California Cleaners Brands Customer a “SODOMITE” after he Wins Lawsuit Against them

Byron Batista already won a $75 lawsuit against North Hollywood’s Rosali Cleaners for damaging his throw pillow, but now the cantankerous cleaners has taken to name calling using homophobic slurs.

When Rosali Cleaners finally refunded Batista, he was shocked to see the check was made out to “the buggerer.” Batista returned to the Judge.

The court ordered Rosali Cleaners to give Batista a new check.

The cleaners sent a new money order, yet this one had another problem. Written next to Bastita’s name was “SODOMITE,” in all caps.

“I went to the bank to cash it, and the teller said “Oh, my God!’” Batista said. Bank of America immediately wrote to the Judge explaining what occurred and that the bank would not accept the money order with any offensive language.

So now Bastita will return back to the Judge to request further intervention.

Meanwhile, after Bastita’s story circulated, Yelp reviews poured in according to Jaime Garcia Dias.

The reviews range from “The owner is terrible to deal with,” to “Homophobic, abusive, unprofessional, mean, nasty people,” and 160 other reviews that Yelp deems not currently recommended.

Out of 86 Yelp reviews, Rosali Cleaners currently has a 1.5 star rating.

According to Huffington Post, Rosali Cleaners has not commented.

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