Brad Reifler Knows the Game of Gains



Brad Reifler admits in his Huff Post article that it is a bold claim indeed to know how the plans of presidential candidates Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump may affect the economy. But with a refined inside perspective as a serial entrepreneur and a hedge fund manager, he takes a bird’s eye view of the options presented. His informed assessment and take away is fair and pleasant about the possible outcomes.


Both Clinton and Trump start with from a point of making the tax laws more simple and accessible to the average person. For the most part, the shape of Clinton’s tax plan affects those in America that are making a million or more. However those making less are set to see benefits in some of Clinton’s tax changes as well. She want expertise where capital gains taxes are calculated. In her new tax plan the amount of time capital gains are held factors into how they are to be taxed.


Trump, on the other hand, wants to compress the existing tax brackets and making a few basic tax groups. Trump also wants to put a limit on the number of deductions that both and double income families can make. Trump also wants to repeal some existing tax law that are designed to only help the upper class. Of the two candidates, Trump is the closest to actually revealing what he has in plan, by posting some information online.


Brad Reifler might have his eye very closely on the presidential election as the CEO of Forefront Capital Management. It’s kind of his job to know these types of things. He knows about them because thirteen years of being Founder and CEO of Pali Capital brings experience with it. He is very good about letting others know as well.

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