Jose Borghi: The Brains Behind Mullen Lowe Agency

Jose Borghi is the founder of Mullen Lowe Agency. This is one of the leading advertising agencies in Brazil. Jose derives his reputation from creating innovative promotional material that rattles the entire commercial marketing sector in Brazil. One of his biggest creations is the “Mammals of Parmalat”, piece that features children singing jingles while they are dressed like stuffed up animals to learn more: visit here.

Jose Borghi’s Early Life

Jose Borghi ventured into advertising when he was still in high school. This opportunity came when he warmed up to an offer by his sister to attend an event at Castro Neves Theater. The show involved a display of commercials that were organized by “Cannes Worldwide Festival of Imagination”. The winners of this event were gifted with golden lion awards. The performance that Borghi experienced inspired him to venture into commercial advertising.

Borghi was raised in Presidente Prudente and studied at PUC-Campinas. After graduating from college, Borghi joined the “Standart Ogilvy Group” where he was able to exercise his creativity performance skills.

Jose Borghi’s Road to Success

Jose later joined forces with Erh Ray to establish an advertising agency which came to be known as BorghiErh. The duo had no financiers and were forced to work extra hard to satisfy their clients.

In 2006, Lowe Agencies acknowledged the achievements potential of BorghiErh. The two companies partnered to form Borghi Lowe. The company continued to make headlines and eventually caught the eye of Mullen Group. The company sought to partner with Borghi Lowe and together they formed Mullen Lowe. Jose Borghi was named co-CEO of the company.

Mullen Lowe advertising agency that has defied all the odds to become one of the most prosperous domestic and global marketing agencies. The firm has received many awards, including the “Cannes Lion”, because of its huge contributions. The company has also managed to serve international brands such as Asia Motors, Delta Airlines, and Fiat.

Jose has forged a lot of alliances and made important connections in the advertising industry. One of the secrets of his success is his commitment to serve his clients to the best of his ability. Many startups and budding businessmen go to Jose Borghi for advice on advertising and making a market presence. From humble beginnings, Jose was able to attract the big brands in advertising and to emerge a force to reckon with in this industry. No doubt, Jose’s achievements have been born out of sheer determination, a lot of effort, and solid goals.

Jose Henrique Borghi Adds Quality and Innovation to Brazilian Advertisement Industry

Jose Henrique Borghi, the founder and co-CEO of Mullen Lowe, is known for adding innovation and quality to Brazilian advertisement industry. By founding and transforming Mullen Lowe to a major advertisement agency in Brazil, Borghi achieved the mission of shaping Brazilian ad industry and a world-class advertisement agency from South America. He is credited with some highly impactful campaigns such as great repercussion similar to Mammals of Parmalat and other ads. Apart from actively taking part in the campaigns, Borghi tries to contribute his part in the total life cycle of the products as he believes that marketing has to be started from the product design stage.

Jose Henrique Borghi is instrumental in designing the advertisement strategies of the firm. He uses a number of creative professionals and psychologists to ensure impactful campaigns that are appreciated by clients and audience alike. Borghi is a strong proponent of bringing scientific practices such as limbic system – the study of emotions – to influence mass audience while creating the campaigns. Jose Borghi understands that only by fully knowing what people wanted, he can serve them with the highest satisfaction. He invests more time to learn human behavior and to understand their likes and dislikes. Click here to know more.

JoseBorghi completed his graduation in Advertising and Propaganda from PUC-Campinas and started his career with Standart Ogilvy in 1989. In the next few years, he worked with a number of ad agencies such as Talent, Léo Burnett, FCB, and DM9 / DDB. Borghi founded his ad firm, BorghiErh with the partner Erh Ray, and in the coming years, the company made significant growth, and by 2006, it was acquired by Lowe and renamed as Borghi Lowe. Recently, it merged with Mullen group, and the resultant agency named as Mullen Lowe. Borghi is known for providing consistent services with great client-value addition. He has received many accolades including 14 Cannes Lions Award, 10 The One Show Awards, 7 London Festival Awards, 11 New York Festival, and more.