Goettl Air Conditioning: Broken No More

Everyone in life is going to encounter some roadblocks and stumbles along the way. It is what builds character and it allows people to succeed in life. If everything were easy, how would they ever learn anything? They would just go through life thinking everything were easy and there were no challenges. That is why Ken Goodrich has made it his business to take broken businesses and make them unbroken and improve them. If they were successful at one time, he believes they can be once again. There is nothing stopping a man like Ken Goodrich with his positive mindset and his positive approach.


He is a man in the community and the people respect that. They respect when they can see someone’s face, shake their hand, and get to know them. That is what Ken Goodrich has done with Goettl Air Conditioning. He has also hired employees that believe in the same mindset and have the same attitude. They will not rest or stop until the customer feels as though whatever the issue is, it was solved to their satisfaction. Ken Goodrich and company know that is how to get repeat customers and how to get word of mouth. People talk online and if there are too many bad reviews, people won’t even give the company a chance.


People have welcomed Goettl Air Conditioning and Ken Goodrich back with open arms and they have embraced them as one of their own. That is a great joy and a great treat for Ken Goodrich. It reminds him that good things can happen to good people and good companies. If they do things the right away, always remember the customer, and keep their word, they will have nothing to worry about in terms of their future. In fact, their future looks quite bright and it is shining.