Jeff Yastine Shares His Thoughts On Amazon

Amazon is a convenient online giant that many people use to do their shopping. The company has grown to amazing heights causing many people to believe there is nothing but growth headed for Amazon. But financial experts like Jeff Yastine see otherwise.

Jeff Yastine is an editor for Banyan Hill Publishing. His newsletter Total Wealth Insider has pushed current trends in the investment world to investors aiming to increase income. He brings his vast knowledge of finance and journalism to the publication. He attended the University of Florida for journalism. He has worked for news stations in North Carolina. In the 1990s, he was working as a reporter on PBS. Visit to learn more.

With an educational background and work history like this, it is obvious why Jeff Yastine brings so much informative information to the publication. It is also why he has his strong views on Amazon. He has given his insight on Amazon’s dominance in his newsletters to his dedicated readers. To this financial analyst, he believes the retail powerhouse is overrated.

The writer and financial expert has true solid facts that promote why he feels the way he does about Amazon’s place in the consumer goods market. He has made his prediction about the large company because of antitrust laws affecting large corporations. These laws were established to promote fairness and these laws effect large companies heavily, companies like Amazon. The writer believes these antitrust laws may effect Amazon’s overall power.

The purpose of Antitrust laws is to promote fair practices amongst businesses. These laws limit companies from becoming dominant due to unfair practices. America is a nation that is all about fair trade and has a lot of companies that own huge parts of an entire market. Amazon may be having to make some alterations to how they dominant the market due to these laws. The large company will be required by law to use just and fair practices. This keeps a fairness amongst the competition between businesses. Jeff Yastine has noted that the company will have to play fair amongst competition or deal with the consequence of antitrust laws. Learn more:


Ted Bauman, A Finance Expert At Banyan Hill Publishing

Banyan Hill Publishing began under the name of The Sovereign Society in 1998. The publication quickly established itself as premier media outlet for information on finances and economics. The brand was founded on the principles of self-reliance and sovereignty. The publication provided sound advice on asset protection, offshore bank accounts, global business operations, citizenships, private foundations, financial privacy and overseas residency.

In 2016, the brand rebranded itself and became Banyan Hill Publishing. With a new name and new focus for its readers, the company was able still stand by their mission of creating quality content for readers. The organization focused on equipping readers with the insights to understanding U.S. based investments, small and mid cap stocks, streams of income, natural resources, commodities, option plays and domestic companies. The brand is growing faster than ever in the category of independent publishers of investment advice. Almost four hundred thousand people flock to this site daily. Visit his facebook to learn more about his platforms

Ted Bauman sits as one of the financial experts at Banyan Hill Publishing. The experts at this organization work together collectively to assist their readers with information on investments, asset protection and entrepreneurship. Ted Bauman is an editor and analyst. He creates engaging content for his readers. His readers are able to invest more effectively and create forms of income for themselves from the informative blogs he pens.

The Bauman Letter is written by Ted Bauman. He also writes the Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert. Having a previous work history in consultancy, he knows exactly how to research and write engaging posts for his audience. He has already written several publications regarding economics. He has written for the World Bank, United Nations, European grant-making agencies and for South Africa.

Before coming to Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman managed funds for inexpensive housing projects. He is the founder of Slum Dwellers International. He has worked in international affairs. After his retirement from Humanity International where he was the director of the international housing programs, he got heavily involved in the world of low-risk investments. That interest led him to being an editor for Banyan Hill Publishing.



Ted Bauman- Adding tremendous value to Investors

The Total Wealth Insider strategically gives the average investor the little-known investing opportunities helping them live a freer, more prosperous and even prosperous life. The newsletter editor Jeff Yastine prides in being an Emmy-nominated Journalist in Finance Sector with his publishing in Banyan Hill Publishing being among the peak performing in the industry. Yastine life of extensive skills combined with experience and education gives him the powerful ability to advise his readers on ways of increasing their wealth portfolio and also protecting their returns. He believes in safe investments via stable companies with priced rates that brings tremendous value. Jeff subscribers have an ample chance of peeling over his shoulder when he swiftly takes them to deep dive on trending market events uncovering valuable stocks for rich gains. Visit to know more about Jeff Yastine.

Jeff Yastine views himself as a great financial journalist who has interviewed the world billionaires, top stock markets experts, financiers, entrepreneurs and successful investors. Jeff got educated at Florida University studying journalism and joined local television stations as the local reports and also finances markets in North Carolina. Jeff joined PBS in 1993 becoming the Nightly Business Report program anchor, and correspondent in Miami and millions of viewers watched his commercial broadcast globally. Jeff Yastine in 2007 became nominated for the Business Emmy Award citing his exceptional reporting on U.S bridges, systems, underfunded roads and various public infrastructures.

