Business Success Inspired by Jorge Moll

Among the noblest jobs in the universe is medicine. Only a few people can pursue the career. Medicine needs an individual who is committed to studying for years and is passionate about helping others. Jorge Moll dedicated his time to studying to become certified in the field to accomplish his goals. He always wanted to help other individuals who never lived a quality life due to their physical challenges.

Jorge Moll is an alumnus of Federal University of Rio de Janiero, where he acquired his Neuroscience MD. He also has a Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology, received from São Paulo University. Moll is currently the Founder and Head of D’Or Institute of Research and Education. He says that he began this institute with an aim to boost healthcare, education, and research in his country.

Organizing a day and having a certain routine to follow has been proven to be one of the attributes of successful investors. Jorge Moll’s day revolves around meeting associates of various organizations, students, and researchers to get feedback and exchange ideas which is very crucial in his line of business.

One of the common character traits among the entrepreneurs is that they always have multiple ideas (Romaleke). Many individuals get lost in this as they try to evaluate all ideas. Jorge Moll works to evaluate his thoughts and welcome opinions in doing so to separate the unrealistic ideas and get hold of the brilliant ones. He then goes ahead to implement the great schemes. He advises investors to stop dwelling on notions for so long. He says that one should either pursue an idea or move past it and get on to the next thing.

Jorge Moll says that one way he has been able to achieve victory in his business is questioning his model. He does not believe in getting comfortable; he says that it’s through questioning the model that he lands on other brilliant ideas to implement in his business.

Jorge Moll has not accomplished his goals with no challenges. He says since running his non-profit research organization, the failure he has experience is delayed results or failure to get the anticipated results. The only way to get past this is to incorporate your strengths and weaknesses and face the problem in a different perspective.


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