A Brief Overview of Forefront Capital

Forefront Capital is an international financial services firm that joins with its subsidiaries to provide investment banking, capital markets services and investment management. Forefront attracts highly influential and respected business leaders. Forefront has a number of private and public investment vehicles that access market opportunities.

Forefront Capital was founded in 2009. The founder of Forefront Capital is Bradley Reifler. He is also the CEO of the group and of its subsidiaries Forefront Advisory, Forefront Capital Markets and Forefront Capital Management.

Reuters wrote that Reifler started his career early in 1982 by founding Reifler Trading Corporation- a firm that dealt with executing global directives. In the year 2000, Reifler sold Reifler Trading Corporation Company to Refco. Reifler is also the founder of Pali Capital, founded in 1995. During the period of 1995 up to 2008, Reifler was the CEO of the company and generated revenues that were more than $200 million, had over 200 employees and had offices in Latin America, United Kingdom, United States, Latin America and Singapore.

Forefront Capital announced in May 21, 2015, that it had launched a seed funding worth $10,000,000 for Forefront Income Trust, an investment organization. Forefront Income Trust generates income from differentiated lending opportunities that are aimed at specialty finance. The Trust deals with areas that are not related to equity markets and are properly collateralized, structured and selected in order to mitigate risk and maximize returns.

The Trust does not charge any management fee and distributes 8% of its net investment returns to the client. Forefront Income Trust prioritizes in the investor and does not make money until the investor has made money. The motto of FIT is that the success of the investor is connected to its own.

Bloomberg tells that an investment in FIT should be deemed speculative and full of risks. Shareholders stand to lose capital and this includes their principal. The trust may also not achieve its investment goal. The shares will not be listed on securities exchange. Therefore, one should not expect to sell their shares because this trust is non-diversified. No investment opportunity is full proof and the same case applies to Forefront Capital Trust. There are a few risks involved but as the saying goes, ‘no risk, no reward’, therefore this should not stop any potential investor from joining the Forefront Income Trust. According to the CEO of Forefront Income Trust, any client’s investments are properly guided to ensure that they get a flow of cash that they can understand and work with

Boraie Development Sees Potential In Upgrading New Brunswick

Just a few short years ago, the New Jersey real estate market was on the verge of imploding. Now, there are many reasons to believe its on the cusp of a comeback. A stagnant economy, high taxes and the aftermath of back-to-back hurricanes, put a huge load in the upwards of $30 million on the citizens of New Jersey. 

In a surprising turn of events, the federal government is cooperating with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to get potential homeowners affordable down payments. Many real estate agents are finding more work than they can handle, as their phones are ringing non-stop. Other factors are contributing to more people looking for housing including real-time apps and smart technology for agents who can streamline the entire process. 

New Jersey real estate mogul Omar Boraie, owner of Boraie Development LLC., is a visionary who sees the potential of building more housing. His latest project is a high-rise luxury apartment called the Aspire. This residential unit was built in an effort to breath new life into New Brunswick, which has been deteriorating for some time.

The 73-year-old builder recounts how bad the area was several decades ago. “The area had many dilapidated units and abandoned houses,” says Boraie. While many criticized Boraie in his attempts to upgrade the area, he saw it as an opportunity to do some good. Boraie has also built two plaza towers over the years that have both commercial and residential renters. “The are is beautiful now and should bring more wealth back to town,” says Boraie. 

Although the New Jersey Shore isn’t quite back to its pre-hurricane condition, the areas are slowly getting back to its original state. As the devastated areas continue to get upgrades, more and more people will take advantage of the new and improved middle-class housing.

Criteria From Sultan Alhokair Seed Funding

Any business investment needs a seed stage investment in order to grow. This’s the startup capital that is required by a business to pay for its startup cost before it launches. This process needs seed investors who gain a share of the business profit in return to their initial startup capital for the investment. Sultan Alhokair is one of such seed investors, and Bloomberg notes that he works hand in hand with Valia Investments, assisting in determining which companies qualify for seed funding.

Below are a couple of fundamental guidelines that Sultan Alhokair follows.
Potential for getting back their seed funding is fundamental. Any seed funding Company wants returns on their investment. Seed funding comes at a price, investors like Alhokair want a return from the companies which they invest in, usually sooner rather than later. A company with a potential to grow and pay back their seed investment, will be in a better position to be more attractive at seed level. One key is a companies compelling story towards success.
A factual storyline from a business company looking for its startup capital is important. This means that the company has done its market research carefully and is ready to present its argument so as to qualify for seed funding. Without a compelling or attractive story, the lack of a seed investor to make it a success will be immediately recognizable through consumer validation.
Before an idea comes to birth, there needs to be an existing proof that the idea would be successful. This means that market research should be carefully carried out to reveal that there is a need in that product. A company seeking for meaningful startup funding, needs to show proof that there’s a legitimate interest in what their offering – viable exit strategies.
Sultan Alhokair seed investors are patient, and they do realize that at times it takes a little longer for a company to get off the ground. However, if things look like they’re not working out, it is crucial to have a viable exit plan for the investor. An investor has put their finances in a company, so having a way they can pull out, and not leave an investment crumbling is one of the good attributes about Sultan Alhokair.

These are some of the fundamental tips that Sultan Alhokair and Valia Investments look for before seed funding a company. Sultan Alhokair makes these kinds of decisions on a daily basis.