Bernardo Chua Seeks To Change The World With His Wellness Products

Prominent global network marketing company Organo Gold is in the game to provide exceptional Gonoderma based products to consumers worldwide. Following their inception in 2008, this well-respected direct selling corporation strives to offer the best extensive collection of brewing cups, nutritionals, beverages, and personal care in the wellness industry. Consequently, Organo Gold is the preferred company for enhancing current lifestyles as their beneficial products has generated extremely satisfied and repeat patrons. Remarkably, the loyal support from these consumers has greatly contributed to their global footprint in over forty-four countries such as the United States, Mexico, Australia, Kenya, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand, Poland, Japan, Italy, Cyprus, Turkey, Costa Rica, Peru, France, and Canada. Most prominently, with a seasoned entrepreneur overseeing the company’s operations, Organo Gold remains the leading provider of proprietary wellness products.

During the late 2000s, Crunchbase shows that renowned executive Bernardo Chua sought to develop a premium, multi-strategy direct selling company. By utilizing his multilevel marketing experiences that he acquired from Gano Excel, he constructed a unique business model, which involved the promotion of their innovative products through highly trained independent distributors. Moreover, the goal of these excellent employees is to help customers improve their lives by integrating the company’s beneficial consumer goods into their everyday routines. Remarkably, Chua and his extremely knowledgeable team consistently reach unprecedented levels of prosperity, balance, and wellness with the successful presentation of signature beverages and nutritional products.

The demand for lifestyle enhancement companies is steadily increasingly; therefore, Organo Gold strives to remain a leader in the organic marketplace by presenting a variety of nutritional consumer goods. Currently, the company maintains an extensive collection of gourmet offerings including Café Supreme, Spore Power, African Red, Te Amo, Royal Brewed, G3 Smile Set, Colombian Roast, Hot Chocolate, Green Tea, Grape Seed Oil, G3 Beauty Soap, Caramel Vanilla, Black Gold, Rodeo Chai, Raspberry Cacao, and Mycellium. Remarkably, the company proudly manufactured their products with an ancient Chinese herb known as Ganoderma. With the utilization of advanced technology and high tech equipment, the mushrooms are naturally processed into a fine power that is eventually blended in their coffees, cocoa, nutritional supplements, and teas. These Ganoderma based products are known to combat many medical conditions such as prostate cancer, breast cancer, high blood pressure, bronchitis, hepatitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, yeast infection. Additional benefits of Organo Gold’s beverages include improves sexual functions, unclogs arteries, increases metabolism, reduces wrinkles, relieves sinuses congestion, rejuvenates body tissues/cells, sustains energy/vigor, balanced cholesterol, strengthens immune system, supports brain power and clarity, eliminates free radicals/toxins, and protects skin texture.

Chua and his team at Organo Gold are most commended for improving many customers’ lives with their exceptional wellness products. Their Facebook lists upcoming events, projects, and release for new products as they become available.

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