Brazil Honors Ricardo Guimarães With Award

His grandfather was Antônio Mourão Guimarães, the founder of Banco BMG, and he is the son of Flávio Guimarães Pentagna. And it has been Ricardo Guimarães great honor to have received a high commendation with the Town Hall honors degree, in 2011. Léo Bourgeois de Castro, who is the House’s reigning president, gave a fine speech where he revealed many great accomplishments made by Ricardo Guimarães over the years.

The last part of the ceremony was performed under the direction of Daniel Nepomuceno, who gave a colorful word picture of the career of Mr. Guimarães. This was especially in regards to the Clube Atlético Mineiro, the professional soccer team for which Mr. Guimarães is the president. Another award was given to Ricardo Guimarães recently, Mr. Nepomuceno pointed out, the Grand Collar of Legislative Merit. This was awarded in 2004.

Deputy Governor Alberto Pinto Coelho passed the award to Ricardo Guimarães and assured the audience that it was a well-deserved award, earned by a person who exemplified the best of a family whose commitment to sport was to pay large sums to support Brazil’s soccer teams. Mr. Pinto Coelho commented, “The work of Ricardo Guimarães has the seal of commitment and citizenship. It is an example for our society.” Several local dignitaries were present, as well.

It was Ricardo Guimarães who built the Ricardo Soccer BR1 fund. He wanted to find a way to give back more support to the great soccer players of Brazil. It is the Brazilian Securities Commission’s (CVM) job to regulate the fund, which is an innovative first for the South American nation. Ricardo’s Banco BMG invested over $20 million in a number of promising athletes. Although the team sometimes only manages to break even, at least, as with most all of Mr. Guimarães’ investments, he did not lose any money with his soccer investments.

Becoming CEO of his ancestor’s bank took some grueling work on Mr. Guimarães’ part. It was no walk on role. He began by starting at the bottom, in 1980, as an office assistant. Then came his university years at UNA, where he earned his degree in Business Administration. He worked his way to the top, taking over as CEO in 1998. His main innovations, which helped the bank grow enormously, was the melding of his love for soccer with the plan to make BMG a household acronym. He invested in his Atletico Mineiro soccer club, improving his bank’s brand name. He also made investments in some of the up and coming soccer players. He had to make sure many different teams had players that were being invested in, so no partiality claims could be made. Read more in shots well aimed and Ricardo Guimarães Receives Honorary Degree.

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