Brad Reifler Knows the Game of Gains



Brad Reifler admits in his Huff Post article that it is a bold claim indeed to know how the plans of presidential candidates Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump may affect the economy. But with a refined inside perspective as a serial entrepreneur and a hedge fund manager, he takes a bird’s eye view of the options presented. His informed assessment and take away is fair and pleasant about the possible outcomes.


Both Clinton and Trump start with from a point of making the tax laws more simple and accessible to the average person. For the most part, the shape of Clinton’s tax plan affects those in America that are making a million or more. However those making less are set to see benefits in some of Clinton’s tax changes as well. She want expertise where capital gains taxes are calculated. In her new tax plan the amount of time capital gains are held factors into how they are to be taxed.


Trump, on the other hand, wants to compress the existing tax brackets and making a few basic tax groups. Trump also wants to put a limit on the number of deductions that both and double income families can make. Trump also wants to repeal some existing tax law that are designed to only help the upper class. Of the two candidates, Trump is the closest to actually revealing what he has in plan, by posting some information online.


Brad Reifler might have his eye very closely on the presidential election as the CEO of Forefront Capital Management. It’s kind of his job to know these types of things. He knows about them because thirteen years of being Founder and CEO of Pali Capital brings experience with it. He is very good about letting others know as well.

Premium Dog Foods Providing Human Like Food

Certified organic, no preservatives, and high quality ingredients are all terms that you are more likely to expect hearing about from your own food rather than your dog’s food. However, premium dog foods have been improving the quality of their offerings in the hopes of appealing to pet owners who are increasingly concerned with the well-being and health of their dogs. Man’s best friend indeed. The market for these foods has grown significantly in recent years. The overall pet food market is worth approximately $23.7 billion in annual sales. Pet owners are spending more on higher quality food items for their pets to a significant degree as the premium dog food market has increased by almost 45 percent to now command $10.5 billion of the total market. In the dog food industry, this has been commanding some high valuations and significant acquisitions. J.M. Smucker has acquired Big Heart Pet Brands for almost $6 billion and now has access to their jerky and treats that are made without additives and colorings, which is increasingly attractive to pet owners who are looking for more natural alternatives. Nestle’s Purina line, which owns powerhouse Beneful, bought Merrick Pet Care who is an organic producer of dog food and one of the leaders in organic dog foods. Nestle appears poised to add Merrick Pet Care’s strong organic products to Beneful’s already high quality and near dominant array of products. Beneful isn’t stopping there and is now offering a website that allows dog owners to offer personalized dog food blends using special small batch nutrition. This allows dog owners to create a diet that is right for their dog without having to adhere to the sizes and ingredients that fit other dogs. Imagine from your own perspective being forced to eat a sized meal with nutritional quantities that fit other sized people. Beneful is looking to change this and offer more specialty foods that are just right for your pet. Consider their Bright Minds food that has medium-chain triglycerides included in it that are specially designed for older dogs who have problems processing foods. These food items are more closely emulating human foods and with good reason; people are increasingly concerned with their pets and treat them just like part of their family.


Susan McGalla is a business person executive consultant who hails from Pittsburgh, who has had numerous stints in the corporate world of retailing. Her career started off with the Joseph Horne Company from 1986 to 1994. Her career catapulted when she joined American Eagle Outfitters when she passed through various positions before finally settling on the top seat, as the president and the company’s chief merchandising officer.

Ms Mc Galla usually speaks of her childhood as being taught to grow as a person and not a woman or a man. She accredits her strength of character to her folks. Her father being a football coach never gave her a much lesser opportunity than her two brothers. She adds that her parents encouraged her to have confidence and work hard in everything. Born in Ohio, Ms Mc Galla attained her degree in business and marketing from Mount Union College. Her husband, Stephen Mc Galla is a US-based wealth manager.

She started the teen retailer, American Eagle Outfitters in 1994 where she led the company to be a market leader in American teen outfits. Being in charge of marketing and design of the brand, Ms Mc Galla during her tenure at the company even wore Jeans at some point to rally teens when she was moving the headquarters of her company to another place. Her style of leadership saw the company start over 77 brands of kid’s clothes, an e-commerce site and the company’s revenue rose to up to $3 billion.

She bid farewell to the company in 2009 but still kept her career consultancy active for the financial and retail industries. During the same year, she was appointed to the board of directors at HFF Inc. a publicly traded company dealing in real estate ventures. She still sits on the board currently. She then had a short stint at Wet Seal where she changed the company’s portfolio for the better by creating unique brands and attracting a new audience for the company’s products, before starting her consulting company P3 executive consulting in 2012. Her consulting company has done jobs for top personalities in the finance industry. Ms Mc Galla has acquired vast experience in her career and is hardworking, not forgetting her passion and flexibility in achieving her consultancy role. Her consultancy company provides expert advice in the fashion industry making her one of the most sought after consultants in the retail industry.