Jeff Yastine became the director-editor of Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015 adding a more significant asset to the company with his decades of financial expertise in journalism and stock market investor. The Banyan Hill began in 1998 and rapidly grew to offer a global assets protection advice to its readers that were entirely based on the values of the personal sovereignty and advocating of the self-reliance. In 2016 the Banyan Hill Publishing site rebranded become more practical and actionable in advising its reader through experts like Jeff Yastine and others.

Banyan Hill publishing agenda is advising readers on assets protection trusts, advising the offshore banking accounts, private foundations, financial privacy, tips for investing in international businesses corporations and ways of getting foreign residency. According to Jeff Yastine, Banyan Hill means merely getting rooted together in discovering winning investing strategies and helping others overcome the devastation of financial tsunami though giving their subscriber’s investment shelter. The site provides excellent suggestions and advice that offer profitable results and less-known by other investors in the market.

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Ted Bauman is Changing Banyan Hill Publishing Followers

If you have tried to invest in the recent times, you will understand the hardships most people have to endure. The market, especially in America has had its share of challenges, and investors have been forced to look for advice so that they can survive. If you are currently a newbie in the investment world, it can be a very tough battle, and sometimes, you might end up making losses after spending all your money. There are many places where Americans can get their investment advice. So many companies have emerged in the market, and they all promise to offer investors the skills they need to excel in their investments. One of the platforms people have been getting assistance is known as Banyan Hill Publications. This is a website that has only been focusing on the Americans and their investments. Follow Ted on twitter.

Banyan Publishing has been in the top American lists for the longest time because of its role in the lives of the investors. Banyan Hill has managed to attract so many investors in the market, and this is why it has become so popular among investors. The reputation of this platform is mostly attributed to the top professionals who have been given the tasks of advising the customers. These experts have always done their part in the organization, and they never offered the customers reasons to have doubts. The company would never have been enjoying its reputation without these professionals.

Ted Bauman is an American executive who has been taking the role of editor in Banyan Hill Publications. Ted Bauman has been serving with this organization since the year 2013, and he has been one of the most important pillars who are responsible for a lot of growth that has been happening. Ted Bauman is very responsible in all the roles he has been offered in the organization, and he has been doing well because of his commitment. Ted Bauman has been the force behind several newsletters. Some of these include Plan B Club, The Bauman Letter and the well-known Alpha Stock Alert. This businessman knows all his roles perfectly, and he does not disappoint the people who look up to him for help. Ted Bauman lived in South Africa for a long time when he was a young man, and he managed to acquire so much knowledge on international matters. The expertise he got has been very instrumental in the success he has been getting while working as an editor. Learn more:


The Success Story Of Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is highly respected as the Senior Editor for True Momentum, Extreme Fortunes and Profits Unlimited at Banyan Hill Publishing. This is a firm specializing in investment research. He recently answered some intriguing questions for Enterprise Radio. Paul Mampilly is best known as the former manager of a hedge fund and the investment competition winner for the Templeton Foundation. His career began more than 25 years ago and he has obviously achieved success.

Paul Mampilly has been featured on numerous prestigious programs including Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News and CNBC. He has offered his advice regarding investments to the main street American investors. These individuals are interested in information about the best time to make an investment and the most current stock trends. Read more about Paul on

Paul Mampilly’s financial and business career began in 1991 when he was working for Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager. He next moved to Deutsche Bank and ING where he was responsible for the management of multimillion dollar accounts. He additionally worked for a private Swiss Bank, Sears and the Royal Bank of Scotland where his experience continued to increase.

By the time Paul Mampilly reached the age of 42, he had become tired of assisting the corporations on Wall Street make billions of dollars. He made the decision to retire so he could devote his knowledge and spend his time helping the average American. He wanted them to have the information necessary to take advantage of good opportunities for investments. This is what eventually led him to Banyan Hill Publishing as a writer. He is still with this investment research firm. Their sales have reached $80 million and they distribute financial strategies. These are for the individuals interested in both protecting and growing their personal wealth. He ensures they receive good advice.

A lot has happened since Paul Mampilly decided to join Banyan Hill Publishing back in 2016. More than 90,000 individuals have already signed up for his newsletter Profits Unlimited. The newsletter contains eight pages and every month details regarding a new opportunity for investment are included. The newsletter additionally has a model portfolio he personally tracks. This recommends several stocks for his readers under his personal recommendation. In addition to the services he provides through Profits Unlimited, he is also responsible for two elite services for trading. These are True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. Lastly he writes a column every week for Winning Investor Daily. Visit: