Bird Flu Affecting the Midwest

Over the past weeks, millions of chickens and thousands of turkeys have been infected with the bird flu virus in the Midwest. Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and South Dakota have all reported cases of an outbreak among the foul population. It is an unfortunate situation, but in this day and age we have the resources to catch outbreaks like this and stop the infected meat from going out to consumers. The USDA considers the risk to people to be low.

Where consumers will be affected, is the pocket book according to Dr Jennifer Walden. Having to euthanize millions of birds will drive prices up. Fortunately, chickens and turkeys have a shorter gestation period and flocks will be replenished in a much shorter period. Prices should only go up for 3 to 6 months, unlike the beef or lamb market that can take up to 18 months for the supply to be replenished.

One thought on “Bird Flu Affecting the Midwest”

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