 2010, the entire consigned credit market in Brazil was worth $85 billion. Within the banking system, this figure accounts for 60% in terms of personal credit indicating a significant growth in the consigned credit market. The bank has also had a yearly return on equity of 25% since 2004. For BMG bank, the growth can be attributed to the hard work as well as commitment from the competent and qualified staff of BMG bank.
Ricardo Guimaraes notes that there is room for expansion on the consigned credit market because only 50% has been exploited. As much as BMG bank competes with nearly 60 banks in the credit market, it stills serves as the market leader within the country because of its cheap rates. BMG runs the largest distribution network in Brazil that consists of 50,000 agents in addition to 3,000 selling points available in every municipality. This network enables BMG bank to serve its 5 million customers effectively.

Banco BMG – 80 Years Strong

Banco BMG has proven itself to be a competitive force in the financial institution world. Founded by the Pentagna Guimarães family in 1930, BMG is one of the longest running, privately held corporations in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Working with individuals in both the public and private sectors, BMG is able to provide financing options from home equity loans for individuals to large business loans for corporations. In 1998, BMG decided to take on another venture and started to focus it’s sites on payroll loans and began leading the industry with their latest operation. BMG’s experience comes from having over 80 years in the Brazilian financial market, while boasting a very conservative credit policy that ensures strong security throughout the banking institution. This is what sets BMG apart from others in the banking industry.

Under BMG’s Vice President Marcio Alaor’s direction, BMG has been able to continue on in the conservative nature that BMG has been known for, while also creating new business relationships that have not only increased BMG’s bottomline but have also maximized the return on shareholders interests. Alaor was also appointed to be the head of their payroll loan department, a decision made in order to maintain independence when making business decisions.

BMG attributes its success to the highly skilled level of talent hired by the bank. Starting with Marcio Alaor, BMG considers their employees to be one of their great assets to their overall success. Teamwork and creativity are encouraged and seen as the solid foundation of what BMG continues to achieve within the credit and financial markets. A bank that started in 1930 as a commercial bank for both individuals and corporations and has stayed strong through wars and rapidly changing financial markets. With BMG’s ability to be just as flexible and change just as quickly with the market, and it’s strong workforce, BMG is able to continue to compete and stay strong in an ever changing industry.

Factors That Have Led To The Success Of BMG

Among things every investor wants to achieve, stability and business success is a paramount point. Most businesses fail, not because they lack the right supply of materials and tools, but due to lack of information. Expertise within any company or business is something that cannot be overlooked. Each business struggles to achieve the best position in the market, and this has been making competition too tough for some businesses. In such an environment, it is necessary for any business to have measures that help in the control and management of marketing. BMG is a leading banking institution operating within Brazil and is a perfect example of a well managed venture that is fast achieving its goals. The bank has been able to stand out despite heavy competition that has been witnessed over the years they have been in business.

Getting market information and delivering according to the needs of customers is among things BMG has invested to achieve. They have well trained professionals who are tasked solely with research and implementation of different aspects of the market that come into Play. The company has also invested in offering information to the public in a bid to enhance the creation of a close relationship with communities. BMG has also offered different tools that have allowed customers to have control of their accounts.

During an interview with the World Finance press, Ricardo Guimarães, the president of BMG explained some of the things that have allowed BMG to stand out among competitors. Structuring the bank to enable easy receipt and analysis of customer feedback is one of the things BMG has been able to install. They have allowed their customers to have a say in everything that is put in place. Through the able leadership of professionals like Ricardo Guimarães, BMG has employed the right marketing tactics, which have also proved beneficial to local communities.

The company has invested in supporting sporting activities within all location in Brazil. This has allowed many young persons to nurture their talents and to embrace the advantages the company has been able to offer to those willing to become brand ambassadors. Ricardo Guimarães explains that BMG has also opened more than 3000 outlets across the country, something that has brought their services near customers. They have also employed more than 50000 agents, who have been offering different services across the country. Ricardo Guimarães can be given credit for the many changes they have embraced, thereby making the company a celebrated brand.