Charlamagne tha God : The Power Of Conversation


In a recent interview, with Buzzfeed news, The Breakfast Club co-host and author Charlamagne tha God sat down to advocate and help people understand the issues that people with mental disorders go through. The topic would quickly move to Kanye West and his recent increase in strange behavior particularly during his White House visit with Donald Trump. Charlamagne tha God understands why people are calling him out for his behavior, however, he also mentions that nobody is trying to help him

Charlamagne tha God also shoots down his critiques for being “wack” and “hypocrites” themselves because many in the business advocate for mental illness, however, when someone is yelling out for help people just make fun of him. Charlamange was quoted on Profile” as saying that all these critics do is “Kick him while he’s down”. He would further make a joke about “All Trump supporters must have some sort of mental issue”.

Later, Charlamagne would urge everyone on social media to take what Kanye is saying with a grain of salt, Kanye himself has admitted to having a bi-polar disease which he now claims to have been diagnosed. Overall, Charlamagne tha God states that mocking him and canceling on him is not the answer, instead, we should be urging Kanye to seek treatment.

In regards to his cancellation of an interview with Kanye, Charlamagne tha God said that the message would have been lost immediately, in essence, the interview would be seen as what other crazy things would Kanye say instead capturing the primary message of advocating for mental health.

Charlamagne tha God concludes his interview by saying that the conversation needs to continue, two black men having a conversation is very powerful and can benefit those people other there that might not be too confident in asking for help. Go To This Page to learn more.


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Jeff Yastine Shares His Thoughts On Amazon

Amazon is a convenient online giant that many people use to do their shopping. The company has grown to amazing heights causing many people to believe there is nothing but growth headed for Amazon. But financial experts like Jeff Yastine see otherwise.

Jeff Yastine is an editor for Banyan Hill Publishing. His newsletter Total Wealth Insider has pushed current trends in the investment world to investors aiming to increase income. He brings his vast knowledge of finance and journalism to the publication. He attended the University of Florida for journalism. He has worked for news stations in North Carolina. In the 1990s, he was working as a reporter on PBS. Visit to learn more.

With an educational background and work history like this, it is obvious why Jeff Yastine brings so much informative information to the publication. It is also why he has his strong views on Amazon. He has given his insight on Amazon’s dominance in his newsletters to his dedicated readers. To this financial analyst, he believes the retail powerhouse is overrated.

The writer and financial expert has true solid facts that promote why he feels the way he does about Amazon’s place in the consumer goods market. He has made his prediction about the large company because of antitrust laws affecting large corporations. These laws were established to promote fairness and these laws effect large companies heavily, companies like Amazon. The writer believes these antitrust laws may effect Amazon’s overall power.

The purpose of Antitrust laws is to promote fair practices amongst businesses. These laws limit companies from becoming dominant due to unfair practices. America is a nation that is all about fair trade and has a lot of companies that own huge parts of an entire market. Amazon may be having to make some alterations to how they dominant the market due to these laws. The large company will be required by law to use just and fair practices. This keeps a fairness amongst the competition between businesses. Jeff Yastine has noted that the company will have to play fair amongst competition or deal with the consequence of antitrust laws. Learn more:


Ted Bauman is Changing Banyan Hill Publishing Followers

If you have tried to invest in the recent times, you will understand the hardships most people have to endure. The market, especially in America has had its share of challenges, and investors have been forced to look for advice so that they can survive. If you are currently a newbie in the investment world, it can be a very tough battle, and sometimes, you might end up making losses after spending all your money. There are many places where Americans can get their investment advice. So many companies have emerged in the market, and they all promise to offer investors the skills they need to excel in their investments. One of the platforms people have been getting assistance is known as Banyan Hill Publications. This is a website that has only been focusing on the Americans and their investments. Follow Ted on twitter.

Banyan Publishing has been in the top American lists for the longest time because of its role in the lives of the investors. Banyan Hill has managed to attract so many investors in the market, and this is why it has become so popular among investors. The reputation of this platform is mostly attributed to the top professionals who have been given the tasks of advising the customers. These experts have always done their part in the organization, and they never offered the customers reasons to have doubts. The company would never have been enjoying its reputation without these professionals.

Ted Bauman is an American executive who has been taking the role of editor in Banyan Hill Publications. Ted Bauman has been serving with this organization since the year 2013, and he has been one of the most important pillars who are responsible for a lot of growth that has been happening. Ted Bauman is very responsible in all the roles he has been offered in the organization, and he has been doing well because of his commitment. Ted Bauman has been the force behind several newsletters. Some of these include Plan B Club, The Bauman Letter and the well-known Alpha Stock Alert. This businessman knows all his roles perfectly, and he does not disappoint the people who look up to him for help. Ted Bauman lived in South Africa for a long time when he was a young man, and he managed to acquire so much knowledge on international matters. The expertise he got has been very instrumental in the success he has been getting while working as an editor. Learn more:


The Success Story Of Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is highly respected as the Senior Editor for True Momentum, Extreme Fortunes and Profits Unlimited at Banyan Hill Publishing. This is a firm specializing in investment research. He recently answered some intriguing questions for Enterprise Radio. Paul Mampilly is best known as the former manager of a hedge fund and the investment competition winner for the Templeton Foundation. His career began more than 25 years ago and he has obviously achieved success.

Paul Mampilly has been featured on numerous prestigious programs including Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News and CNBC. He has offered his advice regarding investments to the main street American investors. These individuals are interested in information about the best time to make an investment and the most current stock trends. Read more about Paul on

Paul Mampilly’s financial and business career began in 1991 when he was working for Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager. He next moved to Deutsche Bank and ING where he was responsible for the management of multimillion dollar accounts. He additionally worked for a private Swiss Bank, Sears and the Royal Bank of Scotland where his experience continued to increase.

By the time Paul Mampilly reached the age of 42, he had become tired of assisting the corporations on Wall Street make billions of dollars. He made the decision to retire so he could devote his knowledge and spend his time helping the average American. He wanted them to have the information necessary to take advantage of good opportunities for investments. This is what eventually led him to Banyan Hill Publishing as a writer. He is still with this investment research firm. Their sales have reached $80 million and they distribute financial strategies. These are for the individuals interested in both protecting and growing their personal wealth. He ensures they receive good advice.

A lot has happened since Paul Mampilly decided to join Banyan Hill Publishing back in 2016. More than 90,000 individuals have already signed up for his newsletter Profits Unlimited. The newsletter contains eight pages and every month details regarding a new opportunity for investment are included. The newsletter additionally has a model portfolio he personally tracks. This recommends several stocks for his readers under his personal recommendation. In addition to the services he provides through Profits Unlimited, he is also responsible for two elite services for trading. These are True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. Lastly he writes a column every week for Winning Investor Daily. Visit:


Jeff Yastine Unmasks Investment Secrets

Jeff Yastine is a prominent business professional, investor, former financial journalist and financial advisor. In the past, he has worked with several investment advisors who offered him insight on major investment schemes and businesses. While working with these professionals, he majored on interviewing stock market entrepreneurs, financiers, and general entrepreneurs. Alongside working with them, Yastine internalized their advice and considered applying it to becoming one of the world’s most successful investors.

Before delving into journalism, Yastine was a student at the University of Florida. Upon graduation, he became a financial journalist working in North Carolina. Shortly after, he decided to join PBS’s Nightly Business Report as a news anchor and correspondent. At that moment, most Americans watched the show with the hope of finding the right investment plan for their business. Moreover, he majored in financial with the viewership of some of his current clients. Working as a financial journalist, Jeff Yastine was in a position to evaluate some of the most promising stock markets including Petmed Express, Mako Surgical, Carnival Corp, and Royal Caribbean among others. Learn more about Jeff Yastine at Crunchbase.

As a financial journalist, Yastine spoke to some of the most influential businessmen who played a crucial role in helping him shape his career. Among these prominent business professionals are Warren Buffett and Michael Dell among others. After interacting with the named individuals, he decided to delve into the industry of investment with the hope of becoming a financial advisor in the end.

Because of his involvement with the stock market in 1987, Yastine learned invaluable lessons when just at twenty-three, it dawned on him that he owned no stocks. Alongside a market crash that impacted investor’s life in many ways, he was predetermined to join other investors who risked their resources in different businesses. Now at that moment, Jeff Yastine developed passion for a different business that allowed him to grow as a person. The crash contributed to his interest in learning how the market works. He also learned how the significant value of a commodity could be destroyed.

Currently, Yastine works at Banyan Hill Publishing as the chief editor of Total Wealth Insider. Jeff also serves as a weekly contributor to the company’s Sovereign Investor Daily as well as Winning Investor Daily where he highlights the key areas of focus for investors to understand economics as well as monetary trends.

