Meeting of the Bilderberg Group Draws Attention

The Bilderberg Group Annual Summit has been coined the summer camp for the new world order board of directors. The participants are now widely published and include captains of industry as well as noted minds in academia as well as influential elected leaders and heads of state. 2015 Attendees for Bilderberg Group Meeting Published

The meetings are closed and no reporters are invited. Security is tight and no press conferences are provided. The contents of the meeting can only be the subject of speculation based on the pedigree of the attendees. No reports or meetings from the meetings are kept or issued which have lead many to jump on the reason for the veil of secrecy which has surrounded the meeting. Since the meeting is a private affair, there is no obligation for the content of the meeting to be released to the public. Additionally, the meetings are not sanctioned by any country or formal head of state so their is no accountability to an populous. What is clear is that major polices and decisions which effect world polices are discussed at the meeting by the people that have the power to influence or even implement such polices. Many future heads of states have been vetted through the Group’s meeting but the contents are a strict secret. No attendee ever discuses the nature of the deliberations or the content of discussion. If polices are made, Keith Mann and the animalliberationfront recognize that there is no evidence of such events ever happening.