Skout Encourages the Public to be Their Own Superheroes


When fiction meets reality, wonderful things happen. The global communications application, Skout, encouraged people to be their own superheroes on the day dedicated for such, April 28. In order to encourage this powerful behavior, the app promised to donate to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of the Greater Bay area for every superhero themed gift sent by users of the app. Until a wish was fully funded, these self-proclaimed heroes refused to give up their efforts.

In addition to the encouragement of this behavior, the company conducted a superhero poll, and were surprised to find that three out of four people identify a superhero as being somebody that helps others when there is no promise of a reward. Of course, those characters that everybody grew up with deserved some recognition, and when Skout asked who everybody’s favorite superhero is, the answers were fairly concise: The women loved Batman while the guys gave their affection to Superman.

“We’re proud to create an opportunity for our community to use our app to fund a wish for someone who could use a real life superhero,” said Christian Wiklund who is the CEO of Skout. Thrilled to conduct the survey, too, some more themed questions revealed some answers about the population of the United States. Most superheroes will give credit to those who help them, and most of them are nothing without their sidekicks. When asked who the best superhero BFFs were, half of America answered with Batman and Robin. While that was certainly no surprise, the rest of the population boasted of the Wonder Twins, the Thing and the Human Torch, and even the Green Hornet and Kato.

Of course, these super beings are nothing without their superpowers, and one out of three Americans agreed that the best power is that of immortality. Flying, speed, and strength fell closely in line, however. Other topics of discussion included the Batmobile being the best vehicle, and that a mask is a necessity for those super beings. Finally, nearly eighty percent of people wish they could possess superpowers, but Skout wants the public to know that they can, in fact, be their own superheroes.

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Talk Fusion’s Video Email is Revolutionizing the Corporate World

Video emailing has created a buzz in the content marketing industry. However, to achieve the full potential of video marketing, making many videos is recommendable. The popularity of online video has gained instant popularity, and many people are using it to address their entertainment and information needs. Businesses that integrate Internet marketing with video emailing are likely to realize immense profits.

According to the findings of Relevancy Group, the inclusion of videos in email marketing campaigns escalated email promotion revenue by 40%. With growth in numbers of people using the Internet, Video marketing stands as the most efficient strategies for engaging with audiences. The study established that videos that are incorporated in emails could escalate open rates by a record 20% and a two to three times increase in click-through rates. Videos have an ability to express the personality of a brand. Talk Fusion is a prominent online video provider with an incredible global presence.

Origin of Talk Fusion

Bob Reina wanted to incorporate a video of ten seconds into an email and send it to friends. However, the American Online informed him that it was impossible. Reina did not give up; together with his IT-expert friend, they mastered the art of embedding videos into emails.

Easy to operate and use

Most users have rated Talk Fusion as one of the simplest apps they have ever used. Typically, inexperienced users find video email to be complex and tricky, but Talk Fusion provides more than 1,000 templates for each situation. Additionally, users are offered an opportunity to design their personalized templates.

Background Information on Talk Fusion

Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. The company was established in 2007 with Video Emailing as the first product. The firm has managed to cement a top position in video communication industry by adhering to the visions and goals of its founder. Talk Fusion engages in sound business activities and is an active member of the Prominent Direct Selling Association. Talk Fusion is strongly devoted to giving back to friends, family, communities, as well as animal charities around the world. Services offered include video chat, video emailing, live meetings, and video newsletter. The original version of this article is available via this link;

How Handy’s Company came into Existence and the Services they Provide

Handy’s founder Oisin Hanraham studied in Dublin together with his friend Paddy Cosgrave, who was previously his colleague in web summit. They both started two organizations before both venturing into their current projects. Despite hand only being 3 years old, When it comes to on-demand handyman and cleaning services, previously called Handybook or Handy is dominating the space. This is after having announced a round of over $50 million this week and now being worth estimated revenue of $500 million; it is hard to contemplate what space would be like without it. Their existence in New York has played a key role in the company’s development and victory