Apart from her work a good consultant, Ms Mc Galla also has plenty in her hand as she sits on the council of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute as well as the University’s Board of Trustees. She is also the director of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development. Being a woman and having contributed to the woman power in the corporate world, she has been appointed to the board of Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation.

Confidence has made her conquer the fashion and retail industry and as seen her earning her respect as an active woman participator even in male-dominated fields. She truly is a champion!

Applying Makeup for Prom Night

Your prom night is supposed to be a memorable event and one thing you can do is look your best with the right makeup. When choosing makeup you want to consider your skin tone, personality and the tone of the event you’re attending. Proms are formal events so you want to wear makeup that is flirty and fun yet still decent enough without looking overly made up. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and styles of makeup, and you can find some neat inexpensive brands at a drugstore.

Try Lime Crime from Doe Deere

Another idea is to try Lime Crime from Doe Deere. Doe Deere is from Russia but now lives in the States. She is inspired by a desire to be bold in her approach to beauty and she enjoys helping women achieve self-confidence through makeup. Doe Deere’s Lime Crime makeup line is ideal for proms because the colors are bright and many teens enjoy bright colored makeup.

I’m Wearing A Red Prom Dress. Which Makeup Should I Wear?

Here are tips on wearing makeup with a red prom dress. For those wearing red dresses with orange undertones, coral colored makeup complements them well, especially for women with darker skin tones. Red lipstick still works with most red dresses but consider a rose shade to offer a contrast to your red dress. If you’re wearing a deep red dress, black eyeliner goes well with it. The smokey eye look can also be worn with your red dress. If your dress is burgundy, light colored makeup keeps you from looking too punk rock-like at your prom.

Makeup To Complement Pink Prom Dresses

If you’re wearing a bright pink dress, it’s best not to rock a lot of bold pinks in addition to the dress or you’ll look like Barbie. Instead choose makeup with beige, taupe or slight gold undertones so that the focus will be on the way you look in the pink dress. Neutral colored eyeshadow also works for bright pink dresses. Also look for makeup that is based on your skin tone so you’ll have a blended yet not too matching style to the dress. If you’re wearing a deep pink dress, go for bolder and even darker shades. Those with brown or gray eyes can get away with blue or lilac eyeshadow with a deep pink dress.

Don’t Forget Basic Skincare

Before you put on the makeup, you need basic skincare applied to the face. Start by washing your face with a high quality facial cleanser and then apply facial moisturizer to it. Let your face dry before putting on the makeup. If acne is a problem for you, use a strong anti-acne cream in place of regular moisturizer and never pop the pimples since this makes acne worse. Use some natural skincare remedies such as olive oil, mashed bananas, honey, lemon and aloe vera gel for the face since they contain vitamins that improve your skin. With these steps, you will look fabulous on prom night.

Is The Best Time to Invest In Gold Right Now?


Is now the best time or the worst time to invest in gold? This is the question that has been asked by numerous experts over the past few weeks. Many investors and local experts alike say that gold is not even worth considering at the present time. But is this true? When you consider that the outcry against gold has been ongoing for some time, savvy investors are slowly purchasing their stake while gold is down.

Somewhere in the next 3 to 6 months, a bear rally is expected that will drive gold prices up anywhere from 10% to 30%, according to gold experts in the know. When the possibility of this is compared to other markets over the last year, experts see this as a prime opportunity for profiting.

In fact, because of the negative connotations for gold, many insiders see this as the perfect time to buck the trend and purchase their shares in gold. One thing history has told us, when people begin to bet against gold, it’s usually just before gold makes a big jump.

Many well-seasoned investors believe that the ongoing purchasing of gold will begin to taper off, and even now the market is beginning to show signs of seller exhaustion. While gold has been selling at a brisk pace, experts do not expect the trend will go on for much longer. It is at the time when selling slows and the bear market kicks in will people begin to see huge gains in the gold market from their earlier purchasing plays.

Experts believe that over the next two quarters gold will rally significantly because of a drop off in bearishness. When it is all said and done, many believe that gold will sell for $1100-$1300 per ounce in the market.

U.S. Money Reserve, an established gold and silver dealer, know all about the aspects of precious metal investing. The company specializes in gold coins and the purchasing and selling of gold, silver and platinum coins. They employ a huge staff of over 100 specialists in a wide range of areas, including appraisers, gold specialist, gold research professionals and more. They offer a wide range of precious metal investment opportunities including coins authorized by the U.S. Congress.

