Business Owners Should Quell The Haters

A business is only as good as its reputation. published an excellent article worth reading by those who have had to deal with online haters. The article advises people to use crisis communication techniques that allow them to avoid jumping into the fray and “getting into the mud” with haters. The article suggests a wiser approach.

A reputation takes a lot of time to build and develop. Those in business do realize a solid reputation is the one thing that can always make customers feel confident patronizing a particular establishment. Reputations are made by consistently working hard to make sure customers receive the best goods and services in the best possible manner.

Does this mean everyone is going to be pleased? Truthfully, there is always going to be a certain percentage of people who are unhappy with the services rendered to them. And then there is a percentage of those people who are going to write incredibly mean-spirited reviews and try to hurt a business. It is not 1986 anymore and those reviews aren’t going to turn up in small circulation newspapers. The reviews are going to end up being published online and they will linger in the search engines for an annoying amount of time.

The author of the article suggests business owners affirm their commitment to current customers and even make special offers to keep them happy. Doing so — combined with reaffirming the positive reasons for staying in business — will keep an entrepreneur on the right track. Good communications and the right attitude towards customers definitely has the potential to deflect the impact of online hate.

Addressing customers might seem like a daunting task, but the job has to be done. Those who think they can blow off the negative content would be making a huge mistake. The rude and harmful content is going to remain online and continue to cause problems. Only by directly addressing the situation and producing “counterattack” content can the situation be solved. This is why checking out Reputation Management Fixers is a good plan.

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