A significant contribution to the great success of handy comes from the team which is incredible that made the founder so proud he hired expertise like the former executive at Amazon called Jeff Pederson, and also the old head of engineering from Tumblr not forgetting a former head of data science at Birchbox. Oisin says that sound hiring is a center spotlight for the business, and they will keep on investing seriously in it for the next six months. At the moment, the Company has one hundred and sixty workers including over ten thousand contractors.
The most interesting thing with Handy is that it connects clients with independent service. They are professionals in over 30 major cities in Canada, U.K and the United States. It’s the easiest way to locate handyman and home cleaning services.
The skilled professionals supply high-quality household cleaning services. With each professional having relevant experienced. They prepare and make your place shine. That is to say; the professional cleaner takes care of the dirty work
Finally, it is also launching handy delivery and assembly service in New York starting with furniture. Handy’s chief ambition to bring as many services as possible to the residence is determining though.

Oisin Hanrahan Says Handy Is Scaling Up

If you don’t know the name Oisin Hanrahan that is okay. We assure you that you know his company, Handy. Handy is a start up company that is taking the on demand cleaning industry by a storm. The important thing to understand is that Handy does not plan on stopping at just that service. According to Oisin if there is a hole that needs to be filled in any major city, Handy might be there to fill the gap.

For example, in addition to on-demand cleaning services, Handy also offers handyman services. This service also does quite well for Handy. It works well for the customers too. Here is why, as a client who needs these services, you have a problem that needs to be fixed immediately. How do you hire a service person you trust? This is where Handy comes in. Handy has already looked over the credentials of the handyman they are sending out. They are ready to send out the most reliable handyman to service your needs. This insures that you will get the highest quality repair guy. You are also guaranteed that he will show up and do the job right.

Oisin knows that Handy must go above and beyond the expectations of his customer base. He has a plan that will lead to global domination of the service industry. Place by place, city by city, Handy is taking charge and getting the job done. They do this by offering the highest quality service at cost effective pricing. In Handy’s short time the company has already reached an unbelievable amount of customers and experienced rapid growth. Handy is not worried about other companies because there are many copycats but, none of them do exactly what Handy does. As a result, Oisin Hanrahan has no doubt that Handy will be scaling up and continue to do so.

Turn to Handy Home Cleaning Services for Exceptional Results

Handy Home Cleaning Services can provide you with everything that you need to have a clean home. Many people use this service on a regular basis instead of trying to professionally clean their own homes. Time is important, and you should allow premium cleaners to do the hard labor of keeping your home in order instead of trying to do it yourself on top of all of your other daily activities.

If you do not need a professional cleaner on a regular basis, you may decide to hire one for the holidays or if you are planning on hosting an important dinner party at your residence. When you want your home to look its very best, you should be sure to allow a professional to do a deep cleaning that will leave your guests amazed at how beautiful your home is. A good cleaning service will provide many different services to help your home look its best.

You can count on a cleaner from Handy Home Cleaning Services to be able to come in and tidy up your living room and den. Your furniture will be wiped off and your flooring will be cleaned thoroughly. When it comes to your bathroom and kitchen, you can rely on a professional to clean and sanitize them with ease. You can choose how many rooms you want cleaned and which ones, and a professional cleaner will do the rest. You will be happy with the results that this professional company offers.

If you have a busy schedule, you want someone who can come to your home at a time that will be convenient for you. You no longer have to wait around for an appointment that suits the company that you hire. Instead, you can set up your own exact appointment time, how many rooms you need done, and enjoy getting a price quote very quickly. If you like the price, your professional cleaner will be at your residence when you need him or her to be. You can expect only top quality services from a company like Itunes’ Handy Home Cleaning Services.

Unlike other cleaning services, Handy Home Cleaning Services hand picks each worker. If someone is on the Handy team, you can be sure that he or she has passed reference checks, background checks, and intensive in-person interviews. This professional will know how to do the job right by using skills and the proper cleaning tools. You can trust Handy Home Cleaning Services to offer you a guarantee on all of the work done by their expert cleaners. This company has worked hard to build a reliable reputation in the cleaning industry, so you can count on them to surpass your expectations.