Contrary to the belief of naysayers, now is the perfect time to get into gold. With the coming changes to the market, now is the perfect opportunity for new and seasoned investors alike to take advantage of this precious metal and the opportunity to reap huge rewards.

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How To Choose The Best Online Advertising Campaign

Do you market products or services to the Brazilian market? Are you looking for a reliable advertising agency or the best online advertising campaign to reach your target audience? Online advertising is a proven way to reach a wider audience. Many businesses and individual professionals use online advertising on a regular basis, and have built a strong customer base. If you sell to consumers in Brazil, you can place ads online that target this market, and build your business.

Choosing the best online ad campaign is all about doing your research and finding the right ad for your target audience or market. Although Cypress Associates says it might appear that broad advertising is a reliable way to get customers or clients any business, targeted online ad campaigns are the better approach. Market research can help determine where the best online ad campaign for a particular product or business might be targeted and in some cases even how to effectively reach that audience. Making choices based on adequate research is the correct way to perform any online advertising campaign.

Generally, an established business will not choose an online ad campaign directly, but will choose an advertising agency or consultant who will handle the creation of the campaign. Reviewing past campaigns is a great way to determine the quality of service and can help in choosing an advertising consultant who will effectively handle an online campaign for you. In addition to asking for past work, you also need to be satisfied with the pitch the advertising agency or consultant provides.

If you prefer, you can create your online advertising campaign without hiring professional service. In this case, you’ll be choosing from a variety of ad formats such as banners, text ads, or viral marketing. And you can utilize any available online tool, including advertising on social networking websites, posting videos, and making websites. Which strategy will be appropriate depends on the product, service or business being advertised.

Claudio Loureiro Heads founded the Heads Propaganda over two decades ago, and is currently the chairman of the company. Heads Propaganda is one of the largest advertising agencies in the industry. After solidifying in Curitiba, he decided to expand the business to other locations. Currently, Heads Propaganda has four offices in Brazil: Curitiba, São Paulo, Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro. Claudio Loureiro Heads has achieved great success in the advertising industry, and is well respected by his peers, clients and other professionals.

Jared Haftel career insights

Jared Haftel concluded his university studies and graduated from Duke University in the year 2009. Jared’s 5 years in Duke University gave him the opportunity to achieve degrees in Economics, science as well as Mathematics. These exemplary achievements have since made him qualify to serve very well in his dream career of investment banking in blue chip companies.

He started his career in investment banking by serving in Merrill Lynch, where he worked in the docket of investment banking analyst and specifically offered his profound professional insight to several high profile companies like CONSOLE Energy and GEoEye. His practice and exposure obtained from working with these companies gave his an opportunity of landing great positions in the competitive industry of investment banking. Among the jobs he managed to grab included his tenure as an investment banking analyst in Bank of America, as well as an associate of Vector capital.

Moreover, Jared’s exemplary performance in the University and his remarkable career went in line with his great desire in sharing a piece of his mind with people looking for employment especially in the field of investment banking.

Jared shares his insight by explaining the essence of composing an appealing resume whenever people are applying for a job. He starts by asserting that devoting a resume to an actual career achievement is the most prudent decision that one can make in their lives. This is because of the fact that, it is much more essential to highlight your prospective significance to any potential employers, and one can do this by displaying whatever they have achieved to the those employers.

An excellent resume is supposed to have half of its content dwelling on work experience that has relevance particularly if one is seeking a high profile position. This is due to the fact that it is quite important to have a well narrated and illustrated working experience when searching for big jobs. Wide experience in certain jobs is the key aspect that is sought after whenever one is looking for employment opportunity that has a handsome remuneration, provides endless opportunities and the deserved job security. Having these in kind, it is good to have a resume that reflects the experience you have in your career field. One is not advised to concentrate on the things you achieved in tertiary level or in high school. In fact, one should fully abandon everything that concerns high school, because it is very rare to get any prominent corporate company that requires knowing anything about high school. In this regard, if one wishes to successfully get a job in big corporations, you are required to utilize the relevant professional accolades.

An employment position that one had financial institution of any kind so long as it is reputable and achievements made in your current job or previous job. These sums up the crucial factors that any potential employer anticipates to see in an applicant’s resume. They look forward to establishing the reasons that drives them to get a good member of staff, a person that can be trusted and one that is in a position to execute their duties in the right way.

Nevertheless, one should be prepared to answer some complex questions. In relation to what Jared says, some instances require you to be willing to engage in demanding conversations for you to accomplish something worthwhile in your profession. This entails giving good reasons why you desire to leave your current position, or reasons why you departed from the job you served previously. These helps in supporting your candidacy for the employment position on offer.

