The benefits of civil rights bodies across the world

Human rights activism is an essential part of protecting human dignity and improving the living standards of people. Thus, it is paramount for countries across the world to uphold human rights tenets by formulating laws to protect the violation of human rights.

Across the board, many organizations have emerged to echo their voice in the increasing number of human and migrants rights abuses globally. In the process, this has strengthened the fight against human rights abuses and discrimination.

The United States of America has witnessed an increased number of human and civil rights bodies. The Advocates for Human Rights is a civil rights organization that has specialized in spearheading women, children and immigrants’ rights globally. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

This has earned the group an international recognition as being among the best civil rights bodies due to its independence. The organization has devised ways of ensuring the less-privileged get justice. They specialize in providing legal services to aid in getting justice for victims of human rights violations.

Racial discrimination is another fundamental part of human rights violation that has been witnessed in many countries. To curb this, the United States of America under the then president John F Kennedy established Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights under Law. As such, the body has been instrumental in protecting the rights of minority groups to access services and equal representation.

Another notable organization that has brought a positive impact to individuals and families in the US is the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights. The organization is based in California and has been fighting for the rights of immigrants in accessing equal employment opportunities.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are household names in the human and civil rights arena. They have contributed positively towards the advancement of the rights of immigrants in the United States of America.

The duo is the co-founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media respectively. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been using the media to advocate for the rights of immigrants by writing articles to sensitize the world.

Their breakthrough came in the line of duty when they were arrested by Sheriff Joe Arpaio after they had revealed the existence of a jury that wanted to use their reports against the county security chief. After the arrest, they staged a legal battle where they won the case and were compensated $3.75 million.

Michael and Jim have channeled the money into their human rights activism by speaking for the oppressed across the US. As a result, the duo has received recognition across the world for the work they are doing.

Arpaio’s Pardon Attacks the Judiciary

In light of Trump’s recent pardoning of Joe Arpaio many people are wondering what the significance of this move is, and why Trump would go out of his way to pardon this specific individual. The controversy surrounding the issue is well founded, and if you are unaware of who Joe Arpaio is and what he represents then your probably wondering why his pardoning is such a big deal.

To understand the different layers comprising this political move we have to start at the beginning of the Trump-Arpaio relationship to understand it from an anti-immigration standpoint, and then move on to understand Trump’s disdain for the judiciary branch. By going beyond an anti-immigration stance Trump hopes to circumvent a court ruling as a power play against our system of checks and balances.

In the beginning the relationship between Trump and Arpaio blossomed over the “birther theory”, where the two came together in an attempt to prove that President Obama was born outside of the United States. For six years these two worked tirelessly to plant seeds of doubt in the minds of Americans, doing everything they could to spread misinformation and lies about the birthplace of the former President. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

This tactic of making the lie big, simple, and repeating it over and over until people believe it seems to have worked, as a majority of the conservative base to this day still believe that President Obama was not born in this country.

It was a propaganda technique developed by Hitler and Joseph Goebbels, and in Goebbels own words it only works if the state is able to shield the people from the consequences of that lie.

This is where the pardon comes into play for us, as it effectively shields the population from the consequences of Arpaio’s defiance of court orders. Repressing dissent is the same as repressing the truth, and in this case the truth is clearly the enemy of Trump and Arpaio.

In 2007 Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were awarded a settlement in the amount of 3.75 million dollars as the result of being wrongfully arrested by Arpaio’s sheriffs for reporting on court proceedings against him.

They have dedicated this money to a foundation that serves to protect immigrant rights in the face of the same lawlessness that they experienced. While Arpaio and his deputies were busy profiling and rounding up hundreds of immigrants violent crimes were left un-investigated as manpower became devoted solely to the effort of immigration “reform.”

After fighting against Arpaio’s unconstitutional methods his department received a ruling that barred them from continuing what the court referred to as “systematic racial profiling of immigrants,” and the Department of Human Services removed his authority for immigration-enforcement. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

This year Arpaio was convicted of contempt for blatantly ignoring the courts ruling by continuing to waste resources on his racist crusade. U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow ordered that the agency stop detaining people based only on the suspicion of being undocumented, and by defying this order Arpaio was charged with contempt and sentenced to six months in jail.

This comes after it was revealed that his deputies continued to discriminate against Latinos in the initiation of traffic stops.

By reversing the court’s decision Trump has effectively condoned Arpaio’s racist initiatives, and has acknowledged that this sort of behavior will be protected under his administration.

Beyond the racially charged rhetoric exists another sinister political motivation, and Trump’s outright contempt for the Judiciary Branch of government is no secret.

Rather than uphold and protect our Democratic Process Trump has made it his duty to defy court rulings that threaten the lies his administration has used to rise in power. If history is doomed to be repeated it would seem that Trump is right on track.

Thor Halvorssen Shines the Light on Human Rights.

With so many different cultures in the world, there is one subject that is apparent throughout even the most primitive cultures, Human Rights. It is in some shape, form or fashion an issue throughout the world. To battle this ongoing issue the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) was formed.

The Human Rights Foundation was founded in 2005 in New York to raise awareness and educate society as a whole on how to promote freedom and tolerance in regions that are plagued with human right issues. Their philosophy is simple. Target and educate world leaders, intellectual individuals and society as a whole, who have the influence in their countries to promote human rights within their respective cultures. They aim to accomplish this with seminars, publications, news and video media to initiate a movement forward in the right direction.

The Human Rights Foundation was founded by Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza, most commonly referred as Thor Halvorssen. He is a human rights activist and film producer that recognizes the need for education, throughout the world, of the travesties of the lack of human rights that many people continue to suffer to this very day. He decided to use his talents to get this very important issue out to the public. He stance is very basic. He states “I don’t care if these injustices are being committed by “right-wing or left-wing regimes. Havorssen is also the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum. It is a heavily promoted and successful festival that has grown immensely and is approaching the status of being as big as Devos Economic Forum.

Halvorssen was born in Venezuela. His father, Thor Halvorssen Hellum, and mother, Hilda Mendoza both have been the victim of senseless violence through government corruption. These experiences led him to found HRF and be what many call “a champion of the underdog and the powerless.” This is just the start of what is considered a very influential and rapidly moving stage of education of the people and the eradication of the injustices that prevent the world from becoming a more peaceful society as a whole.