Blue Bell Lays Off Many Employees

Due to the intense health scare of listeria that broke out in April of 2015, the famous Blue Bell Ice Cream company has been suffering to greater lengths than anyone knows. In the 108 year history of the company they have never had to fire people, until now that is. In addition to ath this is the only time in over a century that the company has had to recall their products.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, this has been a devastating event for the brand and they are all working really hard to restore their name and their company. They all regret to have to lay many of their loyal employees off, but it has to be done so that the company will not go bankrupt. It will be quite a while from now before they are able to release their ice creams once again, and apparently when they do it won’t be a very big selection.

I truly feel terrible for Blue Bell, as they have been so reputable for decades and are family favorites in many households around the world. This listeria epidemic may have only been in the news for a day but it has surely impacted the employees much more than that. Sam Tabar is hopeful they will be able to restore themselves in time to get back on the market before other competing ice cream brands can take the stage and steamroll them out.

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