The Kennedy Accounts were not just discovered by Jeff Yastine recently. In fact, they have been in the industry for some time. President Kennedy formed them during the market recession that paralyzed most of America’s financial sectors. To be honest, the Kennedy Accounts come as different items for everyone. For starters, some people have easily made up to $100,000 from this investment docket. Others have on the other side concluded that the investment scheme offers more than the usual social security funds. Visit:


Mr. Ted Bauman is the editorial director at Banyan hill publishing specialized in asset production of the company, privacy, international migration issues and low-risk investment strategies in the company since 2013 as his academic credentials and experience act as a proof on his managerial skills. He uses himself to create wealth and financial approach to people who are willing to grow in the business sector through his extensive writing on weekly opinion on the variety of topics on growth and development in the business world such as financial issues and planning for the customers. View Ted Bauman’s profile at LinkedIn.

In one of Mr. Ted Bauman’s letter, how to summer in dream vacation spot for free- and earn money, he encourages people to consider practical issues than emotional issues before settling in a geographical location of a place. He states a variety of factors to be considered in the selection of an ideal place for overseas vacation property. These letters help clients to protect their wealth and avoid hefty taxation on their properties by the government allowing them to live stress-free and more satisfying life while away from their homes.

On his articles in the , Mr. Ted Bauman writes about client future planning, on how not to be lured by greedy individuals who are only interested in their financial status. He also provides the overall sight of the financial sector by the clients who are not conversant in line with that sector. He opens up the mind of their clients who in turn acquire financial decisions on their money and their wellbeing. These articles always help their clients, who are the readers, to make sober decisions on their selection of good financial status.

The editorial investment Guru, Mr. Ted Bauman was born in Washington D.C and was raised on Maryland’s eastern shore. On his tertiary education, he went to the states University of New York where he studied and graduated with a degree in Business Administration. He later went to the University of Cape Town in South Africa, where he studied economics and history and later graduated with postgraduate degrees in Economics and History. During his stay in South Africa, he served a non-profit organization as a financial manager on their projects. After his stay in South Africa, he went to Georgia States University for his Master’s Degree in business administration, specializing in the finance sector. Visit:


Ted Bauman: Banyan Hill’s Pride

Ted Bauman is part of the Banyan Hill Publishing Editorial Team since 2013. He serves as the editor of The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club. Most of his financial advising revolve around privacy, international migration issues, low-risk investments and asset protection. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia along with his family.

Ted Bauman worked in most of his career life by helping investors to be able to lead a sovereign life, which is independent of governmental oversight and greed by capitalists. He was born in Washington D.C and grew up in Maryland, he stayed for a few years of his life in South Africa as well. He graduated with a degree in Economics and History in the University of Cape Town. His career of more than 20 decades in South Africa allowed him to have administrative roles in several sectors. These include nonprofit businesses, fund manager for low-cost housing, and fund efforts for citizens in need. One of the successful efforts he managed was the Slum Dwellers International, which helped 14 million people in 35 countries.

Ted Bauman worked as a consultant in the 2000s, while doing research and writing about finance, housing, and urban planning. He is aware of the diversity of countries in the United Nations, and he wanted to tackle issues that involve the UN, World Bank, South African government and the European agencies that give funding for the housing projects. He went back to the US in 2008 where he worked as a Director of International Housing Programs under the Habitat for Humanity International. In 2013, he left the nonprofit organization to work as a researcher and writer which led him to Banyan Hill Publishing. Visit Ted Bauman on Facebook for more updates

A lot of experiences throughout Ted Bauman’s career involve international housing projects. He has totaled over 75 countries that he visited, which included extensive visitations in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Carribean. This has allowed Mr. Bauman to gain experience about diversification of investment portfolio–he recommends the storage of investments in various countries as well. Through the research and writings he produces, he advises investors to look at all the profitable options that the international community has to offer.

More insights by Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman also writes as an author in Medium, where he shares his insight regarding tax reform, tips on retirement, and cryptocurrencies. He presents the latest trends and his well-researched insights that investors can use to take action about their financial decisions. Visit:


Jeff Yastine Reveals the Stocks to Watch

Jeff Yastine considers himself as a former financial journalist. So what does he do now? Yastine is a stocks investor who now helps people in making informed financial investment decisions. He is a member of the highly experienced investment experts at Banyan Hill Publishing. He endeavors to provide readers with reliable information on profitable ventures and financial trends among other economic sector insights. Read more at Talk Markets

He does this through his Total Wealth Insider which has hit about 50,000 subscribers. He is also a regular contributor to Sovereign Investor Daily and Winning Investor Daily, which operate under Banyan Hill. The publisher now boasts of hundred thousands of subscriptions owing to the up to date and exclusive discoveries and investment options. Yastine joined Banyan Hill in 2015 and immediately established himself as a household name in the sector.