Facts About Fuse And Skout You Did Not Know

Skout is a unique social networking platform that is centered towards providing excellent social networking features to the user such that interacting with people outside the usual social circle becomes much easier. This mobile application belongs to the top league of social communication apps, and the best thing with it is the fact that it easily doubles as a dating and travel app. Initially, it was started as a travel application to help travelers going to new destinations get to know a few people from the city and show them around.

In its earlier days before it managed to turn itself into a dating application, many used to term it as the ‘adult penpal zone’. The app Skout gained much popularity after it introduced a travel feature that made it possible for members to take virtual journeys being assisted by the locals in the region and get to know the destination better before taking the actual visit. In fact, users who have taken those virtual journeys end up doing real trips even if it was meant just to make friends in the first place.

When the travel feature was introduced, it was meant to be used in two different ways; to help those with an intention to visit a new city get to know a few friends before making the actual visit and to just make friends in different cities of the world. So far so good, the company has had huge success with both missions, and the best thing with it is the fact that it can be accessed in different languages an on Android and iPhone devices.

Skout also incorporated Fuse into its platform a few months ago. The app has over 500 million users from 180 different countries who are connected using their mobile phone number and initials. With Fuse, users get an easy to use, and organized platform where constructing a social network is as easy and fast as blinking the eye. Designed for people on the go, Fuse allows users to have added features including diffusing recently added photos and messages as one deems fit.

Before venturing into Fuse, Skout had already gotten into profit, and it was getting not less than 1.5 million new users monthly. In the past, Skout has also acquired Nixter, a night life app for a sum it did not disclose. However, with Fuse, the company was bound to get even more popular based on the fact that it is free and available on both Google Play and the App Store.

Members are also given the ability to use their domain, use it and discard it whenever they feel like without being limited on the amount one can use. A user can also jump from one conversation to another without worrying about leaving trash and traces behind since all messages delete themselves automatically. Both applications have succeeded where many more others have failed in the past; managing to keep the fire burning by coming up with new and better features that make users glued and intrigued.

The AnastasiaDate Website Is Fun And Exciting

Take dating to the next level by dating online. Those who are sick and tired of looking for dates in all the different places they can think of may find themselves with more success if they look for a date online. Dating online isn’t much different than finding a date anywhere else, but online dating means that there are a lot more prospects to date. It’s possible that millions upon millions of persons are online looking for a date, and this gives a lot more opportunity to those who are looking to find someone else that they can date. The dating process isn’t very hard, but a person must decide if they choose to date online if they want to also date in person.

Many people that date online will only talk to the other person, and months or even years may pass without them ever meeting the other person in real life. It is still considered dating, even if the people don’t meet in person, but those who choose to meet are the ones who are serious about finding love. Even if someone is dating internationally, it’s still possible to find love, but the person may also have to realize that traveling may be necessary to be able to meet the other person. It’s always a good idea for one to make up their mind when they start dating, so there is no confusion later.

Finding a dating site is very easy, but finding the right dating site can be the hard part. A person can choose a dating site, and they may not find what they’re looking for, so they are forced to look for another dating site. Instead of doing all the shopping around on dating sites to find the right woman, a man is encouraged to go to the AnastasiaDate website, which has 18 years of experience when it comes to finding men dates. The men who date on the AnastasiaDate website have been able to find love as well as finding marriage.

Not every person dating is looking for marriage, but those who are will have a good time on the AnastasiaDate website, especially because of the fact that the website has so many women available. Many dating sites may be frequented by women who are only looking for a man to take care of them or for a man who they can take things from, and that’s not what the AnastasiaDate website is about. AnastasiaDate is created in the hopes of two people finding love, even though they may be in separate countries. The AnastasiaDate website has many love stories that have been successful, and many members on AnastasiaDate visit the website on a daily basis.