Boredom Gives Way to Creativity

Boredom used to be the enemy. It strikes unsuspecting victims on rainy days and long car rides. Children get punished for even muttering the word. Employees feel it as the clock starts to slow. No one would ever suspect that it actually has the creative power that relaxation and excitation lack.

A recent study done by Brianna Middlewood and Karen Gasper discovered that boredom may be helpful for people assigned creative tasks said Bernardo Chua. Some people can relax while doing nothing.  This distinction implies that the later group wants to do something and still has potential to reach. Who could have known that getting bored could be a positive character trait?Gasper and Middlewood’s test asked participants to look at a word and name another that is associated with it. The word transportation makes people think of cars. If the person is bored, though, he make thing of creative ways to travel. The word camel was thrown around.

A more interesting test was done by researchers Sandi Mann and Rebekah Cadman. They instructed participants to either read a phone book or not to. The people that chose to read the book got bored.

If you said it was the first group, you may need to do something boring.

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