Boraie Development Sees Potential In Upgrading New Brunswick

Just a few short years ago, the New Jersey real estate market was on the verge of imploding. Now, there are many reasons to believe its on the cusp of a comeback. A stagnant economy, high taxes and the aftermath of back-to-back hurricanes, put a huge load in the upwards of $30 million on the citizens of New Jersey. 

In a surprising turn of events, the federal government is cooperating with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to get potential homeowners affordable down payments. Many real estate agents are finding more work than they can handle, as their phones are ringing non-stop. Other factors are contributing to more people looking for housing including real-time apps and smart technology for agents who can streamline the entire process. 

New Jersey real estate mogul Omar Boraie, owner of Boraie Development LLC., is a visionary who sees the potential of building more housing. His latest project is a high-rise luxury apartment called the Aspire. This residential unit was built in an effort to breath new life into New Brunswick, which has been deteriorating for some time.

The 73-year-old builder recounts how bad the area was several decades ago. “The area had many dilapidated units and abandoned houses,” says Boraie. While many criticized Boraie in his attempts to upgrade the area, he saw it as an opportunity to do some good. Boraie has also built two plaza towers over the years that have both commercial and residential renters. “The are is beautiful now and should bring more wealth back to town,” says Boraie. 

Although the New Jersey Shore isn’t quite back to its pre-hurricane condition, the areas are slowly getting back to its original state. As the devastated areas continue to get upgrades, more and more people will take advantage of the new and improved middle-class housing.

Alexei Beltyukov: An Angel Willing to Help

Alexei Beltyukov started to study medicine, but then decided to pursue business and received his MBA at INSEAD Business School. A true entrepreneur, he has launched several successful businesses including A-Ventures, New Gas Technologies and Mechanicus. He has led projects in transportation including a venture in rail car leasing, known as Brunswick Rail. Two years ago (2013), he formed Endemic Capital in Russia as a resource to provide angel investing for Russian start-up companies.


As an angel investor, Beltyukov not only provides financial backing and capital needed to begin a business, but may provide advice and guidance as well. Angel investors are usually family or friends, not just uninterested lenders. They see the personal value and purpose behind the business and they want to see it succeed. It may be money to jumpstart a business, or it can be ongoing support to help the company get through a tough spot.
Investing his own money, Alexi Beltyukov also provides counsel where needed to the company. Angel investments can be high-risk, so he looks for a great team and a good market. The outcome is always desired profit and productivity, but Beltyukov mostly wants to see the business succeed.


Beltyukov is a committed humanitarian. Several organizations, such as A-Ventures Ltd and Skolkovo Foundation, have been formed to help other Russians looking to start businesses, or attend business school. A-Ventures Ltd was founded to help Russian businesses with underperforming assets.


As Vice President of the Skolkovo Foundation, Beltyukov helps provide economic guidance and support through grants for startups and entrepreneurs who want to expand their prospects throughout Russia. He also helped establish an alumni scholarship from his alma mater, INSEAD University, which provides support to students accepted into the University. The long-term goal is to see recipients return to Russia or the Ukraine and be successful there. So far, seven have done just that.


Beltyukov is an “angel” in more than one way. Seeking to help students and teachers alike, he introduced SOLVY in the San Francisco Bay area this past April. SOLVY is an online homework space for high school students which allows teachers to create and administer customized homework assignments. listed it as “One of the World’s Most Promising Startups.” Beltyukov hopes to make it a household term in math education.

Joseph Bismark: Marriage of Spirituality and Business

One thing that is common in business is mergers. Many companies merge together due to either a partnership or one company buying out the other company. In many cases, one company policy dominates the other. It is not as common for concepts to merge together. One such merger of concepts that has occurred is spirituality and business marketing, according to an article I read on the WordPress blog under the name of We Don’t Love These Hogues. This merger has occurred thanks to Joseph Bismark. For many people, this merger is quite surprising and strange. However, when one reads more about Joseph Bismark as I did, he will understand how that came about.

Joseph Bismark has merged these two concepts together in order to bring out a dynamic way of running business. He has also shown some of the non-believers that business and spirituality can be merged successfully. This has brought forth a level of success that many people did not figure was possible. Joseph Bismark has achieved this successful run of business due to his assertiveness and diligence in marketing. As a result, he has won the approval of many people globally. He has also inspired many people who have dealt with him and have read about him.

His success can be traced back to when he was nine. He has spent almost ten years in the mountains as a monk where he learned some of the most valuable lessons about life. He has learned the value of mindfulness, humility and spirituality. He has spent a lot of time in meditation until he has reached enlightenment. He has also discovered his true purpose which is to help others realize their true potential and purpose. He has also figured out a way to generate income with this pursuit. He started several businesses with the purpose of bringing out the best in every aspect of others lives.