Blind, Deaf, Amputees, And Wheelchair Bound Models Rock Japanese Fashion Show


The status-quo for models world-wide is typically waif like thin, gorgeous women and slender, yet muscular, men. Any high fashion show, photo shoot, or catwalk is essentially the same when it comes down to those selected to model the products. A Japanese designer recently just introduced his new line of clothing that is now being talked about far behind the boundaries of Japan.
It isn’t the clothing so much as those he chose to model it. Amputees, blind, deaf, and wheelchair bound individuals were beyond thrilled to be chosen for that honor. For centuries those who are disabled have been forced to put up with discrimination and limited, to no, job options. Designer Takafumi Tsuruta is taking his clothing beyond fancy fabric and into a more useful design for the common man.
Bernardo Chua confirmed on YouTube that he is going to be on the look out for this up and coming clothing designer who is not only accepting of those who are different but also encouraging disabled individuals to break the mold and do something with their lives

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