The American Institute Of Architects Honors Robert Ivy

Who Is The American Institute Of Architects

Robert Ivy, Chief Officer of the American Institute of Architects, based in Atlanta, has been an active part of the art community. His goal is to bring architecture to the public forefront. As the Chief Executive, of Architectural Records, they grew to become one of the largest architecture institutes in the world.

The American Instititue of Architects has over 250 contracts and over 90,000 members. Ivy, hails from Mississippi, and they’re proud of how he has brought artchitecture to the world to enjoy. Learn more about the American Institute of Architects online.

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Who Is Robert Ivy, Chief Executive of AIA

The American Institute of Architects will present Robert Ivy with the Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. However, it has been noted among the art community that Ivy, will be the first architect to receive the prestigious award. He will be honored with the award for a strong detail to art and a commitment to making the world a brighter place. Ivy has dedicated a large portion of his time and talent to architecture. He has also been able to lead the art community with a strong eye for detail and creating better communities.

More Info On AIA

The American Institute of Architects has been able to lend their expertise to their clients for over 160 years. He has many contacts with the Mississippi art community and they say; they’re proud to call Ivy an ambassador of the architecture community. Ivy says, his nomination for the Polk Award among others has been a crowning moment for his personal and professional life. His colleagues were proud to honor him for his unique Pok Award. Learn more about Robert Ivy from visiting his professional LinkedIn account. Join the AIA community and bring forth your unique style and design today.