Brad Reifler’s Five Tips for Investing

In a recent press release made through Reuter’s, Brad Reifler gave five tips for investors. Reifler is the CEO of Forefront Management Group, a company he founded with the express purpose of bringing investment back to the 99 percent. After being asked by his father to manage his life savings from his RV repair business, and his own experience with a money losing education saving/investment program, Reifler came to realize that the investment options available to “unaccredited” investors were limited.

Through Forefront Management Group, Reifler wants to give middle-class investors a way to provide good returns on their investments and protect their liquidity. His first tip is that investors should understand the investment that they are making in terms of the risk, expenses and return. After taking inventory of your current assets, you should develop a set of investment goals to guide you.

Secondly, Reifler said that the investor should always be concerned with the safety of their money. Even knowing the risks involved, investments can lose value and the principle could be lost. Reifler also suggests that investors should not put all their money into the stock market, but diversify into other vehicles that will help them achieve their goals. Developing trust and a personal relationship with your investment managers is the fourth tip Reifler offers. By knowing the person investing your money, you will also help accomplish the goal of keeping your money safe.

Finally, the investor should know why they are investing. Is the money earned for retirement, education of children, asset acquisition, or for some other purpose. By knowing why you are investing, you can determine if certain strategies are suitable to meet those goals.

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