Andy Wirth Explains The Plan To Expand The Squaw Valley Resort

The Auburn Journal has published an op-ed from Squaw Valley Ski resort CEO, Andy Wirth, who has explained just how the latest expansion plans for the resort will benefit the local community. The future of Squaw Valley has been a major source of discussion in recent years after the competitive nature of the ski resort industry saw the annual spring downturn in visitor numbers become more important than ever before. In response, Andy Wirth is backing a plan to use more than 80 acres of asphalt parking lots as the site of an expansion of the Squaw Valley village.

The plan has now been placed in front of the Placer County Board of Supervisors to be discussed and reviewed before Wirth hopes it goes ahead in the near future. As the plan for developing the Village at Squaw Valley to provide year round employment opportunities for the people of the area was developed more than 500 community meetings were held. In a bid to make sure the natural beauty of the North Lake Tahoe region is maintained the environmental impact has been considered. In response to community concerns over the environment the plan has seen many alterations, such as the lowering of building heights by up to 30 feet, and the protection of over 3,000 acres as a natural play area for visitors.

Andy Wirth has been a major force in the protection of the Squaw Valley Resort and the Lake Tahoe region as a whole. In recent months, Wirth has been appointed chairperson of the Reno Tahoe Airport Committee that has been looking for ways of increasing tourist numbers to the region. Despite his dedication to the growth in visitor numbers the CEO of Squaw Valley has also been an important voice in ensuring the natural beauty of the area is maintained. Andy Wirth has been an important figure in managing large resorts across North America, and sees his role as providing year round employment for the people of the region. If the plan recently unveiled is given the go ahead the local community will benefit from 1,400 jobs and estimated tax revenues of $25 million.