Brazilian Lawyers

The legal system in the Federative Republic of Brazil has its basis in Civil Law. The judicial, legislative and executive structures as per the constitution in Brazil is different from that found in countries whose legal system has a common law basis such as the USA. There, however, may be some similarities in the role of attorneys from either system among other factors.
The Brazilian Federal Constitution has been in effect since 1988, and it has a Portuguese origin. It is the supreme law in Brazil, organizing the country into states, municipalities and federal district that all form the Federative Republic of Brazil. The states, however, have been allowed by the constitution to adopt their individual constitutions under the guardianship of the supreme law.
Brazil has both Federal and state courts, as guided by the Constitution. The Federal Supreme Court is the guardian of the supreme law, being the topmost court in the land. The superior court of Justice upholds and interprets legislature whereas regional federal courts act as appeal avenues. State courts found in individual states fall subject to both the Federal Constitution and state-specific laws. Municipalities lack judicial structures and as such, can only use the state and federal judicial facilities.
For one to become a lawyer in Brazil, they undertake a Bachelor of Laws course for five years or so after which the student can sit for the bar exam. Upon admission to the bar, the lawyer is qualified to practice any kind of law. They can represent a defendant in court, draft contracts or offer consultancy in whichever legal area.
Gaining prominence in the field of legal practice in Brazil is no easy fete. Mr. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one such lawyer who is largely prominent. Mr. Ricardo is a greatly established Brazilian lawyer with a rich portfolio. His experience in corporate law especially is outstanding. His law firm is one of the biggest in Brazil. For many years, he has defended huge corporates, both local and multinational. Famous politicians have also been part of his clientele from time to time.
Mr. Tosto works in close collaboration with his associates, most of whom he has mentored as interns in his firm in the past. His role is guidance whenever special problems as far as concerns cases his firm is involved in arise. He has received global recognition and won enviable accolades. He is a member of the International Bar Association (IBA). Mr. Tosto is also on the Steering Committee of the IMD (Institute for Management Development – Lausanne – Switzerland) Alumni Association in Brazil. Mr. Tosto is a former president of the Judicial Modernization and Judicial Reform Committees at OAB/SP (Brazilian Bar Association / São Paulo Section). He also sits on the Board of Directors of the Study Center for Lawyer Societies (CESA).

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