He went to the University of Florida for a degree in journalism. Jeff Yastine worked as a financial reporter for a local television reporter where he gained some experience in the markets. His determination earned him a job as a correspondent for the prestigious Nightly Business Report on PBS. The program was among the widely watched in the world. The position provided him with a platform to gain an excellent understanding of the financial sector.

Yastine got a chance to interact with successful people in the world. He was also able to identify profitable opportunities as well as risky investments. These predictions came to pass a few years later, and those who had invested in individual companies earned incredible returns. It became a common feature for Yastine, who recently revealed that Kennedy Accounts are giving exciting returns.

He released a video with more information about the accounts. According to Jeff Yastine, the accounts were created by John F. Kennedy with the aim of turning around the economy of the United States. He wanted to encourage average Americans to invest by facilitating companies and individuals with millions of dollars.

One unique feature of the Kennedy accounts is that you can invest directly without brokers. It means that investors would save some money that is charged by the middlemen. The option has helped people get good gains from their investments. The revelation highlights Yastine’s ability to conduct reliable research and efficiently report his findings.

Besides this, Jeff Yastine has advised his readers or rather investors to consider cybersecurity. He opines that the shortage of IT security experts will drive the stocks in cybersecurity companies. He suggests that this is bound to happen soon. Visit:


Brian Torchin Explains How His Company Can Help Healthcare Companies Get the Best Candidates for Jobs

Brian Torchin is the chief executive officer of HCRC Staffing in Narberth Pennsylvania. They provide staffing solutions to companies in the healthcare and legal industries. They can help companies find staff throughout the United States as well as Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Whether it’s a hospital, urgent care center, private practice, or any size legal firm they can meet the needs of their clients.

The healthcare industry can be a difficult one to supply staffing for, Brian Torchin says. Getting the right person is paramount as this will both increase productivity as well as help the patients receive the care they need. If you hire the wrong person you can have a big problem on your hands he says.

On the other hand, he cautions against overspending both time and money on the process of finding an employee that would be a great fit. This can be an unproductive use of resources, he says. Instead, companies in this industry should look to bring in a professional recruiting firm to find the employee they need. This will give healthcare company’s the best of both worlds where they get the best candidate for the position while also not wasting precious resources. See Related Links for more info.

However, Brian Torchin does say that companies should hire a recruiter that is deeply experienced in the healthcare industry. A general recruiter won’t be able to speak the specialized language that exists in this industry. He says that the company he leads has over 18 years of experience in this industry and points to the offices they have in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Deleware.

Once you hire a healthcare recruiter he says that you ought to work with them as your ally. The healthcare recruiter’s consultant needs to dive deep into your organization so that he or she understands both the culture of your company and its values. This knowledge can be used to hire someone that will fit in which reduces employee turnover. He also points out that a company like HCRC Staffing can help with sorting responses because the average job in this industry gets over 250 resumes for each job opening.

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Michal Terpins and his Strong Presence at the Sertoes Rally

Off-road driving is one of Brazil’s favorite sports. The vents are big and receive a lot of news coverage as no other sports even can replicate the atmosphere at off-road driving races. For rally driver Michel Terpins, an event in off-road is a treat as the community and experience of being out in nature and getting to look at all the cars and talking to like-minded people is unique every time.

One of the most significant events in Brazilian off-road racing is the Sertoes Rally. That is also Michel Terpins most favorite competition as he takes part in the race almost every single year. Every year, the Sertoes Rally takes place over a full week and goes through a few different areas. The race amasses to 3 000 km, and it is a real trial for off-road rally drivers. The Sertoes Rally makes them stay alert at all times and rely on their skills and not on the terrain. The twist with the Sertoes Rally is that it aims to encompass varied terrains in order to bring out the pure skills of the participants in the competition.

Michel Terpins has been in the competition nine times, and later in 2018, he is planning to be in the Sertoes Rally again. Michel Terpins almost always takes part in the Sertoes Rally together with his older brother. Rodrigo Terpins and Michel Terpins make up the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Their team is sponsored by companies such as MEM Automated who have also provided them with their latest T-Rex cars sorting V8 engines.

Michel Terpins started taking part in rallies years ago, inspired by his older brother. Rodrigo Terpins was mostly taking in the motorcycle category. Michel Terpins also had his first race in that category but he soon switched over to the cars category.

Rodrigo Terpins is active in philanthropy and the Bull Sertoes Rally Team often drives on the behalf of charities. The brothers have been contributions to a number of foundations and using their status in the off-road sports industry to help other people.