CEO Doe Deere Appreciates what Life Long Citizens Struggle to…

The message behind CEO Doe Deere’s piece for Entrepreneur makes a simple enough point. Doe, a Jewish girl that migrated from Russia and currently runs two North American companies, appreciates something very important that life-long citizens overlook; America! Her, her mother and sister simply appreciate America and what it has to offer. No politician or pundit can make America great in their eyes as it has always been great to them.

Long before Lime Crime Cosmetics or Poppyangeloff, Doe was a 17-year-old girl with a sister and a mother. All three wanted to migrate to America so they did. As is typical with most immigrant stories, the actual city of New York differed a great deal from what was seen on television and in movies!

The family seemed to struggle at the blue-collar level until they ran out of all funds but $8. When this happened, they had to eat at church-sponsored meal kitchens and live in shelters and even on the street! The three of them survived, and the experience has made Doe an incredible entrepreneur.

At the end of Doe’s story, when they move into public housing, Doe isn’t upset about the crime or graffiti that seems to take place all around them. The family is simply excited over having a place period! A separate kitchen unit is like icing on the cake to them! Pull one life-long resident from public housing in New York and ask him if he’s got a problem with the arrangement. Statistically speaking, a life-long resident will very rarely be in dire straights and have nothing to complain about. Doe and her two family members were but they still loved this country enough to not offer complaints!

At no point in the story does Doe complain that the United States didn’t recognize her mother’s accounting credentials or that they didn’t have privacy as they slept. These three women were too busy doing what they had to do to make America work for them. If more life-long residents had this idea and work ethic, this country would be filled to the brim with Doe Deere’s.

Brian Torchin Explains How His Company Can Help Healthcare Companies Get the Best Candidates for Jobs

Brian Torchin is the chief executive officer of HCRC Staffing in Narberth Pennsylvania. They provide staffing solutions to companies in the healthcare and legal industries. They can help companies find staff throughout the United States as well as Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Whether it’s a hospital, urgent care center, private practice, or any size legal firm they can meet the needs of their clients.

The healthcare industry can be a difficult one to supply staffing for, Brian Torchin says. Getting the right person is paramount as this will both increase productivity as well as help the patients receive the care they need. If you hire the wrong person you can have a big problem on your hands he says.

On the other hand, he cautions against overspending both time and money on the process of finding an employee that would be a great fit. This can be an unproductive use of resources, he says. Instead, companies in this industry should look to bring in a professional recruiting firm to find the employee they need. This will give healthcare company’s the best of both worlds where they get the best candidate for the position while also not wasting precious resources. See Related Links for more info.

However, Brian Torchin does say that companies should hire a recruiter that is deeply experienced in the healthcare industry. A general recruiter won’t be able to speak the specialized language that exists in this industry. He says that the company he leads has over 18 years of experience in this industry and points to the offices they have in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Deleware.

Once you hire a healthcare recruiter he says that you ought to work with them as your ally. The healthcare recruiter’s consultant needs to dive deep into your organization so that he or she understands both the culture of your company and its values. This knowledge can be used to hire someone that will fit in which reduces employee turnover. He also points out that a company like HCRC Staffing can help with sorting responses because the average job in this industry gets over 250 resumes for each job opening.

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Wengie Drawings Tells the World who she Really Is


Wengie is a famous YouTube sensation who hails from Australia but has origins in China. She is a young and full of life sweet lady who provides lots of practical advice and entertainment for people. Early in 2017, Wengie decided to tell her millions of fans about her life.


Even though her life is rather ordinary in terms of how it was lived; her followers will simply want to know more about this energetic Asian/Australian bombshell. So here is Wengie’s story that she tells through her drawings.


Wengie was born in Guangzhou, China on January 9, 1986. As of 2017 she is 31-years-old. Young Wengie’s birth name is Wen Jie which is where her YouTube name is derived from. When Wen Jie or Wengie was age 2, her parents relocated to Australia. They settled in Melbourne. Wengie stayed behind while her parents where in Melbourne for nearly 2 years.


She grew up being raised by her grandfather and nanny as a child. Once she was about 4 she relocated to Melbourne with her parents and grandfather. While she was there she had to relearn who her parents were and she had to adjust to her new surroundings.


Eventually Wengie’s parents relocated to Sydney. She claims that her parents were poor because they were trying to save up to move into a better lifestyle. Wengie got good grades in school but she was a very shy and introverted child. That’s hard to believe considering how outgoing she is now within her videos. She eventually overcame this problem. Wengie also got good grades in school.


Wengie eventually got a scholarship to help out her family who was still struggling. She graduated with an accounting degree and worked in this field for 4 years before she was fired. Wengie bounced back by getting hired as an internet consultant.


She eventually had many clients before she branched out to start her own show which we all know as Wengie. This brings us to where she is now. Currently, Wengie is a popular YouTuber who is happily married and earning a great living as a video hostess. She also has a younger brother named Jim. You can check more of Wengie in her Draw My Life Video on YouTube.